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In your Dreams
Posted 1/25/13 , edited 1/25/13
☤~Sea scoundrels, sea hags,
left ye old ship; spot land.
See ye rum'ma, see ye ropes.
See ye drunka overdoes.
Ye'yiaye, Yo'rara,
Pirates adore the fighta'rara!~☤

Welcome aboard~ Everywhere is free but the Capt'n's cabin! Enjoy your stay here, you are more than welcome to sail the seas with me.

☢~Gonna sail the seas, like a pirate,
8 times round, the boss of the ocean,
Gonna fight for my nation, start some salvation,
We're gonna show em' who's boss.
Look up; look down, the land all around,
90% mine~
I conquered the world, stole some wine, and now it's all fine~☢

Little rhymes are welcome aboard the Stone Apple as well! Yo'rara~
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