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Angel, Akuma, and Kurai's Story
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Posted 3/23/13 , edited 4/3/13
(Start of Kakurega Arc)
A week or two after they had first started cleaning the house, MAK sat in the livingroom, just resting a little. He was a bit tired but more inportantly, he was tired of how the other three acted. Angel was always trying to remind Akuma of being her sister, but All Akuma really wanted to do was hang onto Kurai.
Kurai soon walked in, actually alone and sat down onto the couch near him looking rather tired and sighing.

"Why in the hell are you so tired?", MAK said in a tired voice, "You're not the one that had to get on the roof to clean gutters, pull weeds, and fight out snakes! Not to mention that Akuma still don't know about Angel being her sister."

"No.... she knows now.... that's why she's not hanging on me right now....." he sighed, "But I can't keep doing all of this... I feel like Mike from Please Twins......." he covered his head a bit.

MAK had this confused look on his face and replied with, "Um, who the hell is Mike and why should you feel like him?"

Kurai looked over at him and sighed, "A really bad child series of Please Teacher........" he mumbled.

"Oh yeah, Please Teacher, I forgot about that show......" MAK thought of what he was talking about but he was stumped and confused, "What's Please Teacher and Please Twins again?"

Kurai smacked his head down on the table, sighing, "They are both anime that I was supposed to make Angel review at some point..... You do know that I had to watch all that crap first to know what it was about, right?"

"Does that mean that eventually I have to watch both shows?", MAK said in a concerned and frightened voice. "And I already sense a review out of this."

Kurai chuckled slightly, "Well, Angel did already review Please Teacher.... if you want to take it on, go ahead, I think I'll give you Angel's Review too."

When MAK finished his review, Kurai nodded and then tensed up as Angel leaned on the back of the couch right behind him, "And what the heck are you two doing sitting here when there is more work to be done?" she asked, a rather mean smile on her face.

And with that, MAK didn't like the look on Angel's face and he said with an angry face, "WELL, I have been doing all this work for the past two weeks with no complaints from me and the one I needed to rest, BOOM! A review comes to my lap. That's what happen!" And then MAK sat down ending on that response.

"Alright.... you do know that I didn't ask you to do the roof, right? Kurai was supposed to do it since he can fly....." she looked down at Kurai glaring, "And you..... I have seen you playing around with Akuma most of the time......"
"H....Hold on.... how about you join us for a review to relax....." he said trying to stop the situation.

"Oh, no-no-no-no-no", As MAK easily does his Shia LaBeouf impression and said, "No. I've already reviewed Please Teacher and honestly, I'm fine with that show, but there's no way in hell I'm doing Please Twins!!"

Angel frowned, "Oh god..... you do know that I have the review for that all written out... right?" she asked them, and Kurai stared at her a bit.
She blinked down at him, "What? It's not as bad as some of the stuff you been making watch this whole time..." she glared at him making him shut up, then turned to MAK, "It really isn't that bad...... just not as good as the first one. You really should just review it and have it done and over with."

"FINE!! I'm gonna review it and see how it turns out." MAK said as he was getting ready for the review.

Angel shrugged, "By the way, why are you guys talking about Please Twins?"

"I don't know, something about Kurai feeling like one of the characters in the show.", MAK shrugged that part out of the way. "Either way, the show is still bad to me."

"Well, I did say it was the ugly child of the first...." he yawned a bit as he stood up. When he did, he yelped as a blur that was actually Akuma tackled him and kissed him. He sat up, frowning a little as she had her arms wrapped around him and then looked at MAK as though to say, 'See?'

"Yeah, yeah," MAK said with him not caring about Kurai's problems and soon he was going off to sleep in his room. "If you need me, I'll be the guy in the room face down to his pillow."

Angel frowned, "Oh no your not.... your going to clean up more while I and loverboy here go to get food or your not getting dinner....."

Then MAK breaks down to his knees and said, "OK! OK! I'll finish cleaning up!! I don't wanna starve!!"

Angel nodded, "You should clean the kitchen..... I got part of it but it still needs to finish. This is a priority one, MAK!" she chuckled as she pulled Kurai from Akuma and took him out the door.

"HA HA HA HA HA." MAK said sarcastically as he once again gets on kitchen duty in order to not starve to death.
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It was a a cool morning as the light was just coming into the windows of Kakurega, the house they now lived in. It was quiet and the place was just starting to wake up when there was a female scream coming from inside the house.

The first to hear the scream was MAK and he wondered, "Oh dammit, I hope Angel didn't find out about my LED lights", and so he walked in a tired pace to see what's going on until he sees some girl in the hallway and unknown to him, she looked familar.

She turned to him, glaring slightly, "What the hell are you looking at and where the fucken hell is Ang?! I'm going to KILL HER!" she screamed, her black and red hair brushed back slightly from her rather sexy looking face.

"Um, lady, I don't know what grudge you got against Angel but we're in the wrong house." MAK said, "And I'm hope you're not hear to kill us considering the alarm would've triggered something."

She growled, "WHAT THE HELL YOU TALKING ABOUT?" she screamed out at him, "Take a damn good look at me.... I used to be a guy for fucks sake! And then Ang' decided to fucken april fool me, AGAIN!"

Then MAK took a really good look at the girl and notice the red/black hair figures and the lynx ears and the tale and notice that it wasn't Akuma and then it hit him, "Kurai? Is that you?!?!" Then MAK began to chuckle and it turned into loud laughter. "Hey Kurai!! I didn't know you got some great legs. HAHAHA!!" The more MAK laughs heartily, the more annoyed Kurai gotten.

But that kick didn't stop MAK from laughing, as he just teleported out of the way quickly, "YES IT IS!! Awww, what's the matter, Lady Kurai?" Then MAK was just toying with him to a point.

Kurai growled at him and turned, "Coward! Get over here so I can beat that ass of yours! You fucken stupid Asshole!"
From over near the doorway to the hall, Angel chuckled a little bit as she watched, "Ah.... so you found my little trick again?"
Kurai moved over to her, looking like he was going to kill her. He started chasing her around the hall, flying at times and other times running.

Again, MAK kept on laughing at him/her and also said, "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but I don't give a shit because you had it coming anyway, Lynx-Girl!!"

"How the fuck did I have this coming again?!" Kurai yelled as Akuma came in and noticed Kurai.
She blushed brightly, "K....Kurai? O....Oh my!"

MAK kept his laughter and giggling to an minimum in order to calm down and then reappear in front of Kurai and said, "But really, how did this happen again? You didn't lose a bet to somebody, did you?"

Tenshi Okami: Angel smiled, "It's because I did a little curse for April Fools...."
Akuma blushed brightly, "Um.... Kurai... you are really making me think things I really shouldn't!"

"April Fools?", MAK said as he looked at his cellphone for the date, "Oh yeah, today is April 1st. Also the day to not trust the internet for real news.....So like any other day and what kind of curse did you put on him though, Angel?"

"Just a simple gender bender curse. I always use it during April Fools...." she said gently, "And always on the little boy over there...." she pointed to Kurai.

"So in other words, Kurai was still your mule and or slave past, present, and possibly future." MAK stated, "But can I just throw water at him/her to reverse the curse?"

"Oh? Like Ranma?" she asked, "Nope, although this would be fun to review while he's like this..." she smiled.

"Actually, I agree with you." And then MAK started to giggle like a pre-teen girl again.

Angel smiled a little bit, and then mumbled something, turning MAK into a girl as well, "Well, how about it, Mis Hybrid?"
Kurai started to laugh now, "Now whos the big shot?"

Then MAK took a good long look at him...actually herself now and said, "Hmmmm....I should've saw this coming a mile away."

"Well, you did start laughing...." she smiled, "Now.... I'll give you my review."

"Well, I reviewed Ramna 1/2 and guess what? I actually liked the show." MAK said with a truthful face and then he said, "Now if you were to be so kind, can you CHANGE ME BACK INTO A GUY?!?!?!"

Angel smiled a little, and held up a clock she had been hiding from him, "When this runs out, you will be able to change back..... in about a day or two...." she giggled.

"WHAT!?!?!?!? A Day or two!!", MAK said with his eyes widened, "You mean I'm stuck like this for another day?", Then he took a look at his watch and then said, "Why? Why me?"

She smiled, "Well, you decided to make it worse on Kurai..." she said and started walking to her room. It was a bit odd but it seemed like she was actually coming to Kurai's defence. Kurai blinked and turned to MAK, "Um..... did she do that... for me?"

"You're telling me....", MAK felt the same way, just feeling his breasts but kinda felt a little weird as of now.

"So..... what we do now?"
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Angel kept forcing Kurai around the market place as they collected food and items for more cleaning as they had done before. Kurai was already turned back to a male as well as MAK, but Kurai had made Angel mad again with something else so it seemed only natural to make him her pack mule once again. She smiled as she forced Kurai to grab another bag to his already waited arms.
Kurai sighed at this, "And how am I stuck carrying all these?" then stopped complaining when Angel gave him a nasty look that pretty much meant to shut up or else.

Then all of a sudden as they both bump into these two guys and one of them disrespectfully said, "Hey, watch where the FUCK YOU GOING!! What are you, blind?" And then pushes Kurai to the ground like a sixth-grader and then one of the others said, "Hey, hey, little brother....calm your dumb ass down, man! Damn, Also in public and all that."

