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Angel, Akuma, and Kurai's Story
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Posted 8/5/13 , edited 8/6/13
So after discovering about Angel being possessed while they were gone, MAK went to Kurai, asking him how to get her back. "So, is there any idea to how to get the old Angel back here?" Kai then expressed her opinions, "Is there something we can do?"

Kurai shrugged, "I'm not good at this stuff. Akuma might know but supernatural stuff was Angel's specialty like Akuma's is romance and mine is games and fights....." he looked to the door again before turning back to the others, "But something I do feel is if we do not fix this, something really bad is going to happen."

"But do you think Akuma knows enough supernatural stuff just to solve this problem?", Kai said, "I mean, we're not exactly that knowledgeable of it either since I'm more of a rookie and MAK only knows a little of everything, but not by that much."
Then MAK said, "Well then, we're fucked. Can things get any worse?"

There was a strange feeling of the air getting rather heavy now, it was almost suffocating. Kurai turned to MAK and growled a little, "Shit dude... Don't ever say that again..." he panted.
There was a force as though they were being pushed down onto the floor, shadowy hands holding them as Angel opened the door and walked out of the basement. Her eyes were glowing red as she kept walking past them, a strange blob following her. The blob brushed passed Kai and her hand started to turn a dark gray a bit.

Kai noticed the blob and tries to get it off but it won't budge. "OK....this thing won't get off me." Then notice her hand turning colors, "Guys, there's something growing on me. I can't get it off!" She then started to panic and scream as she couldn't get it off and it felt like it was hurting her. "Kurai!! MAK!! Please get this thing off me!!"
MAK then tried to scrape it off her with a knife but it wouldn't budge. "Damn it!!" Then it looked like it was coming for MAK, too.

Angel kept walking with the blob, going up the stairs. Kurai tried to crawl to her and gasped at the pain that was going on from the hands.
Soon angel was coming back down, and with her was Akuma. The blob was no where to be seen now and Akuma had the same strange grayish look to her face.
They started walking back downstairs, and a bad feeling kept in the air as the others were let go and the door was shut.

The looks on everybody's faces meant nothing good can come out of this. "Oh fuck," MAK said silently as Kai looked in horror of the two sisters. "What happened to Akuma?"

Kurai gulped, "She looked like she was taken by that.... that blob thing...."

Kai was on the verge of tears hearing what Kurai said, "No......NO!!". She dropped down to the floor, thinking there's no hope left and wondering what's gonna happen to them.

Kurai got up and banged at the door, trying to force it open, "We got to get in there!"

MAK then teleported with Kai to the top, helping Kurai open the door. "Wait, Kurai, can my Hybrid powers do something about the door?"

"It's seale by magic.... we can't get in...." he panted, sliding down the door, "Unless you can teleport in, this is imposable."

MAK then looked at Kurai like he didn't know who he was, but then Kai shouted, "You forgot that both me and MAK teleported from down there to here in a flash of seconds? We can do that!!"

Kurai sighed, "It might not be so easy if they put up a shield with magic."

But MAK then said, "Well, it doesn't hurt to try!!!" and so him, Kai and Kurai tried the teleportation trick.

They got through but it was painful. Soon they were in a strange hallway and a light at the end of it, a bright white light.

"Ow." MAK said, "Toldja we got in.....but fuck, that hurt." Then Kai said, "Easy for the both of you to say. I'm the only human here. That hurted me more than it did you." Then they notice the white light. "Oh no. MAK, don't tell me that teleportation killed us."
"No." MAK said, "But I think we need to follow that light."

Kurai said nothing as he walked to the light, and soon found himself in a area that looked like a bright blue sky with clouds. A rather black crystal was in the center and Angel and Akuma were close to it, blood dripping from their arms and into the water that was around it.

"Kurai!!" MAK said, "Why are the both of them bleeding those black crystals?" Kai wanted to get close to them, "Angel!! Akuma!!"
MAK then said, "Kai!! NO!!" He stop her in time but she protested against it.
"What are you doing?!! We need to save them!!!" But MAK said, "We don't know what to do right now. We tried something and it could kill them."

