What's YOUR most overrated game or game series?
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As gamers, we all have games that we wish would get a bit more attention, and games we just want people to shut up about...

-Autarch of Flame

...Well said, Autarch, I couldn't have said it any better myself! Yes, if ANYTHING is true about the gaming populous, NO game can ever satisfy everyone, that's impossible. We all have games that we feel get too much praise for what they are; some people, believe it or not, DON'T like Mario all that much. Yeah, I know, right? But w'ever, it's cool, as long as you're not so rude about your opinion, I'm sure we can all understand. Some people are just different that way. So, what's yours? Put it here for all of Crunchyroll.com to see. Please be specific whether or not it's a game or series and give a couple reasons as to why it's so bad to you...

As for me; I had to pick Call of Duty.

Now again, I'm not trying to piss anyone off by saying this, but CoD is EASILY cream of the crap when it comes to most 'overrated' discussions....in my opinion. Sure, this series might've been great back then, but the franchise hasn't aged well; or worse, EVOLVED well. It always relies on the same crap every. GAME; a somewhat compelling multi-player with an overly simple zombie mode.


Oh, what? Sure, zombies' not BAD, but, MAN, does it get old! Aside from that, the lack of a truly entertaining single-player campaign, a multi-player that BARELY evolves each game, and just feels all around not fun. Oh, sure, it's popular, but for what? For basically coining the 'bland military FPS' genre? Oh boy, this game gets better and better! Honestly, when it comes to bland, unappealing games, you point to this one; it gets unreal praise from it's fans for the lack of innovation, lack of a compelling story, and for basically being the spawn of many, MANY copy-cats out there. Why not, though? You guys don't seem to care; am I wrong? Anyways, that's my overrated game series for you...

Thanx 4 reading!
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Posted 1/25/13 , edited 1/26/13
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