Angel smiled a little, and then started to laugh a little creepy, "Oh? So your supposed to be big tough guys huh? What? You think your part of a gang and should start pushing people around?"
Kurai frowned at Angel as he got up, saying gently and more like a whisper, "Ang.... that might not be the best thing to do...." But Angel was already in the mood to fight if needed.
"Seems like these boys are just little children....." she commented as she picked up one of the bags and handed it to Kurai.

"Little children?", the older brother responded, "Yeah right. We're grown men dammit....but then again, I do like that sass you got there, wolf girl." Then he was creepily checking Angel out. "Well, miss, the name's Cain. Rick Cain and over there is my dumbass little brother Darius or just call him Dice." He then spitted out something that looked kinda nasty. "As you can see, we're professionals."

"Professional what? Airhead jackasses?" she asked, frowning, "And I hope you know I an't interested in some halfbaked babies who can't seem to think with anything but there dicks and hormones..." she said turning, "At least I know people who actually have class like MAK....."
Kurai frowned a little, "And what about me?" he asked.
"Like I said.... people with /Class/..." she emphasized.

Then both brothers' eyes widened once they hear that name. Then Rick responded with, "Wait......what name did you say right there, Holo?"

She glared at him, her tail fraying a little in annoyance, "First off, I am fucken not HOLO! She is a brown wolf..... I'm actually white.... and second, why the fuck do you want to know what name I said?"

Then Dice really insulted with her with this, "Well, my dear Kanokon or whatever the fuck you think you are, MAK is the guy whose ass we're gonna find and collect him for $6 million." And then Rick finished the statement with, "Oh, did we forgot to mention that we're bounty hunters? And you know the whereabouts of what is he, your little boyfriend or something?"

"I'm not interested in a relationship first and second, your never getting at him....." she smiled a little, "Your never finding him, especially with insulting me with all those cracks...." she smiled and showed her rather harsh teeth.

"Oh really?", Dice said, "I kinda knew that afro-headed fuckhead would never get with anyone....unless he decided to go with the brokendown lynx." Rick laughed at that comment and also said, "Well, that guy did change blue once. I guess blue balls were part of his power."

Angel growled even more and actually bit Dice hard, drawing blood. He had a wound that looked like a wild animal bit him hard. She let go and spat out the blood, knowing she wouldn't get sick from anyone's blood.

"OOWWWWW!!!", Dice screamed at the sight of his bleeding arm and then Rick grabbed Angel by the neck and said, "You little bitch!" and then slapped her across the face. "You cross with the wrong motherfuckers, you got me? Plus, MAK's ass is grass when we find him."

Kurai growled and let go of the bags, bitting Rick hard on the arm that held Angel, this time his eyes had turned from the gold color to a rather red and demonic color. The bite mark seemed to have a little bit of gray around them as though the skin was dieing.

"LET ME THE FUCK GO!!" He kept swinging Kurai from his arm until he eventually threw him out. "Damn!!! Shit, that hurts!!", Rick shouted and Dice kept screaming, "You fucking bitch!! We gonna find you and kill you, that guy, and that motherfucker MAK!!!" Soon, both brothers retreated to their car and drove out of there immediately.

Angel growled a bit at them leaving as well as Kurai though he was starting to settle down a bit. Before they left, Angel yelled out, "RETEATING WITH YOUR TAIL BETWEEN YOUR LEGS EH? GUESS YOUR SCARED OF A GIRL, HUH?"
Kurai gathered the bags and they finished shopping, coming home looking a little out of it and a small bit of blood on their bodies from the biting.

Soon after, as they went back into the Hideaway, MAK was the first to answer the door and checking sure that it's Angel and Kurai at the door and at the first glimpse of them with blood on them, MAK with wide-eyes responded with, "Um....what the hell happened? Was there a bloodbath in the store?"

Angel growled a little as she walked inside, "So..... you have a big old bounty on your fucken head and decided not to tell us before we left for the store?" she asked as Kurai walked in, bags all over him as he tried to carry everything inside. He frowned as he put them all down in the kitchen and then came out, looking beat, "Damnit..... demonblood activating and being a mule for Ang is tiring....." he said as he lay down on the couch.

MAK gulped and swallowed hard at that statement, "Oh shit. Look, Angel, I thought you knew all about the-- I mean, I thought-- you see.....after I ran from the Anime Gods, another faction of them called One Blood was after me and....after that, they put a bounty for $6 mil on my head."

"And how about the two we ran into? The names Rick and Dice ring a bell? Damn.... I can't get the taste of Dice out of my mouth.... he probably hasn't washed in like forever......" she growled and grabbed a bottle of ice tea to wash her mouth out.

As she mention the names of Rick and Dice, MAK went into a panic mode as he hyperventilates and thought about those names and what they done to him in the past. "The C-C-C----Cain Brothers?!?", he said with much fear in his voice and he was gasping and worried about them finding them out. "No, I thought they were never heard from again. This can't be true. This shouldn't happen!!" Then he kept questioning why now they came but he knows why.

Angel rolled her eyes and smacked MAK hard in the face to stop him from freaking out, "Your acting like a pressy little girl right now.... cut it out. They arn't going to find us since me and Akuma got the sheild up and running. They can't come in because they wish us harm.... and I really don't think they want anymore 'wild animal' attacks on them..." she smiled, her teeth showing again sharp and rather dangerous, "Both me and Kurai had a little fun attacking those dipshits....."

"Owww! OK!" MAK yelped. "It's just....those guys got under my skin during my teen years. They are the ultimate assholes I have ever met. Rick is like that slimeball you see at a car dealership and Dice.....he's worse. Way worse because he's a dumbass and dangerous. I'm really sorry you have to go through that."

Kurai rolled his eyes, "Well, that Rick guy is going to have problems with his hand for a bit..... " he chuckled a bit, "Sometimes I like being a devil......"

"Well, the bastard got what he deserved." MAK said with no regrets and then he went to get his wallet to pay his share of the shopping but suddenly, a picture fell out of there.

Angel picked it up and chuckled, "A girlfriend?" she asked, smiling, "Alright.... time to tell me about this picture..." she said, her wings flapping a little and making her fly a bit high for MAK to get the picture when he reached out for it.

"Wait! Come on now!!" as MAK went to reach for the picture but couldn't get to it. "OK, look, she is an old childhood friend of mine. We knew each other since we were 9. OK? Can I have the picture back now?"

"Come on..... you made me talk about my picture before.... a little more info might be better...." she sat down on top of the bookshelf, and studdied the picture as though she was a bird being curious about something, "She's pretty cute...."

"OK. Her name is Kai. She's been one of my best friends ever since 4th grade. We became good friends since her folks know my parents." MAK then reminisce about his good times with her and brought in the bad news after that. "Then when we were 16, her parents had to move out of Eastin City and the worst thing is my dad and mom split up at the same time. So that was the last time I ever saw her."

Angel shrugged as she threw him the picture, "Oh..... well its not as bad as my story, but I'm sure you will see her again....."

MAK sighed and said, "Angel, it's been 6 years since I seen her at all. I don't even know if she even remembers me at this point. She probably has a new life, new friends, possibly a boyfriend or so." And he muttered this last sentence silently, "And the worst thing about it is I actually did have a crush on her and I never told her."

Angel sighed, "Just think of it this way, What happens every time in anime and Manga when a guy has a girl that suddenly leaves when he was little.... she normally comes back and ends up on his doorstep.... Just like Zodiac P.I."

"OK...True," MAK said, "But I can't just expect somebody to be knocking at the door right this instan--" Then he heard a knock on the door and soon the guys checked the security cam to see who it is.

Angel laughed a little when she heard the knock, "What are we in, a anime?" she asked, getting down off the bookcase and flying over to the door, "Hello?" she asked sweetly, knowing whoever it was didn't want to hurt them.

The girl at the door was looking out for any danger and as soon as she was noticed, "Excuse me, but do you know where I can find some lodging at? I only have enough to last me a 2 days and I need to find a place to stay."

"Come on in....." she said gently as she opened the door, "Kakurega is always open for anyone who needs a place...." She used the Japanese name she and MAK came up with meaning hideaway.

"Well, thank you." She said, "I really appreciate the hospitality, Miss.....sorry, but I don't know your name yet." She politely asked.

"I'm Angel.... This is mine and my twin sister, Akuma's home. The two boys over there are just freeloading..." she said pointing to MAK and Kurai, "Kurai and MAK......"

"HEY!!! I'm no freeload--" Then as MAK stopped in mid-sentence as he took a glance at the girl and a sudden realization came to him. "Hey, um....have you ever stayed at Eastin City before?" She answered with, "I stayed there once. Why do you want to know?" Then MAK took off his glasses so she can recognize him a little more. "Wait, I remember you........MAK, is that you?", she said and MAK answered, "Kai?"

Angel fell over laughing at this while Kurai and Akuma blinked, looking at them. "HA I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO FUCKEN HAPPEN! ITS JUST LIKE A ANIME!" Angel yelped out through her laughing.

