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Posted 10/25/13 , edited 4/3/14

DraugwenZyra wrote:


Please sign up yourself new member. I'm Nyx, but if you have read the rules and the front page you already know that

Name: as in real name of your character

Nickname: as in name your chara uses to hide his/her identity

Age: how old you are.

Abilities & Powers: what makes you unique technique wise, spiritually, magically, physically etc...

Personality: put a short description of attitued and behavior of your character

Past: short look into the past of your character with explanation about how you got your power(s).

Fear(s): explain what may frighten or spook your character

Music theme: Rise against ~ satellite ---> amv

Appearance: insert pic/description of how your chara looks normaly and his/her form when he/she is using powers(if your character changes appearance)

Person behind character: here you insert you CR username

Name: Sharanoa Hooukrah

Nickname: Sarah

Age: was 19 is 20 right now .

Birthday: February 13th

Height: 1.76M

Abilities & Powers:

Expert at hand to hand combat: Proficient in many forms of martial arts, only surpassed in skill by Mother Merriam and her sibling Kayle from the temple of the four skies(Light, Darkness, Earth, Wind)

Clothing Generation: This literally means she can make clothing out of thin air to appear near or on herself, even fixing clothing she is currently wearing if it was tattered, torn, or vaporised off.

Ki/Chi manipulation (Ghost): Ghost gives sarah the ability to use her life energy in many unique ways, from accelerating the speed her body heals, to engulfing herself in her Ghostly aura which increases her all out performance in battle, such as speed, strength, reflexes etc, she can also send shock waves through sold stone and only damage someone on the other side of the wall when focused. Her Ghost power is very versatile that even pieces of hair or string can become deadly piercing weapons and also take on the properties of other elements such as sunlight or the shine of a gem. Her powers have yet to be fully realized however and are still developing.

Spiritual Awareness: This ability allows Sarah to see, speak and interact with supernatural beings that otherwise normal people would not notice such as wandering spirits, cosmic beings, devils or creatures in disguise etc.

Personality: Impulsive, protective, can be very flirtatious, and sometimes quite peaceful and loving if happy

Past: Sarah was raised in the temple of the four skies by her adoptive mother and father, she was abandoned at said temples doorstep when she was an infant and was taught the ways of the temple and its religion, she became one of the top monks proficient in one of the oldest and strongest paths of the temple, the "Ghost control" and after deciding to journey to a far away land was chosen to carry one of the four great spirits of the temple as a guide to continue her training even further even if she could not be their. After arriving in Gau city on boat she encountered her first nightmare a week into arriving as she visited one of the cities largest museums, it was a monstrous chimera of ancient Egyptian coffins and withered dinosaur bones, Sarah unlike some of the bystanders and museum guards who ran, smirked, put on a pair of gauntlets and engaged it in battle, sun hot energy exploded from her as she battled it throughout the museum, crushing displays, smashing walls, and even tossing off the museum premises , she than taunted the creature while walking towards it slowly cracking her knuckles, the beast began to sweat bullets and got up and ran through the city away from her, she followe the nightmare but after a few minutes the hulking mummy dino vanished, she than went back to the museum and decided to help clean up the mess she caused, but happily so as she was able to let loose without some monk smacking her upside the head with a stick to control herself. Sarah has yet to meet any members of the ENC.

Fear(s): Drowning, closed off spaces, caterpillars.

Weakness: if she cannot breathe regularly she cannot use Ghost very effectively if at all.

Music theme: Rise against ~ satellite ---> amv


Person behind character: Akatsuki-Zetsu

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Posted 5/6/14 , edited 4/13/15

Character Info

"There is no such thing as pointless pantyshot"~Abe.

