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CR forum rules

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Posted 1/20/13 , edited 1/21/13

AHTL wrote:

teach2kids wrote:

Sorry, but what is: Trolling, flaming and flamebaiting?

Posting things that are intentionally trying to upset or fool other users.

One example would be someone trying to explain why paedophilia is okay. 9 out of 10 cases that would lead to angry posts from upset users "yelling" at him for being disgusting and more.

That would count as flame-baiting, potentially trolling as well. The other users then end up flaming the flame-baiter for stating his honest/trolling opinion about paedophilia.

That's just one example though, but hopefully you understand now what it means.


If anyone is confused by the rules, or have a suggestion to them or anything similar - just throw any of us site moderators a PM.

You are most likely to get a response from me, Bjaker, starry, Bedlam, mochacafe and maybe thefinalword.

Thank you for the explanation.
I probably should have looked it up myself.
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