After the laughter of Angel, MAK then looked at Kai and said, "Wow, Kai, I haven't seen you in a long while and the years have been good to you." Then Kai said, "And I see you happen to grow a beard, have glasses and gotten taller." MAK then blushed at that last part, "Well, yeah, I have grew a bit over the last couple of years........."

Angel got up and rolled her eyes, "Time to leave....." she said as she shooed the other two out of the room, "Lets leave the love birds alone...." she said, then smacked Kurai when Akuma grabbed him on the ass. She then pulled Kurai's limp body out of the room.
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Angel sighed as she got back home from her small shopping trip. She had grabbed many items for cleaning and such but she felt like she needed a break (That and she was starting to feel slightly ill). She had found a strange disc at the second hand shop she normally checked in on and decided to check it out. The words 'Murder Princess' was the title and it was so short, she thought she could finish it up pretty fast so she popped it into the main flat screen in the living room. Akuma joined her, thinking that it sounded like a worth while show as she loved dark stories and this seemed to have it.

At the same time, Kai was just getting adjusted to her new surroundings and setting up her room in Kakurega. She wanted to hang out with Angel and Akuma today to get to know them a little better. "Hiya!!", she said, "So what's been going on today?"

Angel looked back at where Kai was standing, "Oh... just checking out a new anime. Probably going to review it after. You want to join us?"
As she asked that, Kurai plopped down on the other side of Angel, grabbing the remote and starting to change the channel. Angel grabbed it back from him and hit him hard over the head with it, "Your going to have to wait to watch something else Lynx-boy...." she growled, making Kurai cringe slightly at her words. She seemed to be one of the only people who could make him cringe like that.

Kai then giggled a little bit from that and she responded with, "Sure, I'll be glad to join you", as she made herself a seat in the couch and Kai then asked her, "So, Angel, what kind of anime are you watching today? An action anime? Assassin anime? Love story? Period piece?"

"It's called Murder Princess.... suposed to be a pretty dark and bloody anime. Interesting that we are missing only one person from the house... where's MAK?" She asked, looking around a bit.

Then MAK walked into the room with him listening to his MP3 player with the sound blasting at his ear. "Hey MAK!!!", Kai tried to get his attention by shouting at him and waving her hand around him but he had his eyes close the whole time. "MAK!! DO YOU WANT TO WATCH AN ANIME WITH US?" So far, a no go. Then Kai had to yank the earphones with him and slapped him for not listening.
"OW!! Kai, why you do that for?", MAK shouted.
"Angel has something to ask you." Kai said.

Angel rolled her eyes a bit, "Kai wants you to watch this new anime with us..... so sit your butt down and I'll turn it on," she said not really asking, more like ordering him to do so.

"OK......" MAK said awkwardly as if he don't want to get his ass kicked by both Angel and Kai as he sat down next to Kai and rubbing his head, "You know that hurt, right? So, Angel, what is Murder Princess about?"

"Um... lets see..." she said grabbing the box out of Kurai's hands as he went to grab it, "It's about a warrior who switches souls with a princess."

MAK sounded intrigued by the plot and said, "So it's kind of like The Prince and the Pauper or something like that where royalty or whoever switch places and does it competently?"

"Actually, their forced.... lets just watch the damn show and figure it out..." she started the DVD.

So approximately three hours later, the gang finished watching the anime and MAK's response was, "Well, what can I say? I really liked the show." Kai then said, "Yeah, this show is pretty good but why did they make those two androids all kawaii and mostly annoying? Like they were threatening. Other than that, I dug it."

"I would not of expected the ending actually," Angel said looking down at the disc, "Seriously, I was getting a Yuri vibe from the main characters."
Akuma nodded, "Though it was really sweet, like a romance between two who are deeply connected," she blinked her eyes a few times at Kurai.
Kurai put his head in his hands, "Oh god...." he mumbled.

"I kinda did, too." Kai said, "And I'm sure MAK did, too, with what I imagine the Cheshire Cat smirk of his face as he knew about the yuri." Then MAK was blushing in the turn of embarassment and said, "I have no idea what you're talking about."
"MAK...", Kai said looking down on him, "I've known you for almost 7 years, you have this sixth sense about shows like this."

Angel chuckled, "Guys seem to get hard with seeing stuff like that, don't they? One track minds...." she said as she stretched out, "Well, I think I would recomend this. It really was interesting though I had my douts in the beginning.

"Even though Kai put me on BLAST, I did find some of it interesting aside from the Yuri!!", MAK reminded all of them, "It's something that didn't waste my time with unnecessary filter and characters. Plus, it's not like they actually......well....." Then MAK stammered on a bit, making the whole room uncomfortable, and then Kai said to him, "Maybe you should stop before the girls, including me, will make you regret you said that." Then MAK squeaked, "DEAL!"

Angel smiled, "Oh I think its a little to late.... remember 'Miss MAK'!" then she giggled a bit, bringing up what happen on April Fools.

Then MAK hide in embarrassment underneath the covers and Kai laughed along and said, "Miss MAK!?!?! Oh, I gotta hear this!"

Akuma smiled a little, "Angel and I are Wiccans. We are able to do spells and such so on April Fools, Angel turned MAK and my Kurai..."
"I am not your anything!" Kurai interupted but was ignored.
"...into women for a time. We reviewed Ranma 1/2 during then."

Kai was in shock and amazement when she heard of them being Wiccans, "Hmmm....I didn't know you were Wiccans. That's pretty interesting there." And then Kai asked the other question on her mind, "Got any pics?" Then MAK's shocked face was like, "WHAT?!?!?"

Angel thought a moment, "No... but I can always do the spell again." she smiled.
Kurai jumped up and walked off, throwing his hands up in the air, "NO! I am not going to do that again!"

"HELL NO!!!", MAK also shouted, "I rather watch Eiken than go through that shit again!!!"

"That could be arranged..." she said as she stood up, "I still have the damn episodes."

"Forget it." As MAK sounded defeated as even he doesn't want to sat through Eiken again......again. (Yes, he saw it more than twice.) "Oh well." As Kai said as she went to the kitchen and whispered to Angel, "Hey, do you think you can do it again soon?"

"How about this, find me a anime that either talks about body switching genders or is a really girlly show and we will see."

Then Kai mentioned another not that well-known series about genderbending and so said, "This should make a laugh out of them.....well, for you again."
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One day, Akuma was sitting in the living room with a manga in one hand and a handkerchief in the other. She was crying so much because of the beautiful story she had just finished reading. As she finished, Kurai walked in and frowned as he saw her crying, "Akuma?" he asked, walking over to her. He hated seeing her crying as she used to so many times before at his Step-Dad's building and this was no exception though it had been quite a while since she had actually cried in front of him.
As he walked up, she dropped the book and flung her arms around him, "Kurai!" she cried out, hugging him even tighter now, "D....Don't ever die!"
Kurai, being really clueless about what manga she was reading and what the hell she was going on about, looked at her confused a little. He slowly wrapped his arms around her and sighed, "What brought this on? I'm not dieing or anything so why are you acting like this?"
She sniffed and pointed to the Manga that now sat on the floor. The title read 'Kieli' and the second one she had finished reading had a boy with red hair on it.
Again, Kurai look dumbfounded, "Um.... so?" he asked, "I never read that."
"Then..... then maybe I should.... give you a review like how Angel does it...... right?" she asked, looking up to him.
"You can if you want to..." he said gently as he sat down next to her, just to be a little kind and to help her stop crying.

When she finished, she sniffed a bit and looked up at him with big round eyes, "Well?" she asked.
"Sounds like a good story," he said gently, "But I won't die. Trust me on that, ok?"
She nodded and snuggled up to him lovingly, "A...alright."
As she did this, Angel walked by and though she didn't say anything, she sent a rather dark glare to Kurai pretty much meaning not to do something to her sister.
Kurai pointed to the Manga on the ground and shrugged. Angel sighed and nodded, walking away as though she had already read the manga before.
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So the next morning after the gang watched "Murder Princess", MAK woke up in a not heavenly way as he groaned and walked to the kitchen to get something to drink. As he got his drink from the kitchen, he noticed something as he walk past the mirror in the living room and had to take a double-take and......."AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!", MAK screamed.

Kurai walked out of his room, growling as he looked at MAK, "I hope this is not going to be another running gag or I'm thinking I'm going to have to murder someone soon...." he said, glaring at MAK up and down, "Will you put a shirt on? I feel sick just seeing that...." he said as he walked past the half dressed MAK.

"Oh, really?", MAK said as he felt kinda pissed off at that comment, "Because you looked 'oh so fabolous' in your girl format, Lady Kurai." Then they saw a flash coming from the right end of the hallway and it was Kai who took the picture of the two man-women. "Yes!!", as Kai said and she walked gleefully away.

Kurai turned, glaring at her, "I think I found who I want to kill now..." he started walking after Kai, teeth showing with pointed fangs, "It's probably her fault anyway..."

Then MAK run close to Kurai, grabbed him by the breasts and said, "Uh, look, I know it's her fault. I know how she does this, you lay a fuckin' finger on her and I'll kill your ass.......but, yeah, she's getting a beatdown." Then let's go of him and continue to stalk her and as soon as they were close to Kai, the door just slammed shut.