Name: Galileo C.
- Gali
- Info-trader
- Pink-glass
- Pervert (used by most of first met female acquaintances)
- Blondie (used by most of other female acquaintances)
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 185 lbs

Seven States of Heaven: It's a set of seven respective Kris Blades. Each looks the same and has about 38 cm long blade. Each was also imbued with 77 curses against evil. As severe as it might sound in the end they merely made this weapons much more painful and wounds caused by it much more hard to heal for any 'dark' creatures including the nightmares. Unless used as medium for particular magic those curses have no immense effects. Each kris has own name, which are: Sahasrara, Ajna, Vishuddhi, Anahata, Manipura, Swadhisthana and Muladhara. It's rather unknown how Gali tells them apart
Widow's Praise: It's a pair of Kipas (metal Fans used for fighting) passed to Galileo as a reward for one of his 'errands'. Galileo really likes this weapon using it not only to fight but merely to his own amusement (or just as fans). Both are in fact extremely expensive and... heavy. It's due to their frame and blades being made from Iridium alloy. Each weights eight kilograms which along with a sturdiness and very sharp blades make them deadly (but hard as hell to handle) weapon. It's quite a surprise for most people though.

Abilities & Powers:

Sealing Prodigy: As Galileo claims himself he shares this title with a younger brother. Although not many know about his ability even among his 'clients' Galileo is greatly well versed in terms of magic regarding to seals and barriers. Unfortunately: most of those require pre-made preparation and are useless in battle. Galileo himself claimed once to be 'worst in his family' but in fact his use of this magic is amazing enough to only put in question: WHAT IS HIS FAMILY?!

Seals Gali is able to use in fight:

Fake Lotus: Galileo after murmuring the chant touches his enemy forehead with an Ohm sing. The enemy form next 15 minutes is bound to loose one of his/her five senses. Unfortunately Gali does not control which sense will it be. The most critical outcome is loosing the sense of 'touch', which in fact makes his enemy completely unable to use nervous system (and thus move at all for next 15 minutes). In many cases though enemy might merely loose smell and not even notice.

Septem - Bladed Room: This seal is typically designed for combat but needs a peculiar preparation. First of all: Galileo needs to fight his enemy in a closed space (room, cave etc) secondly he must stab his 'Seven States of Heaven' into the proper places around the room creating Septagram formation. Third and most important is to place enemy at center of Septagram. If all criteria are met: all of the kris blades will literally appear stabbed inside his enemy dealing a massive damage.

Widow's Remorse - Summer Past: Similarly as in Fake Lotus case, Galileo needs to engage his enemy to use it. This time it is needed for him to make his enemy 'listen to his fans'. As weird as it might sound: his metal fans produce timid vibration sound which can be heard only once very close (for example: right next to ear). If heard only for a brief moment the sound is like an activator of curse which literally numbs all of the enemy senses, making their reaction much slower and even physical strength much lower. Effects of this curse are semi-permanent. It means that once put under it creature will always feel it's effects near the fans, but same time there will be no effect if fans are away or are not used (in someones hands).

Barrier Gali is able to use:

Crazy 26 - Amends to the Death: It's Galileo's last resort and he literally would rather like to die than use it. Unlike most of the barriers "Crazy 26" does not require any peculiar preparation beside the chant Gali is able to even to speak within his thoughts. It's effect is creation of completely inescapable space of approximately one square mile. It's as if the space inside the barrier is severed from reality cause all the damages done to inanimate objects inside the barrier are not present after barrier lifts off. Inside the barrier Galileo does not get any boost in abilities beside the fact that he can actually 'die' up to 26 times before he dies completely. Problem is that once the barrier effects stop Galileo will feel pain of all of his deaths simultaneously for next 72 hours. That's very reason he does not want to ever use it. He did in fact do it once in the past and died 'only' 4 times which afterwards nearly broke his psyche in next three days. Crazy 26 effect stops:
-normally after 3 hours
-if Galileo dies within it 26 times before 3 hours pass.

Pencak Silat - Adept Level: Galileo is not a master in martial arts but it seems that he is quite talented in them. He trained Pencak Silat for quite few years now, mainly to learn an effective ways to use his weaponry in dire situation but also to learn how to defend himself while being unarmed. Galileo still stands nearly no chance in a straight fight against someone with super-human prowess but he's skilled enough to take care of a few thugs without need to use a weapons or magic if needed.

Personality: In one word: Pervert.

In few words: Lolicon, Meganecon, Kuuderecon, Nekomimicon ... nah saying he's pervert is quicker way.

