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This is where you will sign-up to participate in the games! You must have the following:




Wielder or Weapon:

Type of Magick (Fire, water, earth, or storm):

(Weapons only) Kind of Weapon(sword,gun,spear etc):




This will then be approved or unapproved on whether or not you qualify for the Games

Once you are approved, state and/or find your weapon/wielder in the 'Find A Partner' section. You will then be told which arena you are going to be battling in.

The limit of participants in each arena is 20. Thus, the maximum number of people that could participate is 240~!
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Kitzune. My name is Kitzune.

I'm a female.

I'm 14 years of age.

I am a weapon. The type of weapon is a Scythe. The type of Magick is Water.

I live in the rotting, deformed land of Aigroeg. Wanting to move, but...

Hello. My background is what you're asking for? Okay...Well I don't have some sad back story where my parents went crazy, or are evil. They're just normal parents with a normal lifestyle. I just happen to fit into it. My father? Mmm...well they say I'm in denial, but he's okay. Got hit by a car, but I love him alot. My mother is a bit too quiet for my taste, but she can be funny when she wants to. I got that from her. My younger brother, Marxi is so nice to me. He's about to be my age, soon, but he acts like an adult. Mostly on accident, though. About me? Well, I'm kind all the time, try my best to be fair, like to fight others, and I've been told I'm a social butterfly. But...some time ago, I had this incident during a little earthquake in Aigroeg. It made me into this weapon, they called it. I think it's kinda cool, doesn't bother me much. I'm a big fan of music, it helps me forget the pain, you know? So you'll never see me without some pair of headphones on me. If you do, you know something's up. And...that ends this background bit, right? Yes.

For your troubles:
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Approved. You may now participate in the games. Good luck~
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My name is Xero .

I am female.

I've lived for thousands of years.

I wield the finest of weapons.

I use Storm magick.

I don't know why I've lived so long. I don't remember anyone. Any friends, family, nothing. However, I have lived in a place, with dark clouds so dense you can walk on them, and we do. We live in these clouds. It does not have an official name, but it is homeland to those who do not fit in the regular world. The people who live here spend their entire life practicing storm magick, and because I've lived for thousands of years, I've spent a long, long time perfecting this art.

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NAME: Clide Irving

SEX: Male

AGE: 15

I am a Wielder. I specialize in Fire and Earth type Magick

BACKGROUND: Raised at a young age how to specialize in two types of Magick, Clide sets out to blow the world away by using the two to try and create a new Magick; Volcano. He was raised by a harsh father and a warm mother, so he knows how to show mercy when nessecary...His personality is that of a focused young man trying to reach his goal, but with the fiery temper of Hell itself. Will he come out VICTORIOUS!? ....I dunno, if he gets accepted, then-- WHO KNOWS!?

He comes from Du:Shaw, a small colony set between the Storm and Earth continents.

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Approved. You are now qualified to participate in the games. Good luck~
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Name- Scarlet

Gender- Female


I'm a Weapon. The weapon type is a shiny black sword. My type of Magick is Water.

Bio- Strong and wild, there's nothing that Scarlet can't defeat. She likes a good challenge, but knows when to back down. Her village was burned down with everyone she loved in it, hence why she is strong and wild. She's kindhearted and understanding, but be warned: When shes pissed off, shes unstoppable. Raised without a family, Scarlet goes around the world to train herself.... Until she's hears about "The Games." She enters and waits to be approved..... If she's approved, will she win? Will she come out alive?

Homeland- A warm place in Italy with lots of clean ocean water to swim and fish in.

(The sword in the picture is supposed to be what I look like ^,^)
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You have been qualified for the games. You may now find a Wielder and once you have stated your wielder, you will be appointed to which arena you are in.
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My namesake is 自然災害。
(Shizensaigai; Natural Disaster)

Ambivalent; Disaster strikes in any form.

Eons old, though the best dating shows 200,000 years ago at the very least.

I am a marauding aggressor, constantly lurking in the shadows...
this would probably make me a force to be wielded.
My wielder must possess the affinity storm and a selected disaster subset.
My natural force lies in all elements, those of which combine to my sole attribute, storm.

Inclement weather on the winds,
gales off of all of the coasts,
shores and landscapes torn asunder,
are what I boast. I carry not a calling card,
but carry instead a torrent of the cataclysm.
Lives, lush forests, entire villages, towns, cityscapes,
massive monoliths and the even the quiet blustery mountaintops,
nowhere is free from the range of my reach. The first strike is always deadly.

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17 year old

Wielder or Weapon

Type of Magick
water and earth

I am timid yet strong. I am quiet yet can be out-spoken. I lived in great open area were one can practice Magick. Grew up to excel in earth Magick. Just last year on my 16th birthday I learned the way of the water by my grandfather who thought I could be different and wield two elements instead of just one, for he saw potential in me and a will of steel. Only a few can. On my grandfather's death bed, he told me about the games and how he wished he could have gone. Now I am on a mission to win the games for him and myself.

By the Great Lakes

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You both are qualified. Go find yourself a partner :)
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I Am a wielder My type of Magick is Fire

I was born in the depths of a volcano, developed by molten lava, rocks, and various metals. I lived in my terrain throughout my childhood till I was 12, and then started to have fears of the outside world around me. I grew scared, and weak, i hated it, so i begain training...Combining the flaming elements i had with me to turn myself into a warrior. I stand her today with my head held high, and ready for any attack that hits me.

My personality is Proud, Boastful, Egocentric, Energetic, Rude, and somewhat Playful. Overtime, from being alone in my volcano, I've grown quite shy, and i can be easily agitated.

I Live in the Depths of Mount Rainier

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There is no picture but that is fine. You are qualified to find a partner.
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