Kurai glared at MAK, then grabbed her breast hard glaring, "Touch me again there.... and I'll actually rip this off you, not let you turn back..." he said as he finally let go and went to get some coffee. He was not one to piss off that early in the morning without him having coffee.
It was afternoon before Angel and Akuma woke since they both were more night owls then morning people. Angel stretched out a little, starting to make something for the two of them as Akuma sat idoling the now pouting Kurai in the living room. When Angel came in, she frowned a bit and sighed, "Damnit.... I didn't need to be reminded of that anime...." she whispered.

"Well, whose fault is that, I suppose?", MAK asked her and then Kai came out of the room and said, "OK, I know some of you are a little pissed at me for the morning--" Then MAK raised his voice at her and yelled this at her, "PISSED??!! You turned me and Kurai into girls....actually, the second time that happened and all because you wanted to see us like this?" Kai then tries to explain it all, "Well, I thought you and Kurai as girls would be kinda funny" and then she looks at Angel and said, "And I swear I didn't think the anime would be that bad. I never exactly watch it, just heard of it."

Angel frowned a bit, "Really? I did the spell for a Troll it seems...." she said turning away from her.
Akuma looked over at them, "I didn't think it was all that bad actually.
Angel looked over at her, "Voices and exicutions....." she reminded her.
Akuma frowned, "Alright.... it was really bad.... But thinking back on it, it was a kind of cute love story."
Angel glared again, "Ending and OVA...."
Akuma growled, "ALRIGHT! IT IS BAD!" she sighed.
Kurai blinked looking at Akuma, "You didn't have to agree with her you know...."
"But I actually do agree with her. I was just trying to make it sound not as bad as it was so I didn't have to think about it....."
"And thats why I do most of the reviews when it comes to this shit...." Angel sighed as she sat down, throwing the disc at MAK, "You see for yourself."

So after MAK watched the series and rightfully forced Kai to watch it since it was all her idea and her reaction was, "What the fuck did I just watch? Oh my god......Why?"
Then MAK said, "Because you are a damn fool, Kai."
Kai frowned at all of them and then said in a high voice, “I SAID I WAS SORRY, OKAY? I never saw the series as whole.” and MAK finished it with, “Well, the whole thing is on you since YOU wanted to be reviewed.”

Kurai frowned when he was done as well, "You know Kai... even I had the decency to watch the anime in its full when I made Angel review it even though I didn't need to."

"Wait, Kurai, you did this to Angel before?", Kai questioned Kurai about that.

"That's more because of a contract I had to protect Akuma.... I don't blame him for it," Angel shrugged, "What I do blame is you for having me watch this without you watching it. A main thing with trolls is that I'll review it but if the troll has not seen it, then...." she looked at Kai with a rather scary look to her.

And with that scary look Angel gave her, Kai then said, "I wasn't trying to be a troll but yeah, maybe I should have watch the series before asking you to review it. I just hope this doesn't mix up things here." MAK then looked at Kai, as she was looking like she did fucked up on her part and he said, "Yeah, I hate to say it, but even Kurai watches crap that eventually we have to watch ourselves. I mean, hell, I reviewed Ikki Tousen & Monster Rancher for him before."

"Um.... actually, that Ikki Tousen thing was more me getting you because you were pissing me off...." Kurai shrugged, "But I do plan on watching it some point, don't worry about that," she looked away from her a bit.

With MAK knowing that and now feels like crap, then he said, "You know what? I'm completely fine with that. Just fine." Then MAK walks to his room, sulking at that comment. "Hey MAK...."Kai said and then MAK screamed out in a whimper, "I'M FINE!!"

Kurai frowned, "DAMNIT! IT WAS A SPUR OF THE MOMENT AND YOU BROUGHT IT UP!" she yelled down the hall.
Angel giggled slightly, "Well, they are both acting like girls now....." she comented to Kai and Akuma.

Then MAK yelled in his room while hugging his pillow, "WELL, I THOUGHT THINGS WERE DIFFERENT BETWEEN US NOW!! I THOUGHT YOU CHANGED, KURAI!!!"

Kurai sighed and walked over to the door, leaning into doorframe a bit, "Things have.... and as I said.... I'm going to fucken go through that crap, so stop acting like a girl crying and hugging your pillow like that...."
At this point, the girls were watching with the yaoi/yuri glasses on and squealing a bit, making Kurai feel uncomfortable.

Then MAK stopped sobbing and then opened his door and said to Kurai, "OK, I'll stop." Then he wiped the tears off his face and he calmed himself down.
"AAWWW!!", Kai said at the sight of that.
"OK, now I'm weirded out than usual", MAK said normally.

Kurai frowned, "Your weirded out? I'm the one that has had to deal with the yuri looks each time Angel has decided to do this to me...."
Angel smiled a little, "But think about this now, both of you are actually men even though your woman in this form..." Then she and Akuma ended up squealing once again, hinting at what they were thinking.

"Well, since we got another day of being like this, I'm just gonna go back here until we're back to normal," MAK said as she calmly went back into her room and said nothing after that.

Kurai shrugged, "I think I'm going to do the same..." he said heading to his own room, but Akuma grabbed her arm, "Awww.... but how about we go to my room instead?" she asked sweetly.
Angel smacked Kurai hard on the head.
Kurai moaned out a little in pain and yelled, "WHY THE HELL DID YOU HIT ME? SHE WAS THE ONE THAT BROUGHT IT UP!"
"Because your still you..." she said as she dragged her off to make her do some work.
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CiCi was walking through the woods one day and was looking for a place to stay. She stopped and spotted a house in between the trees. She walked up to the doorstep and knock.

Angel blinked as she looked over the door, wondering who could be knocking. Everyone was already inside the house and she had just sat down for a bit of tea and a movie. As she got up to go to the door, Kurai rushed over and was about to open it when Angel smacked him hard, "Seriously.... don't cut in front of me when I'm about to do something..." she growled as she grabbed hold of the handle and opened it up, "Oh.... hello..." She said looking at the bunny boy in front of her. At least, it seemed to be a rather good looking bunny boy since he was in a male style Lolita outfit and seemed to be built more like a boy.

Then MAK came into the room and said to the new visitor, "So I see we got a new visitor around here now." And then noticed Kurai on the ground, "And also Kurai being Angel's punching mule again. So, where did you come from?"

CiCi notices the guy laying on the ground. "Um, I'm just for around. Um, is he okay?"

Angel smiled a rather large grin, showing her fangs slightly, "Oh don't worry about him, this happens offen," then she gently as she kicked Kurai out of the way and lead him into the room, but yet, she noticed strange things about this boy. His voice seemed much more girlly for how old he seemed to be and he walked much like a girl. She must of been a girl who was more tomboyish she guessed. She sat her down on the couch and poured her a cup of tea, "So how may I help you?"

"Well, anyway, welcome to what we call KAKUREGA!!!! Or The Hideaway in English, that is", MAK said, "It's a little name that me and Angel came up with. By the way, my name is MAK, one of the guys that stays here and do most of the housework around here. The co-owner you just spoke to is Angel and the guy she abuses like a slave is Kurai."

Angel frowned, "And who cleaned all the rooms, did the shopping, helped with the landry....." She listed off a bunch of things she did.

CiCi cut off Angel, "I have been traveling and looking for a place to stay. I notice you have a nice house here. Are any rooms available?"

Angel smiled gently and nodded, "Of course you can stay honey, It's alright---"
As she spoke, Kurai woke and yelled out suddenly, "WHY THE FUCKEN HELL DID YOU HIT ME AGAIN?!" and then looked to Cici, blinking, "And who the heck is this guy sitting there? He looks like a prick."
Kurai frowned and just sat there growling a bit but stayed silent.
Angel then turned to Cici, "Don't worry about him...." she said gently.

CiCi smiled and looked at Angel, "I think I will find this place quiet delightful."

Then MAK said to Kurai in his face, "Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black? Remember that, prick?" And then MAK went to CiCi and said, "Yeah, Kurai isn't much of a people person." And as he said that, Kai was getting something in the kitchen and she suddenly noticed the new visitor. "Hey, who's the new person? He looks kinda cute with his little bunny ears."

"Well, thank you, CiCi!" Kai said and smiled, "I hope we can become good friends, too."

Kurai gulped a little at the smile, it being a bit scary just as Angel could do. Suddenly, there was a blur of Black and Brown as someone ran past the group and flung herself onto Kurai, hugging him tightly and smothering him in her breasts, "Oh my Kurai! Why did you yell out like that?" Akuma asked, and then noticed Cici, "Oh... well hello there. And who might you be?" she asked.
Angel blinked and looked at the two, then growled a little shaking her fist a bit, "Kurai......" she growled, looking like she was pissed off for what the two were doing.
Kurai put his hands up in defense, "Ang.... don't hit me again! I didn't do anything!" he was looking for some way that Angel wouldn't get mad at him again.

Then MAK and Kai secretly giggle at the sight of Kurai fearing of getting his ass kicked (again) by Angel and then Kai whispered to MAK, "Hey, you bet Angel's gonna hit him again?" Then MAK responded, "You read my mind, girl."