Galileo has many more annoying perks such as talking in a quite round-abound manner and teasing conversation partners if chance is given even in most 'bad' moments. In fact he's quite intelligent (possibly genius) but has very lousy lifestyle which does contradict his possible intelligence. He would not waste a single chance to tease or sexually harass any cute girl. Yet on the other hand: he's quite protective over cute girls able to suffer great pains for sake of one. Still: if not forced to act: he won't bother to help unless there is some merit for him.

Music Theme: Underwer by Royal Republic


It is weird how often a people who trade information are quite enigmatic themselves. Most of associates of Galileo do not even bother to ask him about the past and even if they do: they get rather annoyingly non-straight answers. It seems like he does not like to talk about own past though he sometimes mentions his 'little' brother or a certain cousin. Either way: he seems a very well educated person, and not in a normal way. It's quite normal for someone who actually comes from long line magician's noble house as he does: but then again - who would've guessed. Galileo himself claims to be a 'black sheep of his society', 'lost cause' or 'never fulfilled wish' (of his family probably).

Before getting himself involved with incidents at Gau city Galileo was for a long time a person hidden in the shadows. Not known by many and liked by even much more less people he made a really good living out of trading information that no one else could get or at least acquire as fast as he could. His second job was doing an errands requiring his 'unique' qualities. It was nothing big: exorcising some people from the curses, hunting down a minor evil entities. As his two motto's of life were: 'Never bite what you cannot chew" and "I'm only there where there's some merit for me", he never was involved in anything even bit 'heroic' those days. Yet as he often traveled he continued to develop himself. In time his talent for magic got accompanied with uncanny martial skills in Pencak Silat (which he mastered as he claimed it to be "fun")

Galileo get's himself involved with Gau only due to request from old friend known by nickname "Sheepie" . Unfortunately as soon as he gets into the city his track of his friend's whereabouts is lost. Unable to find any good source of information in a new place Galileo tries to dig down to the mystery of Gau and get some profits on the way,


PS: First of all sorry for shabby pencil sketches. I both cases (weapons character) those are merely quickie pencil sketches ^^; (will try ink and maybe color them in meantime... in future)

Galileo haves rather fancy sense of fashion. A pink shirt worn in uncouth manner and pink-glass heart-shaped glasses are his iconic 'formal clothes'. Along with messy (yet somehow in perfect condition) hair he looks like.... a pervert. The funny thing is that he;s actually REALLY handsome. Unfortunately his personality does not follow and thus he's far from ideal.

Other random facts:
- Shower gel scent: Bubble Gum
- Favorite snack: Potato chips - Gali likes them very much. The interest is shared by two of his notorious 'clients' which lead them to create a cryptocurrency based on chips with certain 'flavors' of certain 'brands' being quite valuable.
- Favorite candy: Banana Flambe
- Favorite color: Wild Pink and Black
- Favorite drink: Double Espresso with Raspberry Syrup
- Favorite activity: Yoo-Yoo tricks, Random phones to female households (yeah, exactly as it sounds)
- Favorite lazy activity: Lazing around, Reading 'adult' magazines or manga.

Person behind

Crazy mangaka known as:

STATUS: DEAD - OP in fact as he's pretty much 66% sure to win 1 on 1 with Sheepie. He choked on a raspberry shake
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30 / Secret ^^
Posted 12/3/14 , edited 12/12/14

Character Info

"I have experienced more battles than any veteran soldier in the world. I know precise nanosecond to pull the trigger, the exact moment to take every step. I can dodge a javelin with my eyes closed " ~ Keiji Kiriya -"All You need is Kill".

Name: Miyu (Written as: 未夢 - "sheep, dream")
Surname: Ichikage
-"Nebousuke" (Sleepy-head)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 144 lbs
Music Theme: Fading by Decyfer Down

Personality: Sheepie seems rather very easy-going person. Due to her condition she did learn to not give much heed to anything dangerous around and it's very scarce thing to see her seriously afraid or angry. She would often make a funny remarks (not always intentionally) and it goes without saying that she can sleep pretty much anytime-anywhere. Although not very energetic by custom: Sheepie still haves amazingly cheerful personality.

