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Can feelings for someone come back?
Posted 1/26/13 , edited 1/27/13

fchierad wrote:

Quadrillion? I usually only give a second change, missed both and highway for her...

CatOCarson wrote:

no, once uve had ur quadrillion chances my mercy is gone

well i guess im a patient person :p
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Posted 1/28/13 , edited 1/28/13
feelings can be gone, and also cannot be gone... It just depend on how we look on things... and how we interpret it... Its just like, what you feel is just what you insist in your brain
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ZenZaku wrote:

Only if they're a boomerang

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gaara wrote:

Can feelings for someone come back after they been lost? lets say you are dating someone and that spark you had is mostly gone, and the person tells you that they might not have feelings for you anymore. Is there ways to get the feelings and that spark back?


If the feelings are "gone" because there's no more intimacy between you and the person, that could always be rekindled. Relationships could hit a "dry spot" due to other stress factors. Take the time to appreciate why you liked the person in the first place. This is something you can't "forced" but you liked that person for a reason - and odds are it's still there.


If there's someone else involved or something that's pressing the feelings to go elsewhere, and you both don't wanna / can't fix it - well then that just sucks. :(

But I believe you don't really lose "feelings" - perhaps it gets "rationalized" in a positive / negative way.
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Posted 9/30/13 , edited 9/30/13
Closed due to inactivity. It's been over 8 months since the last post. Feel free to recreate if you desire to!
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