"Hello, my name is CiCi," CiCi said, introducing herself to Akuma. "This reminds me of something I just saw. What was it call....? Hm.... Oh yeah! Kanokon!"

Angel growled a bit at the name of that anime, "Kanokon........ that's just upsetting....." she said covering her face a bit, "I had to review that just a bit ago...."

Then MAK screamed at the name, "Motherfucking KANOKON!!! Oh, why in the hell did I ever watched that?" Then Kai said to him, "Oh, come on, the anime wasn't that bad to watch."
"Oh, really, Kai?", MAK said, "From the little plot, unfunny jokes, and that fucking dub!!! That dub!! Dammit, no wonder why most people bitch about English dubs, even on the good ones."
Kai then needed to slap MAK some sense to calm him down, "Will you relax, boy? It really isn't--" Then MAK interrupted her by saying, "Oh, like you saw KashiMashi, Kai?"
Then Kai needed to hide her face, "Come on, I say I was sorry!!!"

Angel sighed, "Kai, he has a small point," then she turned to Cici, "Did you ever review it? If you have, want to compare notes with me and MAK? We are both reviewers and if you want to join in, you can."

CiCi turned to MAK and Kai, "I have to agree with Kai a little. It wasn't all that bad. It had it's downfalls." CiCi then turned to Angel and responded, "Yes, I have written a review and sure I'll join you guys."

"Well?", MAK said to Kai.
"I still believe the show wasn't that bad," As Kai replied to him. MAK looked at Kai in the strangest way possible and as he was about to say something, he just kept his mouth shut.

Angel rolled her eyes, "Well, I just think its normal school life anime with supernatural..."
Akuma frowned, "We are not like that!"
Angel nodded, "Yes you are at times, though Kurai probably starts it..."
Kurai glared, "I do not!"
"You do...." Angel said.
"Want to become a toad next time?"
Kurai shut his mouth.

"Yes, just a nice school like anime.... with boobs," CiCi said and smirked.

"Yeah, but the boobs were used for evil." MAK said.

Angel just groaned and put her head in her hands.
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So one night in Kakurega, Kai was watching something on the TV and the way she was focused on the screen, made it look so determined and haunting. Then MAK came up to her and then he said, "Hey, Kai, you feeling okay?" Then Kai immediately shushed him and said, "Quiet!! I'm watching this very carefully and you need to be either watching or leaving."

Angel walked in and looked at the TV when she heard a familier sound of the show, "Oh.... Paranoia Agent...." she mumbled and sat down to watch as well. She watched it intently as Akuma walked in to find her and frowned seeing what was going on. Then she turned to MAK, "Well, whats up?" she whispered to him.

Then MAK whispered to Akuma, "It's Paranoia Agent. Kai is very obsessed with this show and every time I watch it with her, it's either "Shut the fuck up, MAK' or 'Be Quiet!'. And then Kai threw a pillow and said, "MAK, Please Shut the fuck up!!" MAK cringed at that remark and remain silent. "Yeah, at least it's not as bad as when we were younger."

Akuma frowned, "Angel's into it too, she did a review about it before. I seen it just a moment before and it was hard to understand. You ever watch the whole thing before?"

"Oh yeah, I seen it before," MAK said silently, "It's actually quite worth the watch but I didn't think it was that hard to understand, maybe a little but not super-duper cerebral hard. You should probably give it a watch sometimes."

"As I said, I did. I only understand the end but not the means of getting there..." she shrugged. She glimsed at the screen, "You want to see the review she did? It's going to be a while before their done."

"Yeah, I don't mind seeing it." he said to Akuma.

Akuma grabbed the review and handed it to him, "You going to do one?" she asked.

"Of course." he said, "After all, this fits into my fort---" As he said that, Kai threw another pillow and said, "We're still watching!!!", and then MAK thought that, "At least it wasn't a brick or Angel's shoe."

After the reviews, Akuma sat back a bit, looking at the TV, "I do like the opening music...." she smiled a little, "So, I wonder what's going to be next?" she asked, "I might just do a review myself if I ever got into a show like Angel...."

Then MAK responded back and said, "Yeah. The opening theme is pretty awesome and hey, if you want to do a review like your sister, you should." Kai then got finished with the show and noticed MAK talking to Akuma and she's kinda a little suspicious, "So, both of you guys got something to say earlier or so?"

Akuma shook her head, "No, Not really, I was just thinking I should review something as well. It's just finding the anime is going to be hard."

"Oh....OK. Maybe you can have either Angel or MAK help you out." Kai said as she felt relieved from that. "Hey Angel, you any good from here to help your sister with something?"

"Huh? She learned how to already... its just finding one she likes to review is the hard part. Akuma's a bit picky..." she smiled.
Akuma nodded, though frowned, "Well, kind of...."
"She already reviewed a manga on my website too. Wasn't it Kieli?"
She nodded, "Ya..."

Then Kai said, "Well, that's a start. You got any more titles or anything you want to review, Akuma?" And then MAK said to Akuma, "Kai does have a point. You did one review....and a good one as I'm reading it right now."

Akuma chuckled a little, "I may find one... we'll see...." she shrugged and walked off.
Angel sighed, "She's not really fond of writing... she's more of a flirty girl. Actually, I do think Kurai might be doing one soon."

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One late afternoon, Kai was roaming around the room, due to being bored and MAK sleeping in his room for whatever reason and then she saw Angel in the kitchen and that's when Kai had to ask the question that bugged her for a long time, "Hey, Angel......there is something I really wondered about the first time I met you....why are you half wolf, half angel?"

Angel turned and glared at her. She was about to open her mouth for a rather snappy answer when Kurai quickly ran up and covered her mouth, smiling a little awkwardly at Kai, "Um... she's not exactly the right person to ask that... trust me on this. But its more along genetics and something that happen a very long time ago. Some Scientists did it..."
Akuma nodded where she sat at the table, "That is true.... its actually part of Utawarerumono in fact," then she bit into her ice cream cone.
Angel bit hard into Kurai's hand in almost the same fashion, making him yelp and pull his hand away.

"OK." Kai said awkwardly, "Wait, I have heard of Utawarerumono before. Isn't that an anime title?" Then MAK came into the room, looking a bit sleepy-eyed and yawning a lot, "Hey, anybody know what time it is? And Kai?" She nodded and said, "Huh?", and looked at the other three, "What the fuck is Uta-uta-water-Romano--something?"

Angel actually chuckled as he tried to say the title, "It's Uta-wa-re-ru-mono. The translation I guess would be 'Those who are Sung.' It's a anime that is actually our favorite since it has a bit of history with us."

" mean it might have something to do with the rest of you being half animal?", Kai asked. "Well, I would like to know more about y'all since we are living in this house." MAK said.

Kurai chuckled, "The DVD is out in the living room if you want to watch it..."
"I did a actual review of it before I met Kurai as well. It's one of my favorites," Angel said finishing up her food and then going to pop the DVD in.

"Well, that show was a good watch, "Kai said, "And that ending did bring a tear to my eye." MAK then said to her, "Yeah. I did like the show and thankfully that Nuwangi guy wasn't in there as much. One more appearance of him and I oughta beat his ass." Then Kai whispered to MAK, "Hey, what you do think of me having cat ears?" That made MAK's eyes widened a bit. "Oh, and....Angel, you have something to say about it?"

Angel sighed, "I would rather not do that spell at all. It might.... have some problems...."
Akuma giggled, "Namely when she would turn into the catgirl, she would go into heat!"

MAK then said, "Yeah, considering I've been under their spells way too many times, you really don't want that to happen to you anytime soon."
" being a catgirl a bad idea?", Kai said, "Is it exactly like when you genderbend MAK that one...or two times?"

"It was two...." Kurai mumbled, "He didn't have to go through all the crap I did the first time she turned me though...."
Angel giggled, "Ya, but it was priceless seeing all those men hitting on you!"
Kurai groaned.

"Sooner or later, Okami...." He had to say her name (well, it's wolf) in Japanese, "I'll find a way to get my revenge on you." And then MAK smirked after that remark.

Angel smiled, teeth showing bright with fangs like a wild animals, "Bring it on.... just remember that this is my world.... your just along for the ride...."

Kai said to Akuma & Kurai, "Why do I got a feeling that eventually MAK is gonna get his ass handed to him if he does whatever prank he pulls? I mean, MAK's pretty crafty but Angel has that trickster look on her."

Akuma nodded, "Well, it doesn't help we have a very small bit of fox in us.... thats where she gets her trickster fashion.
Kurai nodded, "Not to mention, Angel is in her element. Her magic is a little stronger then when she's outside."

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Akuma smiled widely as she came home from a small shopping trip. It was very close to her's and her sister's birthday and she had bought a present for the two of them to enjoy together, at least, she knew she would like it because she had heard a lot about the beautiful story and art from Key Animation.

As Kai was sitting in the room and saw Akuma coming from her trip around town, she walked up to her and said, "Hey, Akuma. Just got home from shopping, huh?" Then she started to notice something from the bag, "Hmmm...So what's the occasion?"

Akuma smiled a little, "Angel's and my birthday actually. I thought me and her could watch a anime together that day to celebrate. I picked up the three Key Animation shows. I think she saw them but I never have."
As she spoke, Kurai walked down the stairs from the second floor 'apartments' he had decided to move up to and looked over at them, "What the hell are you guys doing in the doorway?" he yawned as though he had just gotten up from sleeping, which of course he had.