There are lots of families with tradition but not many alike to Ichikage. Their ancestry dwells as deep as in the Yayoi period (over 400B.C.) and was unshaken for nearly two and a half thousands of years was a continuous bloodline with eldest male heir tradition. Although it sounds amazing: they were never a well known clan in fact, neither had any vivid support members. The only support for such consistency was always an individual skill and talent of heir. And that spec in fact grew continuously with each generation.

To understand why is that, one would need to know genesis of this bloodline. Back in the beginning of it, the first head of the family acquired a very peculiar skill. The moment he died all of his knowledge and memory regarding battle-experience was inherited by his eldest son. This happened literally. His son which was still but a child acquired a capabilities of an experienced front-line soldier. The same happened in next generation once he died and so on. In tenth generation the already well known head of the Ichikage at that time decided that the family will not overuse their ability in future generations for selfish gain but merely devote themselves to achieving a mastery in martial arts (martial in wide 'battle related/military' meaning). Thus they decided to always go unnoticed and not accumulate any wealth or influence beyond necessary. Each generation became more and more masterful in the arts of war as they decided to always learn a new ways of fighting with each tool available and accumulated experience gave them advantage of being masters in all arms they came across. From time to time next head of the family would learn secret arts from other military related family or intentionally go into the warfare. In both cases this ended often with demise despite all of their skills. Although the family kept low profile: legend of sort surrounding them grew with the time often mentioning their members as 'Bushin" (War Gods) and leading even to creations of some shrines.

The bloodline survived till the modern days, with each heir being stronger than previous one. With time even their training procedure allowed them to achieve bodies with capabilities near the human limits level even at quite young age. Even so, the first crisis came with Miyu's birth.

Miyu was a first child of her father. Born from american mother which died at her birth. Unable to accept need for his beloved wife to be replaced Miyu's father decided to raise her as a new heir and first female head of Ichikage in over 2400 years. Like many previous generations she received basic (but rigorous) training from the age of 4. Yet despite all of her talent, her father knew that bloodline won't be sustained merely like that. Using his knowledge in the long forgotten lore of past he prepared a certain ritual which was meant to allow her inherit family's ability. The ritual was held once Miyu was merely 7 and... it was success, but the moment Miyu regained consciousness during it she found herself being pushed down onto the floor by her father in attempt to restrain her. That day her father lost both of his hands and one leg due to her entering a weird berserk state, yet she would not recall it. Soon enough Miyu found out that she cannot sleep for long. Whenever she fell asleep she would dream only about battlefields, murder, carnage and death. All accumulated memories of her clan were polluting her mind at subconscious level making her live in a nightmare of countless battlefields. At first she was just waking up scared deeply but later bad came to worse. Entering deep state of slumber Miyu would often enter unconscious berserk state similar to the one from time of ritual. Although it was not as rapid: the deeper she was asleep the stronger it did get. What scared her father the most was that once in berserk state Miyu had always greatly abnormal capabilities in strength , dexterity, reflexes and endurance. Although their family was known for inhuman capabilities - their bodies were meant to be only human. In her case it seemed the same once awake but the rule got broken in sleep.

Seeking help Miyu's father contacted several special groups of people. Few of which he had previous contacts with and which he was willing to trust. Soon enough from age of 11 Miyu received special medical treatment from group known as Haunted House. Her condition was rather peculiar and it was soon decided that most appropriate path for her would be to prevent deep dreaming states in which she tended to loose control and support her body and brain with compensating medications. Ever since treatment was set in motion Sheepie (as she got soon nicknamed due to her name and tendency to fall asleep) did not enter the deep slumber anymore. The only side effect though was a sudden severe narcolepsy which lead her to fall asleep at very random times and places. During her middle school Sheepie met with several peculiar friends and got hired for a part-time job in very special delivery service company, treating with extremely valuable items from around the world. Despite her narcolepsy she soon became one of top deliverymen placing 3rd spot along with her good friends at 1st and 2nd.

Her part-time job still is quite dangerous though. So the very reason why she traveled to Gau city and reason why she disappeared there were connected with one of her deliveries.


