Post Reply Arena 3
Posted 1/21/13 , edited 1/22/13
You are teleported to a wasteland, which looks like a city that has had a war. There are many fallen buildings, broken cars, hills of random trash, and skeletons of the people who didn't make it. Many towers and buildings are laying sideways on the and doors broken and shattered. You hear a broadcasted voice.

"Welcome! You have been chosen for Arena number threeeeeeeee! Don't try to run away or you'll be vaporized and automatically killed! Your mission is to kill all of the participants in this arena and be the last survivoooooooor! Gooooood luck!"


"Oh! And before I forget! There is always a 'save' area in this game! When you are unable to attend to the game and keep track of it, go to this particular point in the game. This 'point' is wherever you choose, but once you make this your point, you cannot change it. Whenever you need to go, or are away for a bit, go to this point."
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