"Well, Akuma was talking about the gift she got for Angel for their birthday", Kai said to Kurai. ".....and personally I think it's sweet that Akuma want to get a gift for, Is Angel the older or younger sister?", Kai said to Akuma, "I can't really tell the age difference and all."

Akuma frowned, "She's older...... by a couple of minutes I believe. I don't exactly remember though since many of my memories really haven't come back..."
Kurai jumped a bit, "W....Wait a minute..... when was that?!" he seemed as though Kai had struck a small nerve of panic in his mind. He had completely forgotten all about that.
Akuma looked at him a little confused, "Sunday... why do you ask? You should know this."
Kurai blushed slightly in embarrassment, "Uh, Ya.... that's right. It only slipped my mind a moment..." then he quickly walked from the stairs to the kitchen and out the back way.

"OOOKKKK.", Kai said awkwardly as she watched a panicked Kurai leaving the room and then turned to Akuma. "So about those Key Animation anime. Which one did you buy? Air? Kanon? Clannad?"

Akuma smiled, "Clannad was my first, though I did get all three. I never seen any of them before. You can join us if you like to watch them, just come up to our room. I'm sure Angel is taking a nap. She's a night person more," she started walking to her and Angel's room.

"Sure", Kai said, "I was eventually going to watch this with---", She wanted to bring up MAK but then she figured it wasn't the right time for that, "I mean, yeah, I got the time to watch Clannad with you.", she said as she smiled at her. "I'll be sure to not wake up Angel on purpose or accident."

"Don't worry, I'm going to wake her to watch..." she said beckoning for her to follow.

When they got to Angel's and Akuma's room, the place was actually rather interesting to look at with its dark blue walls and Burgundy trim. It was slightly a mess, with art items all over the place and tons of papers. On the walls were many shelves full of mismatched items like anime figurines, Japanese items, vintage glass dolls, statues of angels, and tons of books and DVDs. Right above the bed was a alter to a wiccan goddess that Angel believed in with many magical items sitting there.
Akuma walked over to the lump on the bed under the covers and gently woke Angel who popped up, hair a mess, and moaned slightly half asleep, "What is it sis?" she asked, her voice a low moan.
"I want to watch a anime with you and Kai... that ok?" Akuma asked sweetly.
"It's fine.... pop it in the computer..." Angel yawned and slowly pushed items off the bed for the girls to all be able to sit there and watch the show.

Kai took a look around the room and its surroundings and thought to herself, "Wow, and I thought my room back at home was messy." She then sat alongside Angel and Akuma to watch Clannad.
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In the middle of the night, Kai was in the living room watching a romance anime, but unfortunately it really didn't help due to the last few days here with her just finding out about MAK's Blue Leaf power and the two of them haven't talked to each other in 3 days.

Akuma walked down and noticed her sitting there, then pounced on her to try to make her smile, "HEY!" she called out, hugging her, "What's with the sad face?"

"Oh. Hey, Akuma." Kai said with the sad expression, "I'm just.....going through a very rough patch the last few days and apparently watching Ai Yori Aoshi wasn't the right call." Then she buried her face in a pillow, not to cry, but just so she wouldn't have to deal with anything this instant.

Akuma frowned, then said gently, "What if you reviewed it? That way you can point out all the shit they did with it."

Then Kai begin to frown a little less, "Actually, that's not a bad idea. I have been wanting to review this anime for a while. Wait, Akuma, didn't Angel reviewed this before?"

"Ya... but that doesn't mean you can't..." Akuma said smiling, "It's never to late to review something. I know she partners with MAK from time to time on reviews. She could probably partner with you."

"OK." Kai said. "You said that Angel is a night person, so she must be awake right about now." She then got up from the couch and went to find Angel to help with this review.

Angel was actually in the study, working on some art project she was going to sell. She was so distracted by wrapping a small paper bead that she didn't notice Kai walking in.

Kai walked into the study and then tap Angel on the shoulder, "Um.....Angel? I don't mean to bother whatever you're doing, but can you help me with this review of Ai Yori Aoshi? Please?"

Angel jumped, letting go of the wrap and it fell apart. She growled a little at the mess of paper she now had to reroll and then turned and sighed at Kai, "Sure... just... lets do this while I wrap these beads. I really need to finish this before tomorrow."

"Ok." Kai said, as both of them began to do the review.

After reviewing the anime, Kai did wanted to say how one of the characters from the show mirrors herself in some way, but as Kai can tell from Angel's expression and her working on her beads, she really doesn't want to be disturbed, so she went to Akuma again.

Akuma sighed shaking her head, "It's a lovely story... just messed up with adding a harem...."

"True. And the reason why most of it depresses me is because of the character of Aoi." Kai said, "The reason why is because while she's adorable, she's just nothing but some Mary Sue who doesn't do much but be someone's wife.....and the reason why I'm depressed is I feel like that now around everyone here." Then Kai sat down on the couch and said to Akuma, "It's like you and Angel are Wiccans with Magic, Kurai is kinda the same...almost and recently I found out that MAK is......" She didn't want to say anymore than that.

"But your special because your none of those things...." Akuma pointed out.
Angel nodded in agreement, "Your special because your different then us. Your more 'normal' and besides, you can make MAK do anything you want. Even I can't make him do some stuff without threatening him or turning him into a women."

Kai wiped a tear from her face and said, "Yeah, that's true. Even though MAK wouldn't lay a finger on me. He's not that type of guy. I'm just mad at him for not telling me about it in the first place; and hearing it from those two dickheads, Rick and Dice, are already torturous enough......and yes, I know you and Kurai attacked them earlier," Then Kai smiled at her and said, "Nice job by the way."

Angel nodded, "Thanks, I believe those bite marks are permanent on them as well. We kind of bit hard."

Then Kai thought of one more thing to mention to them, "......and there's the part when MAK and I kissed.......passionately......even though I'm still mad at him, we had to confess it, since he vowed to never keep a secret from me ever again."

At that, Angel and Akuma blushed a bit, then smiled at each other, "Well, now we have another thing to tease him about," they giggled.

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In the dead of the night, around midnight or so, MAK agreed to an anime review for the first time in a few weeks, but unfortunately, it wasn't an anime he was looking forward to....It was Garzey's Wing. As he walk into the living room, he has this ultra-pissed off look, like a lion just stepped on a thorn.

Angel was already in the living room, working on her computer while Akuma read a book next to her. They were cuddled up close and just relaxing.

Then Kai walked into the room, seeing MAK in a bad mood. "MAK, you doing okay, sweetie?", she asked and MAK answered her with, "Actually, no, somebody requested a review of Garzey's Wing and now I have to watch this damn thing. I'm just glad it's only 3 episodes.....then again, I don't think I can even keep that shit up sober."
"Well, I could watch it with you", Kai said, "Besides, it's better to watch a bad anime with a few friends....that is, if you also don't mind a few drinks to it." Then she brought out her own personal alcohol stash.

Kurai was walking down the stairs when he heard the name of the anime, "SERIOUSLY?" he asked, eyes wide to MAK, "You are seriously looking at that anime?"

"Unfortunately, yes." MAK said, "I have to do my thing reviewing this damn thing and you know what? I'm gonna watch this anime.....while I'm drunk!!!! Because either way, it's gonna confuse the hell out of me anyway."

"Oh god... this is really going to be a pain...." Kurai whispered.
Angel looked up to him, "Isn't that one of the damn shows your company made me review? What a pain in the butt. It's stupid."

Kai then said to everyone, "So should I be warned that my friend/maybe boyfriend might get alcohol poisoning?" Then MAK snatches a bottle of vodka from her hands and said, "Don't worry, my dear Kai, I can handle my liquor just fine. It's not like I'm gonna take a drink every time a stupid badly dub line is uttered there, right? Right?" Then Kai face palmed and said, "Oh no."

"Um... Kai... I would take that bottle away from him. He will probably be dead by the end of the first episode.... maybe even half way through."

"Nonsense!!!!" MAK screamed, "How bad can it be?"

So, a few hours later after watching Garzey's Wing, MAK had a bit of a hangover from drinking too much. Plus, while he was drunk, he sorta hallucinated a little bit and accidentally punched Kurai in the eye, thinking he was his father while he thought Angel and Akuma was his sisters. Kai went to check on him as he is resting now. "OK", Kai said, "He's sobering up now. I think he got it all out in the toilet and remind me to never give him any liquor again."

Kurai rolled his one good eye as he held the icepack Akuma had given him over the other, "And remind me that if he ever drinks again, to tie him to a chair and beat his ass for the shiner...."

"Well, as long as I knew MAK, him and his father were pretty close......", Kai said, ".....but I guess after his parents split, MAK went into a deep depression from what he told me about them but why did he think Angel and Akuma were his sisters, considering one of them was pregnant at the time?"

Angel and Akuma both glared a little, "Which one of us did he think was pregnant?" they asked, looking like they were about to kill him for the thought.

