Mondaiji-tachi Characters
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Main Characters

Izayoi Sakamaki

An arrogant boy who often tries to solve problems with violence yet he is also a very intelligent guy. He was bored of his old world, and currently searching for anything fun in the Little Garden. His gift is "Code: Unknown," according the "Gift Card" and the "Fragment of Laplace," which can't figure out his ability. His natural ability is the power to negate and destroy other gifts. Izayoi is also an expert on mythology thanks to his adopted mother, and is a genius tactician and analyst. In Vol 3, it is revealed that Izayoi's adopted mother is the former leader of the "No Names". His most important goal is "having fun."

Kurousagi "Black Rabbit"

A rabbit-eared girl who resides in the Miniature Garden and is the one who summoned the problem children. She often tries to be serious but easily get flustered. When using her power, her blue hair turns pink as she gains increased power. This also happens at other times, such as when Izayoi promised his aid to her community, or when enjoying a bath with the girls. One of Black Rabbit's gifts is the "Spear of Indra", a powerful legendary weapon that allows her to control lightning.

Kudō Asuka

A rich young lady who has the Gift "Oraculum", use her authority to command others with her words. It also has the ability to control other gifts and strengthen an object's power as long as the power of the object is weaker than the power of her girft. She owns another Gift called Dean, a massive giant Golem. Her most important goal is "understanding others."

You Kasukabe

A quiet young girl whose gift, called "Genome Arbor - Non Priorum", was a pendant given to her by her father, and bestows her the ability to speak to animals and use the abilities of any animal she's able to befriend. She is often accompanied by a calico cat who is the first animal she befriends with her power, which allowed her to be able to walk again, after being crippled in a hospital. Her most important goal is "making friends."

Other Characters

Jin Russel

The current leader of the community "No Name". He is the oldest of the children in the community. He has green hair.


One of the members of the community "No Name". She is a young anthropomorphic fox.


Manager of Thousand Eyes and the Demon Lord of the White Night. She is also a bit of a pervert.
Friends with Kurousagi and the no-name community.

Leticia Drakurea

A former member of "No Name". She was a Vampire Lord whose title was stripped upon being turned into a slave following her community's fall. She later regains her powers, but agrees to work as a maid for the community.

Sandra Dortlake

One of the floor masters, she is a young girl who is a friend of Jin and Riri. She has dragonoid features.


Unofficial Demon Lord and Leader of Grim Grimoire Hamlin. She later becomes one of Jin's summons.

Galdo Gasper

Member of Fores Garo. Although he acts as if he is a Demon Lord, he forces others to accept his gift game challenges by kidnapping and blackmailing. He resembles a tiger.

Rios Perseus

He inherited the Perseus community.

Ayesha Ignis Fatuus

A member of the community Will O 'Wisp. She is a childish girl, who is always seen with Jack-o'-Lantern.


The partner of Ayesha.


A low level demon that serves Pest. He is the avatar of the Weser River and his powers are based from natural disasters such as landslides and land-slips. He is the real Pied Piper of Hamelin.







Kyaroro Gundark




others coming soon
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