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After being lost in space for four years, Forward Unto Dawn drifts towards Requiem. Cortana wakes Master Chief from cryonic sleep shortly before Covenant forces board the vessel.The remnants of Dawn are caught in Requiem's gravity well and pass through an opening on the planet's surface to crash-land on its interior.
As Chief and Cortana explore Requiem, fighting hostile Covenant and Prometheans, Cortana malfunctions. She reveals that she is past the usual operating period of an AI, and is becoming "rampant", a declining mental state where AIs slowly "think" themselves to death. Chief promises to get Cortana to Earth, believing that Cortana's creator, Doctor Catherine Halsey, can prevent or reverse Cortana's condition.
Chief and Cortana pick up garbled transmissions from a human ship, Infinity, who have picked up Dawn's distress call. Cortana attempts to warn Infinity away from Requiem's gravity well and directs the Chief to deactivate what she believes are communications jammers. Instead, Chief releases the Didact, an ancient Forerunner warrior, from imprisonment. The Didact takes control of the Prometheans and Covenant and attacks Infinity after it is dragged into Requiem.
Chief makes contact with Infinity and brings the ship's weapons back online to repulse the Didact's attack. Chief and Cortana recommend attacking the Didact while he is vulnerable, but Infinity captain Del Rio orders them to destroy the gravity well so the ship can escape. In the process, Chief is contacted by a Forerunner known as the Librarian; the wife of the Didact, she was nonetheless ancient humanity's protector. She explains that the Forerunners were split on how to combat the Flood. After failing to discover a way to immunize biological beings from the parasite, the Didact used a device called the Composer to convert the warriors under his command into digital versions immune to infection. Requiring more soldiers, the Didact forcibly converted captured humans into Prometheans, before being stopped and imprisoned by the Librarian. The Librarian, who has guided humanity's development, accelerates the Chief's evolution; this grants him immunity to the Composer. After destroying the gravity well, Del Rio orders a retreat back to Earth, doubting the Chief and Cortana's testimony. The Master Chief disobeys orders to stand down and relinquish the malfunctioning Cortana, and stays behind to oppose the Didact. Infinity XO Commander Lasky gives Chief an armed transport and wishes him luck.
Chief and Cortana attempt to sabotage the Didact's ship before he leaves, but when they are unsuccessful they follow the Didact to a Halo ring, Installation 03. The Composer has been moved from the ring onto the nearby Ivanoff Research Station, which the Covenant attack. The Chief defends Ivanoff, but the Didact retrieves the Composer and uses it on the station, composing every individual except the Chief. Chief and Cortana use a fighter to follow the Didact's ship through slipspace towards Earth. Aided by Infinity and the UNSC home fleet, the Chief boards the Didact's ship with a nuclear warhead. Cortana inserts copies of herself into the Didact's computer systems to overwhelm the Didact's shield, but not before the Didact directs the Composer at Earth. With the help of Cortana, the Chief defeats the Didact, who falls into a slipspace corridor generated underneath the Composer.
Chief detonates the bomb, and finds himself in a blue realm where Cortana appears. She explains they were successful in stopping the Composer and that she saved Chief from the blast, although she cannot return with him. Cortana touches Chief's armor, backs away and disappears; the Master Chief is found by a UNSC rescue team and is taken back to Infinity, where he, mourning the loss of Cortana, talks with Lasky about Earth, duty, and what his duty as a soldier means. Lasky repeats something Cortana said earlier about not being just a machine driven by duty to protect humanity.
In a post-credits cutscene, UNSC forces descend on the city of New Phoenix, the location the Didact used the Composer on, to find its inhabitants dead. In a narration, the Didact proclaims the Forerunner's role as custodians of the galaxy having to bear The Mantle of Responsibility, and humanity as the greatest threat in the galaxy. Master Chief removes his armor aboard Infinity; if the player completes the game on Legendary difficulty, the Chief's eyes are briefly shown.
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Cortana: wake up John! I need you! she starts to the computer system and starts to wake him up then gives him dis trace call from his AI while chief looks at his new armor style and says," why did you wake me?
Cortana I did some mode-factions while your out. wait give me a sec Ill lower the gravity system back to normal.
Master chief: You've been busy lately "he looks up the liver then pulls it down and breaks through the cryo tube to cortana" ready to get back to work?
Cortana I thought you never ask? 'chief gets out his chip and puts her back in my helmet" We need to head to the bridge and have a better look whats boarding us.
Master Chief: Can it be a rescue team or something like that? "while they were walking to the deck chief asked her something" How long was I out?
Cortana: 4 years 7 months 10 days and I Wouldn't bet on it.
Master Chief:some one should of find us by now don't you think Cortana? (ship starts to shake even gets louder and sees something scanning through the Dawn.) Unknown Object doesn't match our pattern hurry chief!
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Master chief: "heads to a jammed elevator door then puts his hands in between the door and breaks the door"

Cortana: Chief be careful! Chief gets push by objects to the wall and holds on the ledge" Because some of the ships areas lost pressure!

Master chief: right! "Starts to wall climb to each wall then dodges other falling objects then gets up the door and punches the elites head then throws the elite down" I thought we already in truce the covenant before?

