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Eastern Forest RP RESTRICTED!

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Posted 1/26/13 , edited 1/27/13
Erru watched the area just ahead, not noticing her student's pause. "It looks clear from here to the banyon trees..."
Posted 1/26/13 , edited 1/27/13
Sora started to walk towards her when a heartless attacked him from behind.
Posted 1/27/13 , edited 1/27/13
She smiled. "Everything'll be..."
"Sora!" Erru jumped forward, bringing her keylade down on the heartless and kicking it.
Posted 1/27/13 , edited 1/28/13
Sora ducked and rolled as another heartless came at them. He cut it with the Ultima and spun around to check on Erru.
Posted 1/28/13 , edited 1/28/13
Erru nodded, having finished her heartless. "From here on we have ta be alert. There're Neoshadows and Emblem from here on."
Posted 1/28/13 , edited 1/29/13
Sora nodded. "Those will be fun to deal with."He said. His face was different from before. He was very serious now and there was no messing around with him when he was serious.
Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/31/13
Erru noted the change in his demeanor, giving a smile as they descended into the darkest part of the grove.
"Strange, to be back after these years... I was foolish at thirteen..."
Her smile faded and her expression grew dark.
"Only a little further to the hideout."
Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/31/13
Sora nodded and followed her into the dark of the forest. "Well I'm sure you learned your lesson." He said.
Posted 1/31/13 , edited 1/31/13
Erru took a deep breath as she stepped into a lake cutting through the center of the clearing between sections of the grove. "Just about there, Sora. Be careful in the water, there are some drops. After we get out of the water, it's about 100 feet to the center area."

Posted 2/1/13 , edited 2/1/13
Sora nodded and stayed close. If a shadow popped into his view he killed it without a second thought.
Posted 2/1/13 , edited 2/2/13

firestater wrote:

Sora nodded and stayed close. If a shadow popped into his view he killed it without a second thought.

Erru closed her eyes, gripping the air as though holding her keyblade, and walked on. Dammit... it had better work Her body shuddered as she breathed, and she bit her lip, keeping her eyes closed against the scene that had become so familiar in her nightmares. Again she heard the cries and screams of that day, her own voice shouting her father's name as the unknown beast who had claimed the forest struck him down. Again she saw the cold, unforgiving darkness that had greeted her when she thought she was going to die... She swallowed back tears and slammed her fist against a tree. "Dammit....."
Posted 2/2/13 , edited 2/2/13

Sora looked at her and put a hand on her shoulder."Are you going to be alright Erru?" He asked her. He had started to think that maybe she wasn't ready for this. Maybe they had come here to soon."Maybe we should head back." He said to her.
Posted 2/2/13 , edited 2/2/13
Erru sat down. "No... I can do this. I just need a minute..."
Posted 2/2/13 , edited 2/2/13
Sora nodded and stood guard."Just take your time. I know that this is hard for you." He was good at reading people and figuring out their past. "Was one of your family members apart of the team?" He asked gently.
Posted 2/2/13 , edited 2/2/13
Erru nodded. "My father," she answered, nor moving her gaze from the grass. "My scar is nothing compared to what he went through..."
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