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Posted 1/24/13 , edited 1/24/13
So I was wondering if anyone ships characters with each other? Usually I don't go for Yuri ships but Puella Magi just...It just breaks all the rules (as usual).

And from looking here:

There's a lot of subtext. A lot. (Also the TVtropes page for Puella Magi has a whole lot of info on the anime. Check it out if you want)

So just saying, Kyouko/Sayaka is my OTP for Puella Magi.

Anyone else?

*Hides in corner*

Also are we allowed to upload shipping pics? PG13 of course. Nothing graphic. Just gonna put that out there. Yup.
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Posted 2/19/13 , edited 2/19/13


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Posted 11/4/13 , edited 11/4/13
Madoka/Homura all the way. As much as Homura went through for Madoka, she deserves it. Also, dat scene with them rubbing faces in the intro for the first movie..
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