Kai looked nervous for a minute as she was about to say whom, considering if they might kill him or her since she's the only conscious one defending him, "Hmmmmm.......well.....uh.....(gulp)'s his older sister that was pregnant at the time...well, the second time."

"/Second/ time?" Angel growled more, fangs showing as she started walking to MAK's room. Akuma followed, grabbing something from the top shelf of the DVD rack with a evil grin on her face. The only thing Kai could see was that it was a DVD with a OVA written on the back.

"Guys, what's that DVD you got there?" Kai was beginning to look more worried as it really looks like they are gonna kill MAK. "WAIT!! I'm sure he didn't meant what he said. There's partially a reason why his mom and sister are always concerned about him drinking. Hey, wait for me, too!!"

As MAK began to wake up from his hangover, sobering up from his Garzey's Wing episode, he looked around the room to see if nothing's spinning anymore and as he turned left, he sees a very fuming Angel, a furious and evilly-smirking Akuma and a concerned Kai staring at him. "Hey guys, did anything happened a few hours later?" He felt like if he had no memory of what happened earlier.

Angel smiled, "Oh yes.... tell me, did you really fucken think I was pregnant?" She asked as Kurai stuck his head in for a bit, gulping and looking at MAK like he was sorry he had to go through this. Akuma was already fiddling with the TV in MAK's room, popping the DVD into it and cewing it up as Angel tied MAK to a chair, taping his eyes open, "This is for pretty much calling both me and my sister fat...." she said, smiling a evil smile.
Kurai walked in, sitting down on the bed and sighed, "Don't say I ever didn't to anything for you.... this is sort of to make up for the whole trolling..." he mumbled.

MAK then looked panicky and confused as he really doesn't know what's going in. "Uh...guys, what did I do? When did I call you and/or Akuma fat? Why am I tried to a chair and my eyes taped? And why does Kurai have a shiner on his eye?" Then Kai whispered to his ear all about what happened earlier and when she mentioned he was drunk, he suddenly now gotten really scared at them.

Kurai frowned, "About the shinner, I will get my revenge later...." he mumbled as the show kicked on, the words 'Mars of Destruction' appearing on the title screen.

When the show was done, Angel and Akuma smiled evily at MAK, "You really shouldn't of called us fat...." they said, "So its your own fault you had to review another bad anime in a row. Maybe we should show you another..." they held up the Eiken disc Kurai had sent Angel a while ago.

"OK, OK, OK, I GET IT!!!", MAK screamed, "I know y'all are very angry at me and I don't blame you. I get it."
Then MAK calmly said, "I obviously deserved it and I have been in a reviewing funk lately....well, not only reviewing but personal to me, too. I've been having dreams about my parents fighting all the time, my sisters yelling at me, and it kept reminding me too much of my old life. If you want to put in the Eiken disc, just do it already."

Angel sighed and untied him, "You better not do that again...." she said, and she and Akuma walked out of the room, not looking back at them for a while, then at the door, she turned slightly and said, "At least you have your parents still..." then went to her room with Akuma.
Kurai looked down at the ground sadly, "You know.... maybe.... they have a small point...." he said getting up, "Sorry to say that.... and not saying your problems arn't as bad as theirs... but just be careful of talking about that around them..." then he too left.

"Am I that selfish?" MAK asked himself while Kai was behind him. "Am I that much of an asshole about my parents and family even though Angel and Akuma's are no longer......" He paused for a moment as he begin to shed tears as he felt like a dick. Kai then looked at him and said, "MAK, you know you didn't mean what you said about them. I'm sure they won't hold it against you that much."
MAK wasn't so sure about that and he also said, "I think I need a little break from reviewing."
"See?", Kai said, "That's all you need. A simple break from review--" Then MAK interrupted her again and said, "I also may need to leave Kakurega for a while."
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“Wait! Are you serious!?” Kai questioned MAK about this fast decision, “I get that you’re in a funk, both reviewer and personal-wise, but why the sudden change of heart?” As MAK was still packing his bags, he said to Kai, “Look, I’m not going to permanently leave here. I just need to get out of there for a while and….I still don’t know if it got anything to do with that drama earlier but nevertheless, it’s something I need to do.”

Then Kai questioned him again about where he will go and she also reminded him about Rick and Dice and the $6 million bounty on his head but then MAK thought of something, “Well, you’re right about that and it’s also the reasons why I seldom leave the house. But I thought of a place where they won’t even go to and that’s…….PARISH HEIGHTS!!”

Kai’s eyes then widened at the mention of that city, “Wait, Parish Heights? Why would you want to go there?”

MAK then said, “Because rumor has it that Rick and Dice won’t step inside that place considering they once got their ass whipped by this gang and they are banned from there, so I’m safe and sound. Plus, I heard that your sister stays there, right?” That thought did relieved Kai there for a moment, “You don’t mind visiting my sister, MAK?” MAK said, “Sure. Why not? Aside from you and the guys back home, your sister is actually a cool and nice person. ” Kai then smiled at him, “Well, OK, we can try to visit her, but we can’t just drop in her place out of nowhere. I would need to call her to see if that can happen.”

“All right. That’s fair enough.” MAK said, “By the way, how she’s doing nowadays?” “Well, I should mention that she was just named lead detective in the Parish Heights Police Department.” MAK’s eyes widened as that comment, “She’s WHAT!?!?!?”

Kai then went to talk to the others about MAK taking a temporary leave from Kakurega and considering that after all what happened, she doesn’t know their initial response to this. “Hey guys,” Kai said, “I got a little announcement to make.”

Angel looked back at her, “Hmmm? You two are finally dating?” Kai then blushed and said, “Wait, I thought all of you knew that from the beginning—-but that’s not it.” She then sat down and said to them, “MAK has been feeling stressed lately, not that it has anything to do with you, and he is thinking of taking a temporary leave from Kakurega to Parish Heights.”

Angel shrugged and looked away from Kai back to the TV, “Figured partly it was going to happen…” Akuma on the other hand nodded, looking a little sad, “Alright… tell him to take care.” Kai then explained a little more about the situation, “I think with MAK being stressed with the reviews, his Blue Leaf intake, the whole Rick and Cain situation and that he never left the house since he’s been in it.”

“Look hun, no offence to you or MAK but I really couldn’t care why he wants to leave. It’s his choice like anyone who comes to this house. It’s your own problem, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else, then you don’t have to say a thing….” Angel said.

Akuma looked down, “She…. does have a point… but please… don’t take my sister the wrong way….” Kurai walked out of the kitchen with a platter of food for Angel and Akuma. He had not heard what was going on. “Wait, wait, wait!!!” Kai panicky said, “He doesn’t want to leave permanently. He just wanted to clear his head. I wasn’t trying to——” Then MAK walked into the room and sulkily said, “Look, it was my idea to do this. Kai was just telling you where we are about to go. Hell, I should’ve told you this instead of her doing my thing. The reason is that I felt like I was being an asshole the past few weeks and I didn’t like what I was becoming.”

Angel shrugged, “I know that…. I don’t care if you are coming back or not but you do know that you’re always welcome back if you don’t mean harm….” Kurai’s eyes widened slightly, “You leaving? Don’t fucking tell me that I’m going to be the only male here again!?”

MAK then looked at Kurai, “Well, it looks like it, man. It’ll just be the three of you for the next 4 days and yes, Kai is going with me, too, and we’re going there to see her sister. But look, man, I’ll be back in the matter of days. It’s not going to be a long time.” MAK lifted his bags as he and Kai walked to the door. Kurai walked over and whispered in MAK’s ear, “Come on man…. you’re leaving me with them. Do you understand how crazy I will be if you aren’t around to break them from beating me up?”

MAK then calm Kurai down for a bit, “Man, its 4 days, I’m sure they’re not going take their focus on just beating you up. I mean, Angel’s hands got to be tired from doing that all the time. Kai then talked to Kurai, “Kurai…..I may not know you that well, aside from Angel thrashing you all the time, but I don’t see Akuma doing that all the time. Plus…” She then whispered to his ear, “I think that’s a sign of Angel liking you.”

Kurai blushed, but sadly looked away from her, “Doubt it. I have a feeling it’s just because I used to troll her…. still do once in a while kind of without thinking.” “OK…” MAK said in an awkward voice after hearing Kurai’s last sentence, “Well, we about to set our destination to Parish Heights. If you need to call us or anything like that, you got mine and Kai’s cell phone number to call.”

Kai then said, “Then that means we’ll see you after the weekend,” and then she went to hug Angel, Akuma & Kurai goodbye.

Angel and Akuma hugged back but Kurai gave a more awkward hug goodbye since he didn’t really feel alright with hugs.

All three waved goodbye to MAK, one a bit more wanting him to stay to save his ass then the others.
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While MAK and Kai was gone, it seemed there was a bit of evil brewing. Something strange was happening in the basement of Kakurega, unknown to Angel or the others.
Long ago, Angel and Akuma's family placed a curse on a evil being. It sealed him under the house, using there magic to keep him at bay. Now, the spell weakened by the long period of time that its maker had been gone, the creature started to stir and strange black ooze slipped under the cracks of the door. It moved slowly, going up into the house and started looking for its pray.
The house was quiet, not much going on as most of the house was asleep. Angel sat there, reading a book in the living room as she tried to get sleepy. It was really hard for her to get to sleep at night. The strange ooze seemed to slip over to her, and slowly up her leg. She blinked looking down and screamed, trying to get away but the ooze was to strong and she was in golfed in the black ooze.

