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Doomguy (Doom) vs. Hayate Ayasaki (Hayate the Combat Butler)
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Both of them are ridiculously powerful (Doomguy can hold on his own killing many demons without difficulty and destroys Hell all by himself whilst Hayate is capable of dodging melee attacks and ballistic weaponry, and is essentially invincible with physical prowess far surpassing any other normal human being).and both are masters at weaponry (Doomguy is ambidexterous and Hayate can wield a 23-pound machine gun in one hand and fire it without trouble).


Doomguy (Doom): The only thing known about the Doom marine's life prior to the events of the Doom games is that he was stationed on the Mars base in the first place because he had assaulted a superior officer who ordered him to fire upon innocent civilians. In Doom 3, on the other hand, it is specified that the player has been sent to Mars as a replacement for another marine lost in the operations. The two back stories are not necessarily contradictory. In the introductory story for TNT: Evilution, the Final Doom manual claims the marine is part of the United States Space Marine Corps, a play on the nonfictional United States Marine Corps. It is implied in Wolfenstein RPG that the original Doomguy is a descendant of William B.J. Blazkowicz destined to confront and finally defeat the Harbinger of Doom (Cyberdemon), after Blazkowicz had successfully destroyed its left arm and right leg after it had been summoned at Castle Wolfenstein during World War II.

Hayate Ayasaki (Hayate the Combat Butler):As a butler, Hayate is capable of all aspects of housework and can even play the violin, but it is his ability in repelling attacks from almost anything, including butlers of other families (despite his bad luck) that makes him a "combat butler". He once demonstrated a skilled use of fire-arms (capable of wielding an MG3 single-handedly) and is essentially invincible with physical prowess far surpassing any normal human being. Hayate once parried a sword thrust easily with just two fingers, and in Volume 8, revealed that doing over 350 one-finger push-ups is part of his daily routine since he was little, among other displays of his strength. At the end of Volume 6, Hayate manages to create an ultimate technique called Hayate no Gotoku (like the wind). He has managed to destroy an EVA Unit-sized robot and fight giant robots, ghosts/demons, monsters pulled from Greek Mythology, and a spirit of King Midas. He has also has far superhuman agility and survivability, being able to outspeed a bullet train and take no damage from falling multiple stories to the ground. He also is an expert with swords, being able to one-shot a 12-foot minotaur with a regular sword.



Chainsaw (Doomguy): The chainsaw mutilates enemies close enough to contact. At 600 hits per minute, it is roughly a quadruple-speed fist. It is often used, because it conserves ammo, its "rapid fire" works well on enemies with high pain chance which minimizes damage in melee situations, and because of its gory implications. When picked up, the message is "A Chainsaw! Find some meat!". The TV advertisement for the Super Nintendo port showed numerous instances of the player chainsawing Imps and Demons, intercut with images of butchers at a slaughterhouse/meat factory. Strangely the chainsaw appears to have no discernible reason to be on Phobos as the moon appears to be devoid of plant life. This is parodied in Doom 3 by having a chainsaw shipment being a mistake.

Kurotsubaki (Hayate Ayasaki): The Kurotsubaki is a magical sword made by a king who wished for eternal life. whoever is stabbed by the Kurotsubaki will have their soul extracted from their body and placed within the it. Then next person who is stabbed by the Kurotsubaki will have their soul replace the soul inside it, while the prior soul would be transfered over to the person who is being stabbed by the sword. It resembles a black double edged sword that has a rapier-like handguard.


Shotgun (Doomguy): The shotgun is pump action and holds 8 shells at any one time with a reserve ammo capacity of 80 rounds and fires at 56.8 RPM. It is also the only weapon in the Doomguy's arsenal which allows for firing during reloading. Ammunition for the shotgun is in the form of small packets or large boxes of Shells, as well as deceased Shotgun Zombies. Ammo is generally easy to find, and hence the Shotgun usually serves as his main weapon of choice. The Shotgun also has a "double" shell reload action, allowing for reloading at half the time compared to a normal shotgun carrying the same number of rounds.

Beretta M12 (Hayate Ayasaki): The Beretta M12 is a 9×19mm Parabellum caliber submachine gun designed by Beretta. The production started in 1962, the first users were the Italian Carabinieri and the Italian State Police even though in limited number, only in 1978 it was widely issued replacing the old Beretta MAB. Oddly enough in 1962 the Italian Army bought a limited number of Franchi LF57 submachine gun, judged better than the M12 but never issued to the troops, and only in 1992 the M12S2 variant was introduced also if in very limited number. The Italian Air Force, instead, bought a large number of M12S and M12S2 for the airport security units. However the weapon had a higher initial success in the Arab countries and South America. Its debut in combat came during the Tet Offensive in 1968 when the Marines guarding the U.S. embassy in Saigon repelled the assault by the Viet Cong using the Beretta M12. It is also used by various South American and African countries, and made under license in Brazil by Taurus and in Indonesia by PT Pindad. This weapon carries a 40-round clip size with a reserve ammo of 440 rounds and fires at 550 RPM.

Chaingun (Doomguy): The Chaingun (also known as the UAC Weapons Division Mach 2 Chaingun) is a good mid range weapon with a high rate of fire. Unlike its predecessor, it has an ammo counter and is considerably more powerful. While the previous chaingun was at best, a light rapid fire weapon that was clearly inferior to the plasma rifle and at best compared to the recently-introduced machine gun, this model is more on par with the plasma gun. This weapon can carry 60 rounds in a drum and 540 reserve ammo and fires at 600 RPM.

MG3 (Hayate Ayasaki): The MG3 (German: Maschinengewehr 3; English: Machine Gun 3) is a German general purpose machine gun designed by Rheinmetall AG in 1959. The entire weapon system is an updated version of the famous MG42 universal machine gun that was used by the German Wehrmacht during World War II, sporting differences such as being chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, a chrome-lined barrel, a new friction ring buffer, an improved feeding mechanism, recalibrated sights and NATO compatibility. Like its predecessor, it keeps its iconic rate of fire of 1200 RPM. This weapon can carry 125 rounds on a box drum and 375 reserve ammo.

BFG 9000 + Berserk (Doomguy): The BFG 9000 (abbreviated from the fans call it, the Big Fucking Gun) appears as a large, solid metal gun which fires large balls of green plasma. It is the most powerful weapon in the Doomguy's aresenal.
The Berserk powerup (called berserk pack in the manuals) item resembles a regular medikit in a dark gray (rather than white) box. Containing advanced strength enhancers and stimulants, picking one up greatly increases the damage the player inflicts with his fists (ten times normal) and also fills the screen with a gradually decreasing red haze. Note that though the red haze disappears in seconds, the damage boost to fist attacks lasts till the player exits the level or dies. When the pack is picked up it also immediately heals the player's health to 100%, unless a player's health is already 100% or more, in which case there is no change to health level.

Hayate No Gotoku - Like a Hurricane (Hayate Ayasaki): This near-death skill was used by Hayate when he gathered all his strength and power to unleash a kamikaze-type attack with flashing speed as the name reads " Like A Hurricane" to save his lady Nagi from an evil giant robot. With its almighty destructive power it renders the users body helpless after use as Hayate felt like every bone in his body broke. Hayate first used it in Hayate No Gotoku!! Episode 3: And The Legend Does Not Start. However, it appears to that Hayate has mastered it somewhat, as he appears to be fine after uses it to defeat Yukiji in chapter 70. This suggests that his body can now withstand the strain of the technique, or that he can adjust the intensity of the technique, or both.

Explanations & Notes:
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