Tell me an awkward moment you had today.
Posted 1/24/13 , edited 1/25/13
I just want to know if anyone had an awkward, embarrassing or angry moment recently. Could be road rage, seeing someone naked, etc., etc.,

For me, it basically went like this today. A guy friend and I were standing outside a classroom during a 10 minute break. Then this guy walked up to us and asked why we were standing in front of the classroom. I told him we were discussing how to destroy the One Ring. This guy looked really nerdy, so I assumed he would know what I was talking about. But he just stared at me with an irritated look then turned around to my friend. I was really hoping for a snort or a laugh, but no, I got nothing. And I tried really hard on that . Like, really tried. This doesn't usually happen to me, so I was really upset. Does he not get the joke? Or maybe its just me. Maybe I'm just a terrible joke maker.....maybe all my jokes up to now has sucked, and people were just laughing to be polite.

.......seriously though, he really let me down. -__- I don't think I can ever make a joke ever again.
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Posted 1/24/13 , edited 1/25/13
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