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Phantasy Star Online 2
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24 / M / United States of...
Posted 1/26/13 , edited 1/26/13
I didn't see one of these so I figured I would show you the Second Best MMO EVER! (Official NA Trailer.) (Official website.)

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a video game in the Phantasy Star series, published by Sega and released for Microsoft Windows on July 4, 2012. It is scheduled for release on IOS, Android and PlayStation Vita in 2013. It is currently released in Japan, with North American release scheduled for 2013.

I honestly love this game just as I have loved every other game in the series. The art and graphics are totally awesome. Not to mention The Space Age Phantasy Star Tradition and the fairly awesome community. This game for me is 10/10.
I recommend it to all of you.
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41 / M / Oklahoma City
Posted 2/17/13 , edited 2/17/13
YES!! This just made my year as a gamer! Thanks for sharing! I've missed PSO a LOT!
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28 / M / Edinburgh
Posted 2/18/13 , edited 2/18/13
I am really looking forward to it. But they have't said a single thing about the English release... Which is really annoying me.
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34 / M / San Diego Ca
Posted 2/18/13 , edited 2/19/13
I wouldnt be suprised if u.s. doesnt get a release since sega randomly closed xbox360 server last year for psu. we didnt get any japanese content that they promised we would have.
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Posted 2/20/13 , edited 2/20/13
no ps3 or xb realeses =(
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Posted 2/24/13 , edited 2/25/13
Most people are thinking we are not going to get the pc version into PSO2 is 1 year old. Even though Sega claimed q1 of the year. Which would end at the end of March. My hopes is it comes out in March. Little after Pso2 hits vita in japan on 2/28/2013

Update someone started a petition to get Sega to release more information on the current progress of PSO2 Localization.
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M / Pennsylvania
Posted 2/28/13 , edited 3/1/13
Is nobody on this whole site playing the Japanese Vita version? it's impossible for me to play it since 1 i live in the U.S and 2 I'm not even sure i would be able to play it with all the Japanes menu's
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23 / M / Nova Scotia, Canada
Posted 3/13/13 , edited 3/13/13
I am ^ ^ i have a japanese PSN account and i play it on my vita. it is so fun ^ ^

Would love to play with someone!!
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Posted 3/15/13 , edited 3/16/13
I would be playing it now, but I recently lost my Vita with my entire library T_T.

My friend has it and he's able to play it with no problem, but he's used to doing the import scene, main thing to remember is the reversed confirm / cancel buttons.
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Posted 3/21/13 , edited 3/22/13
Literally the only reason I bought a Vita in the first place.
Was tempted to make a Japanese PSN account and play the game, but figured why grind my @ss off when I'll eventually move on to the English version once it releases hence starting all over.
CAN NO WAIT, PSO2 and all its glory just has a charm to it like no other MMO/game.

This'll be the second place besides the forums that I'll come to make a group/clan for the game.
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30 / M / under fire
Posted 4/16/13 , edited 4/17/13
This is my main game and has been since it released. There is an english patch that translates all the menus and all the story/character dialogue. They are currently progressing on a patch that translates all the item names (tougher to do because item names are server side). It takes literally a minute to download and apply before you login and you're set. It's basically like you're playing the english version. I'm not kidding.

Not only that but there is a huge english speaking community on Ship 02. I mean huge. The chances of you running in to english speaking players is high even without knowing that, and there is a block (channel, you could call it) where they gather, 20. It's honestly like playing on an english server. There are still plenty of Japanese as well if you're interested in touching base with natives, as ship 2 is one of the most populated ships. It's more like an international server if anything.

Sega of America is unfortunately at the end of their leash with PSO2 USA's release, and they even had to delay it with no details as to even why. My best recommendation is if this game excites you, to get on board now. Latency/lag for a foreign player (outside of Japan) is practically unnoticeable, so really no need to worry there. You are just as competitive as a Japanese player. Also it's likely that USA's PSO2 will be severely behind and/or lacking in the same content that PSO2 Original has and will get. Best to go with the real version! Especially since the entire english translation is so readily available thanks to only a handful of talented individuals. If you need any help registering or figuring it out, feel free to talk to me. I speak and read Japanese so it's of no consequence to me.
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Posted 4/29/13 , edited 4/29/13
Don't know if anybody is still following this thread, but for anyone who cares about PSO2 news Sega still has it on the mind apparently for NA.

They recently officially announced it's delay. With the closing of first quarter of 2013 (the original slated release time frame), I guess they finally decided to make it official even though most of us figured it was delayed and in worse case scenario canceled.

But with the latest news, it's nice to know that Sega hasn't completley just dropped it. I want to say they won't just cancel it considering the fact that they've probably spent a decent amount of time and human hours trying to get it state side.
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26 / M
Posted 5/13/13 , edited 5/13/13
cant wait till this come out in the usa for the vita
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25 / M / Austin Texas
Posted 5/21/13 , edited 5/21/13
Had been playing this for about 6 months but, I cant login anymore....
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31 / M / A rock in the mid...
Posted 5/24/13 , edited 5/24/13
Played on the JP servers for a while from OB, looking forward to the NA release.
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