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Posted 1/18/13 , edited 1/19/13

Name your favorite yaoi/shounen ai character.

You can even attach a pic to the forum. We love pics. Go find one and post it and describe why that character is your fave.
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Posted 1/23/13 , edited 1/24/13
I just wrote a really. REALLY long message on fanfiction (or at least it seemed that way to me :P) so I'm not gonna spend too much time on this.

The first would be Honami Kairi from the manga Royal Fiance.

Now, a lot of people will probably find my reasoning for liking him so much really damn twisted, but:
He's, so damn SUBMISSIVE! I just wanna coddle him all day long, 'specially' after all that crap his seme throws at him, time and time again throughout his adventure!
So really, I love him so much, not so much because of his personality(the manga was a bit to short for that to truly shine through, other than her being thoroughly kind and sweet :3) but because he is a prime case of the 'Oh that poor little weak uke!!!' syndrome.

My other favourite would be black cat, from mori no animal company.
Again, it is another of my sick twisted weak style uke fetishes.

In this case the character I love the most is KuroNeko- who appears a little later on, but is probably involved as the uke in the longest running story in the series, is by far one of my favourite ukes!
Not only does he show weakness, but hes submissive, yet also has an upbeat attitude (kinda like Misaki- junjou) ^^ And hes just TOO. DAMN. CUTE for me to resist!!! <3 <3 <3

Oddly enough, If I were to be able to chose the role I would like to have should I ever be part of an arrangement like this (it makes me almost consider BDSM when I'm older- and I'm not just saying that to try and have a swipe at those that like it. Im serious.) I would by far love to be the submissive uke, in a roleplay, or whatever it was that I was doing. I think, since I always find the semes and straight anime guys REALLY attractive.. More so than normal human guys in some cases, that I'm probably unconsciously putting myself in the position of the uke, and since I would like to act submissive like that, thats probably why I find those types the most agreeable with me..

It also goes to show, that it is highly likely that I have developed a thing called schediephillia. Which is an attraction to cartoon and animated characters. Not that I'm saying cartoon is anime (as I firmly believe otherwise) but it amounts to the same thing as anime, so it probably means that I have it..
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