In the morning, Akuma walked down to the floor, looking around and saw Angel sleeping on the couch. She smiled and went to go make food. Next thing she could hear was Angel hitting Kurai and she sighed, "What did he do now?" she asked walking out of the kitchen with a bowl of pancake mix.
Kurai ran over to her, gulping as he hid behind her, "Angel really isn't acting like herself...." he said as he watched Angel walk upstairs.
"What do you mean not acting like herself?" she asked, frowning, "She always beats you up."
"But not like this..."
"She's not a morning person...."
"I know but..." he looked away, frowning, "I just.... its like she...."
"Just let her sleep. She will be better after she gets some rest..." She walked back in the kitchen, making her breakfast.
Kurai looked over where Angel left, looking a little worried.

----ONE DAY LATER-----

Akuma sighed as she watched the birds chirping outside on a small bird feeder that she and Angel had made when they were little. Lately, Angel had been staying from her, acting very secretive as she kept going downstairs into the basement for who knows what. It was odd because before, Angel had commented on she hated having to go down there because of all the spiders and bugs. Angel’s fear of Spiders was actually so great that normally she would scream when she saw one but now, things seemed off.

As she looked out the window, she glanced down and frowned at the strange scene where Angel was standing outside throwing daggers at Kurai. Kurai was dodging them rather skillfully but it wouldn’t be long before the wall behind him was covered to a point that he wouldn’t be able to move out of the way.

She opened the window and floated down to the ground, blinking, “What’s going on?” she asked, looking from one to another. Angel didn’t answer her as another dagger went flying at Kurai. In a spit moment, Kurai was able to turn his head just enough that it only cut a few hairs on his head.

"SHE’S GONE NUTS!" Kurai yelled out, looking a little scared as he looked to Akuma for help.

"Kurai, what did you do?"

"OH COME ON! WHY IS IT THAT EVERY TIME SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPENS, IT’S MY FAULT?" he screamed out at Akuma as he moved his arm out of the way of another dagger.

"Because thats normally the routine. You say something to tick her off and she tortures you for a little bit, then walks away…." Akuma commented, sitting back a moment, "I have to say, this is a little over kill though, don’t you think Ang?"

Angel didn’t answer as she finally ran out of daggers and went back into the house, probably to find something else. As she did, Kurai quickly got from the wall and walked to Akuma, “I’m telling you, something is damn wrong with her and it happened just after the two left here…”

"I’m not sure I believe—-" at that point, a large cast iron frying pan flew past her and hit Kurai square in the face. Kurai fell over backwards, very close to passing out.

Akuma bent over him, checking that he was still alive and glanced over where Angel was going back in the house, then looked back to Kurai, “I believe you now….. just not sure what…. these things feel a lot more like Popee the entertainer then I would like….”

"P…Popee the…… what?" Kurai asked, still pretty much in pain on the floor still.

"Fine, I’ll do the review…." Akuma sighed and started to tell him.

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In the dark of the night, MAK and Kai have returned from their trip to Parish Heights, feeling kinda tired from the ride and of course, their adventure as well.
"Hey!!" Kai said, "We're back from our vacation!! Anybody here? Hello?"
But she didn't hear anybody responding to her.
MAK said, "They must be asleep or something and Angel's probably busy with something and that means...." Knowing the coast is clear, MAK and Kai decided to get romantic without any interruption.

There was a rather strange sound like growling coming from somewhere in the house, it was eerie and the house seemed a bit darker then normal.

The noise surprised the both of them. "Wait, what was that?", Kai said as she was the first to heard that. "I don't know. Probably a raccoon or something. It'll pass by." But MAK wasn't exactly minding that as he wanted to continue making out with Kai, but she pushed him from herself. "Ummm.....No. We need to find out what was that noise, MAK. Our thing just have to wait."
MAK looked disappointed and said "OK."

There was a strange red glow coming from the basement. It was pulsating like a heartbeat and the sounds were coming from there. The growls were getting even louder and then suddenly stopped.

The sounds from there caught the attention of Kai and she definitely wanted to check it out, " must've came from there. MAK, we need to check the basement."
MAK looked at her like she's crazy, "Uh, you realize that sound might mean we should probably run away, get out of there, you know, not do the shit that most people do in horror movies and then they, it reminds of this show Angel showed me once. I can't even think of the name of it."
Kai then said, "MAK, I get you're scared because of horror movie logic of you being....well, you know....but nothing is going to happen down here. Stop worrying over this."
Strange red eyes showed up from behind MAK, looking evil and almost supernatural. They disappeared just as they came, leaving a burning smell in the air.
Kai then looked startled after seeing what was behind MAK, "What? Something was behind me?" He then looked back to see what it was but nothing was there.
"MAK, there was something right there just before it disappeared." Kai then also noticed the smell of it, "And it also sorta.....stank. Really stank."
"I should panic now right?" MAK questioned.

The door to the basement now had markings showing up, glowing as red as the pulsing light.

So without further interruption or surprises, MAK and Kai went down the basement and see the glowing red light from there. "Wow, I guess Angel and them never bothered to clean the basement here."
Kai said, "But what was that light for? Is there something down there that not even Angel, Akuma or Kurai know about? And--" She paused for a moment as then again saw something behind MAK.
"What?" He said.
"MAK, there's really someone behind you." She said and as she shined a flashlight from her wrist, she notices something similar to the same creature from earlier, but it disappears again.

There was still something that looked like a blob there on the wall, a strange oozing sludge.
Behind Kai, there was something coming out of the floor, black hair seemed to be lying in another oozy mess.

She gasped as she saw what was on the floor, "MAK!! Look!!"
"What is it?", he asked and Kai said, "There is some ooze and some hair on the floor. Black hair." She then assumed the worst and thought it could be one of the others' hair. "Oh no!" She began to tear up, "What if this is....."
MAK then squashed that and said, "Well, it can't be Angel or Akuma's hair. I think they're brunette but I'm not sure of this is Kurai's though....Wait, it isn't. His hair got red tips."

The center of the hair pile was starting to rise out of the ooze, the long hair trailing down the body that was coming into view.

Both of them moved out of the way as the ooze and hair was coming to life and both of them felt very afraid at that moment as Kai gripped on MAK's hand harder that he can't even feel it that much. "" She calmly said, not trying to scream.

From behind him, a hand grabbed both there collars and pulled them out of the basement, slamming the door, "What the hell are you guys doing down there?" Kurai's voice came from behind them, "That place isn't open for people to go in at the moment...."

"Uh, don't look at me!!" MAK said, "Nancy Drew over here wanted to go down there for something."
Kai then looked at Kurai and said, "Look, we heard something from the basement; I thought it would be something wrong with the house but enough about that....WHAT THE HELL IS IN THAT BASEMENT!!", she screamed at Kurai while shaking him.

Kurai gasped and tried to pull away, "It's Angel..... and that was probably her dressed as Hikiko...." he said looking down, "Something is wrong with Angel...."

"What do you mean something's wrong with Angel?" MAK questioned Kurai.
"Did anything happened after we left?", Kai said, "And is this happened to Akuma as well?"

He shook his head, "Akuma's fine.... and I don't know... I don't understand it myself. Like I said when I shadowed in on you guys, there is something odd going on."

"Wait," MAK said, "Hikiko......I know that name from somewhere. It's on the tip on my tongue."

"There is a OVA.... I watched it. Hikiko is the name of a Japanese spector," he said, gulping, "I actually reviewed that one."

"Oh....mind if we look at it for a few minutes?" Kai asked Kurai's permission.

Kurai nodded and gave them it.

After reading Kurai's review, Kai then began to ask him some questions about the anime relating to what's happening with Angel, "So, this Hikiko girl....she's this spirit that had a rough past in her life. So how does she connect to this house?"

"Think about it... Angel and Akuma lived here all alone for a while after what happen to their parents. There have got to be some sad shit that reminds them of it plus how their folks were scientists. There is no idea what crap they have here....."

"Huh? Their folks were scientists?" MAK questioned.
"I did notice the girl's last name being Mori." Kai said, "Hikiromori meaning social withdrawal and since you mentioned Angel and Akuma living alone, they were miserable and lost in the world with their parents long gone and they never contact anyone outside the house. Did I get it right, Kurai?"

Kurai looked at her confused, "Not sure what your getting at actually...." he said frowning, "Their last name is Okami, not Mori."

"I know that already," she said, "What I meant was the girl in the anime had a tragic past as did both Angel and Akuma and possibly their past has manifested into that girl down there."
MAK sorta looked confused over this, too. "Uh....What I got from that anime was The Ring or The Grudge flashbacks."

Kurai nodded, "Me too.... and no. Angel's just dressed up as her. Not sure why though but still, only Cosplay."

"I don't know about this." MAK said, "If it's just cosplay, why is she acting more strange than usual? What's the purpose of that?....and to think, we came back dealing with drama of our own to come back to deal with this."

"Well, not sure actually. Thats the problem. I don't get whats going on myself. But we have to find out."
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