All three Skyrim DLC due in February
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Posted 1/18/13 , edited 1/18/13
I'm really excited but i just hope it's not buggy

Skyrim’s DLC Is Coming To PS3 Next Month
Jason Schreier

Finally! Skyrim's downloadable content, until now exclusive to Xbox 360 and PC, is making its way to the PlayStation 3.

Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn will all be on the PlayStation Network in February. They'll all be 50% off during their launch week.

In case you're a PS3 player and you haven't been paying attention, here are some links to our coverage for the vampire-filled Dawnguard pack (not great), the home-making Hearthfire pack (lovely for fans of domestic activity), and Dragonborn, the best of the three.

So what took so long? Dunno. Last August, Bethesda said bringing Skyrim's DLC to PS3 was a complicated issue.

Dragonborn will also hit PC on February 5, Bethesda's Pete Hines announced today.
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Posted 1/21/13 , edited 1/21/13
Happy about it as well, luckly I am not far in the game and the wait with the patches sounds like a plan indeed.
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Posted 1/21/13 , edited 1/22/13
They dropped the ball bigtime in regards to the dlc for ps3. I dont even want to give them my money for it, even though I loved the game.
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Posted 1/21/13 , edited 1/22/13
I'll get it that first week. Actually, that'll be the only time I'll be able to buy it.
50% off all DLC.
Other users pay $45 for three.
We pay $22.50 for those. ^_^
Of course, they say that it's only the first week of release.
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Posted 1/24/13 , edited 1/24/13
I loved the game but got rid of it because of its problems. Even if I still had the game I would not buy it for 50% off. I don't care if it was 50% percent off permanently it still does not justify the fact that the ps3 version got shafted. It should be free at the very least.
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Posted 1/27/13 , edited 1/27/13
I'm definitely going to get it. Even though all the bugs and the late DLC happened, I still love the game. Better late than never with the DLC. I would be mad though if the DLC makes the game unplayable, but that's probably why they spent all this time trying to make sure the game would be playable.
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Posted 9/30/13 , edited 9/30/13
Closed due to inactivity. It's been over 8 months since the last post. Feel free to recreate if you desire to!
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