Kurai on the other hand ran at them, pushing the two away but there was a loud laugh from the crystal, "Ah, you think you have stopped them?" the crystal shattered and a guy who looked similar to a guy in Ergo Proxy stood where it used to be, "Ah to be free once more.... and it is thanks to my two little slaves there..." he said, starting to walk to Angel and Akuma. Kurai got in the way growling like a wild Lynx, "STAY AWAY FROM THEM, WHO EVER YOU ARE!"

MAK and Kai then got into the fray and needed to help Kurai with the crystal guy, "You very ugly piece of shit. I will fuck you up." Then MAK got into his hybrid mode and gave Kai his shotgun to help.

He laughed as he leaned back a bit, "You think you can kill a god?" he asked, and glared, "I have no more need of those girls now. They are just the children of my captors.... they will soon die by my hands as thought," he thought a moment then chuckled, "I shall kill them later. For now, I shall let them stew in the misury of knowing they shall die soon...." he held out his hand and created a strange fireball, then used it to destory the side 'wall' with only a flix of his wrist. He opened strange wings that looked boney and flew out the hole.
Behind the three protectors, Angel and Akuma's color started to return as for Kai's hand.

MAK then noticed the two sisters, "Yo, Kurai, turn around. Their colors are normal and so is Kai's hand." They went to check on them to make sure they are alive.

They were alive though still had the cuts on their hands. Kurai gently picked up Angel, a look of consern on his face as her head rested on his shoulder, "We better get them upstairs...." he said gently, "Or..... at home.... I have no clue where we are right now..." he looked to her lovingly, and mumbled, "I never have been..... this close to her before...."

MAK and Kai then helped carry Akuma as well and said, "I could try to teleport back but I don't want to risk them going to the same shit we did, but we need to get them some bed rest or consciousness immediately."

"I have no clue how to get them there any other way...." Kurai whispered, "All I can do is shadow. I can't actually bring them through the shadow."

Kai then asked, "Well, we can't do anything else. What choices we got left?"

Kurai looked to MAK.

"All right." He cracked his knuckles and got everyone ready to teleport back to Angel and Akuma's room.

Kurai held tightly to Angel, hoping that it would work. This time there was not pain and all the spells seemed to be gone.

"OK." MAK said in a darker, serious tone than before, "I think all of us dealt with enough shit for today....or in this case the last few days. Let's get Angel and Akuma to bed and we're gonna need bandages. Kai, I'll need your help as well."
"Got it, MAK.", she said.

Kurai just sat there on the floor, watching Angel as she was still in his arms, deep in thought. He did not hear MAK or Kai at all.

"Kurai. We need to put bandages on Angel right now." Kai said with them ready. "Kurai? Kurai? KURAI!!!!"

He blinked and looked up at her, his eyes sort of glazed over and tired, "Huh?" he asked, his breath a little panting.

Kai then assured Kurai, "Honey, they're both gonna be fine....we just need them to get some rest from this."

He nodded, looking away, "That's.... not why I was..... out of it...." he said, looking a little strange, "I have no clue.... but that guy felt familier.... I don't know who he is though.... but the feeling....."
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It's been about a month and a half ever since Angel and Akuma was attacked by this ancient danger and MAK and Kai were in danger themselves in Parish Heights and that day reminded everybody to watch their backs whether inside or outside the house but for right now in the late afternoon, Kai was arriving home with a lot of bags, specifically some packages reserved for somebody in the house for their special day.

Kurai was laying on the couch as normal, resting a bit. It was kind of strange seeing him rest so much lately but he would always jump up and grab the person who woke him. Today was no exception about him jumping when Kai came in, the door hitting the wall as she struggled with the packages. He glared over at her a moment, then sighed, "Whats with all those things?" he asked, laying back down on the couch.

Kai was surprised at first, but was relieved that it was Kurai. "Oh, Kurai, it's just you."
"Well, I just got back from the mall, and I was buying some things....and stuff......That and I brought MAK some gifts as his birthday is coming up soon."
Then she continued to struggle with the packages and some stuff feel out like some anime DVDs, Blu-rays and some CDs, too. She manage to put the stuff down without making a big scene.
"Yeah, MAK loves this type of stuff. He's also buying me some stuff, too, since my birthday is 3 days from his."

Kurai heard the discs fall, his lynx ears twitching a little. He tried to ignore it but then bit his lip hard and went to help her, "Damnit all... at least use a backpack or something next time..." he said in a rather punkish mood. He picked up the discs and put them on top of the pile, though he looked at the DVDs and picked one up, "Samurai Champloo?" he asked, "What? Is this about someone who washes their hair with some sort of shampoo or something?"