Banheim Ltd. custom Modified FN57 Pistol x2 ~ "Black Specter" - Lighter more durable and with unnatural 24 bullets magazine. Those pistols were made by current heir of Banheim family which mostly provides only Catholic Church special organisations. Sheepie uses 3 types of ammunition in them: Normal, AP Mirco Sabot Rounds (with not much damage but incredible penetrative power) and "Red Dust" IA (Incinerating Ammo) which bursts with a flame upon enemy penetration. She mostly haves only 2 clips of APMSR and RDIA ammo.

Banheim Ltd. custom Modified Colt Anaconda ~ "Paladin" '-Made with alloy capable of withstanding a full power slash from Flamerge" - This weapon bears power hardly still fits category of 'hand gun' and indeed it's frame seems to be unfazed even if hit full force with a fire axe. Makes You wonder what alloy was used. Downside is that an unexperienced shooter would easily get his wrist crushed under its feedback. Sheepie keeps mostly haves two cylinders (one loaded in) of it's standard high quality ammo and one of explosive ammo.

Sawed off short barrel Garand M1 ~"Long Johnson" - It's a memento of Sheepie's mother. Supposedly made by great-grandfather from her side. There is an 'A88A' inscription on the side of this riffle. Gun is an absolute masterpiece considering time it was made. Although the barrel was shortened it still retains possible ~500m effective range of best quality M1 riffle. Same time it's weight makes him a good blunt weapon. Problems are though that it's a single action gun which needs reload after each shot and that even though it possibly can shoot even 500m away targets: it would take an extraordinary prodigy to make such feat happen as the gun haves no scope and short barrel makes long shoots really unsteady.(Sheepie though can make such shoots... even to moving targets). At short range (below 20m) even modern day military grade armor would have problem of stopping it's normal 7.62×63mm. Sheepie carries only few (4-6) such bullets though as she uses 'Long Johnson" only if really needed. Additionally she carries 4 special bullets. One is a very pricey Banheim ammunition known as Armor Breaker. It haves super hard (220HV) sharp point Iridium alloy projectile coated in Cubic Boron Nitride. Additionally it's applied with twelve enchanted seals meant for 'magical barriers breaking' and 'regeneration cancellation'. Bullet though despite much more potent propellant is still heavy enough to cut effective range down to 200m. Still it is meant to be used possibly close as in short range it's penetrative power is at anti-tank level. Reason why Sheepie haves only one of those at the time is price. As most expensive ammo produced by Banheim ltd.: one such costs around 9mil Yen (about 75k Dollars or 62k Euro). Other three bullets are from Rot Mädchen series (Red Maiden - German) and they're very potent incineration ammunition with sanctified silver powder put into their their projectiles. Originally it was heavy duty ammunition against several nocturnal creatures issued by Church. It's very potent against creatures of darkness but it's also very expensive (1,2mil Yen piece).

Military combat knife with hyperdiamond edge 'Black Crane' - Heavier than looks. This weapon was designed for dual purpose: regular close combat and demon hunting. One could tell very intricate seals on it's sides to be rather ancient but the blade itself was made recently. It' not entirely known who made it for Sheepie but she seems quite fond of it, as if it was present. Blade itself is durable and sharp enough to even cut through a lower grade blades.

Wakizashi "Sagihime" ("Heron Princess") - A traditional treasure of Sheepie's family. This blade was made for battlefield but nonetheless it is a true state-of-art masterpiece. With a long history of use it's nearing either it's own destruction or ascension into Tsukumogami. Either way: spirit in it seems to be firm yet tender.

Abilities & Powers:

"They say people who die in dreams are supposed to live forever.”
― Hiroshi Sakurazaka


(possible minor handicap)

(possible major hanicap)

(Old, more detailed and descriptive version)


Other random facts:
- Shower gel scent: Lavender
- Favorite snack: Salt candy (no questions asked)
- Favorite candy: Fruit Sundaes
- Favorite color: White and Silver
- Favorite drink: Triple Espresso
- Favorite activity: Combat practices
- Favorite lazy activity: none... unless napping counts

Person behind

Crazy mangaka known as:

STATUS DEAD Killed by a blueberry pie XD
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