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No Wielder could fight without a Weapon, and no Weapon could fight without a Wielder. So, we have a solution for your needs of a partner.
What to do here?
Share information, or what ever pleases you to find yourself the perfect partner. However, make sure you are in sync. For example, a Fire wielder may not work too well with a Water weapon. So make sure you choose wisely. Also, make sure you are compatible personality wise. Make sure you two get along, or someone may kill you while your bickering over who should do what and when they should do it.
Some simple rules~
-A Weapon cannot have more than one Wielder, but a Wielder can have a limit of 2 weapons. For example, if a Wielder wanted a sword and a gun, they would find someone here who is a sword and they would find another who is a gun, and they would pair up.
- You absolutely CANNOT participate in the games alone. You MUST have a partner.
-Once you have chosen a partner, you CANNOT leave them. You two must stay together, always.
-In the games, you CANNOT use another weapon. If you try, it will burn your hands off. So make sure you stick with your partner.

Make wise decisions and good luck~!

----Partners thus far-----
kewldinopuff (Wielder) and KittyCow33 (Weapon) --- Arena 1
ThunderClapClide (Wielder) and FluffyNeko2000 (Weapon) ---Arena 2
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ThunderClapClide (Wielder) and FluffyNeko (Weapon)
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Are you positive you want to be partners? Once you have become partners there is no turning back. And remember, you are a Fire user and she is a Water user.
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I can do it! We'll make it happen!
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Alright. You both are in Arena 2. No one is there yet, so feel free to get a feel of your surroundings.
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Sir, yessir!
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Hello I am Riko.
I am a wielder.
My elements are water and earth.
I am strong willed and wont back down.
26597 cr points
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My namesake is Shizensaigai.
I am a weapon for pure destruction, a combination of Qi (気) and nature.
Though I come in all elements there are to named, my combined form is Storm.
I am difficult to control, and my wielder must be ready for ferocious strength.
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My name is Emorica
I am a wielder
My element is fire, but I'm also combined with many other various forms of it.
I am very proud and boastful, and with that comes a short temper, and sometimes a bit of rudeness, but because of the fact that I've lived alone for a while, I am quite shy. At first meeting, I can be very quiet too.
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