Cortana: a lot can happen in 4 years and be careful he might not be alone. There it is the bridge and look hostiles get them Chief

Master chief: Don't worry they aren't a problem. "chief throws a grenades at the 6 grunts then takes a plasma pistol to take the elites shield and kills the elites with a headshot using his Magnum" all take in care.

Cortana: The good news is that these covenant aren't suited standard military. We must of just come up with a rogue standard ship.......blast shields open to see the view and sees about about ten or twenty-four of covenant Cruisers" in their location" Or we have stumble of an entire Covenant fleet!
Master Chief: Maybe they haven't notice us..... ."Phantoms appear from the top then flies between the bridge windows then starts releasing covenant infantry and elites commanders to eliminate master chief" Hostiles.... Looks like its time to use my Magnum against them all with sticky!
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Master Chief: there thats all of them and didn't system say we still of weapons system online?

Cortana: Yes we do but there is one problem. The ship torn in half that means we have to fire the weapons manually. The shields haven't charged up yet if we head to the missile at it. It will be one hell of a surprise chief! There to that elevator shaft should lead us there.

Master Chief "gets in the elevator then he started to walk out of the elevator to the outside of the dawn and suddenly hears cortana mun-functionary" Cortana are you alright whats happening to you? Covenant drop ships drops off squad of infantry to slow me down but starts scoping their heads with the Battle Rifle"

Cortana: its nothing just get to the launch station now! chief there is a forerunner planet ahead of us

Master chief: one thing at a time ok..... Ah dam it those snipers I hate those jakals " scopes their heads then gets a overkill and sees three elites there shooting at me" oh yeah you stupid elites try this on for size throws 2 grenades and 2 plasma grenades that made all the hostiles die by the explosion" there it is now lets blow that piece of crap to bits! "clicks the switch then launches the rocket to the cruiser.

Cortana chief now can we worried about the big giant planet!!?!?!?! we are being sucked in to the planet hurry chief!

Master chief: where are the nearest excape pods?

cortana: there in the left two floors down ill pin point the waypoint! chief runs in the air lock chamber then part of the ship starts to break apart and gets sucked in while chief jumps on to each plat form and falls out of the ship to the planet dodging every piece of the ship then lands on a platform to protect him from entering the atmosphere and he crash lands on the surface with a huge pile of parts of the ship"
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Few hours after the crash to the planet Requeim....Master Chief wakes from the crash then takes off the fallen debree of himself and gets himself up looking out seeing that everything is destroyed......

Master chief: Aaaah.....huh Where are we?

Cortana: checking coordinate impact data...shatter transmission: We have asked you to give up your family, your childhood, your future-

Master Chief: "chief takes off the chip from his back helmet then cortana appears in front of him" Cortana!

Cortana: I'm sorry it's the crash. I'm fine

Master chief:something else was wrong even before we have left the dawn.

Cortana: no really Chief!.....I'm fine....."Chief looks at her then tells her, Cortana!...." I was put into service for 8 years ago.

Master Chief: eight years?

Cortana: Ai's deteriorate after 7 years, Chief.

Master chief looks back at her with worry then shakes abit and does a quick think' Hasley... we need to get to Hasley if we get to her she made you,..she can Fix you.

Cortana Chief please.... I will not recover from rampancy, Chief

Master Chief: we can just make it back to earth and find Hasley......she can fix this.

Cortana: Don't make a girl a promise if you know you can't keep. "looks up in the air then sees banshees flying around the air and looks at chief hurry lets go!
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Master chief: It looks like the covenant didn't made it from the crash much and plenty ships survived. Why chief? Wait look chief check if that terminal is still useable.

Cortana: plenty made it off the roof to the planet and why chief?

Master chief: We still need a ride home..... Wait whats that sound i keep hearing it comming from that radio....."clicks the terminal and cortana studies it and explains"

Cortana: The covenant kept sending out signals and they have been waiting outside of the planet for 3 years.

Master chief: 3 years wow thats got to be pretty harsh.

Cortana: I'm getting a phatom signal......Its not covenant rather then its quite odd? look a warthog and in great shape. At least your luck is holding on to you. chief know I thought about it....maybe there's a solution to solve over my repentance"

Master chief: "gets the car ready with fuel then starts the car and drives like a boss" How?

Cortana: well I am the only Ai was ever created by a living human tissue and that means getting to Hasley soon......
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while they were driving to a next checkpoint the see covenant outpost and dropships landing in enemy ground troops to slow Chief down so they can enter the map room location.......
Master chief: Covenant I wonder they'd showed up. Well time to take them out and I see they brought in snipers to kill me but they are no match these heretics.

Cortana: Chief be careful I see two snipers on your right and three on your left ok so watch yourself.

Master chief starts to dodge and weeve the bullets then moves into cover fast then tosses a frag grenade at the jackals on his right then shoots three of their heads" alright that takes care of them and the infantry from below so lets see where to get a ship? Have any suggestions?

Cortana: We can always ask them nicely....

Master chief: Asking is not my strong suit we'll just have to hi jack one instead.
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