Kai seemed a little annoyed at Kurai's snappy dialogue, "One, I would've used it but MAK had to borrow it for something. Two, it's Champloo, not shampoo, boy." She then playfully flick his head and also said to him, "It's an anime about this two samurai and this girl on a journey to find a samurai who smells of sunflowers....and it's me and MAK's favorite anime of all time." She said as she smiled at that.

He rolled his eyes as he put it up on her stack, "I think I heard of it. Angel's been on about something like that too. I think she reviewed it, kept going on about how I was like some guy in it.... Moogan I think....."

"Angel reviewed it already?" She asked, "Hmmm.....Well, I already watched it before buying it and I think MAK reviewed it also.......and I think you meant Mugen...and Kurai, no offense, I really don't see how you're like him." She chuckled at that, "I mean, I see some things similar to you and him but...." She tried not to chuckle too much.

"Stop fucken laughing...." he growled, showing his fangs a bit. He didn't seem in a very good mood, "So when's his birthday?"

"It's in about a week from today." She said, "I bought the stuff early considering most of it was about to sell o--" Then she heard MAK coming out from their room and she really needed to keep the gifts from his sight. "Oh shit!! I need to hide these!!" She then needed to hide them somewhere from him quickly and under the couch was the immediate factor.
Then MAK came into the room, with crutches and all (he twisted his ankle a week ago), looking to sit down. "Hello, all and A.....Ow, shit."

Kurai was growling a bit as he was forced to sit up when she used the couch to hide everything. He had his arms folded and glared at both of them.
Angel walked into the room followed by Akuma and held up a Disc she had bought a bit ago, "Hey, you all want to take a seat and watch this?"

MAK then looked at Kurai and he wasn't exactly as pleased, "Hey, I don't know you're growling about. It's your damn fault that I have to be Hopalong and...." but his attention is distracted with what was the disc and it was Samurai Champloo. He looked at it with glee and said, "Hey, Samurai Champloo!! Hell yeah, I'll watch this."
Kai then looked surprised like she didn't know Angel had that (and she really didn't know that) and then said, "Yeah, I'm in the mood for Champloo. I get us something to eat."

"What's Samurai Champloo?" Akuma asked as she sat down next to Kurai, frowning. She had no clue about what it was just like Kurai.
Angel smiled, "It's a pretty good manga that I watched a bit ago and did a review of. I think you would like it too, and Kurai too...."
Kurai growled a little and Angel smaked him over the head to make him stop it. It didn't really work much.

"Angel definitely made the right call. Samurai Champloo is a great work of art and practically one of the few anime I can introduce to both anime and non-anime watchers." Then MAK looked down on the floor and spied something down there, "What the fuck is that under there?" and Kai know what it was. He was about to pick it up but she quickly then jumped on his lap and said, "Wait, honey, you don't need to work yourself getting something down there. Your ankle still need rest." She then got the DVD indiscreetly and hid it underneath the back of her shirt. "So, anyone ready to watch it yet?"

Akuma blinked, seeing the DVD, "Um.... I didn't know you liked shows like that....." she said to Kai as Angel popped the disc in.

Kai then looked at Akuma strangely and said, "Uh....well, like MAK, this is one of my favorite shows, too." And as she showed her the DVD, it wasn't Champloo she was holding. "Wait, why is Garzey's Wing here? I.....didn't buy this."

Akuma giggled a little, "You actually like that anime? Both of you?" she asked, and turned ot watch the show.

She then whispered to Akuma, "Wait, I wouldn't buy Garzey's Wing, let alone watch it. I saw what happened to MAK with this. I bought Champloo today for his birthday in a week from now, along with other anime/stuff."

"Ah," Akuma chuckled a little, "Well, you should really take that one back before Angel sees it and destroys it."

MAK then wonder what was Kai and Akuma was talking about, "Are y'all preoccupied with something?"
She said, "No. Me and Akuma was just doing small talk...y'know, girly talk. You wouldn't be interested in it."
"OK..." MAK said awkwardly.

Angel stretched a bit, "Well, what do you think of the show now?" she asked, looking over at Akuma and Kurai, "Kurai? Kurai, hey, answer me...."
Kurai was looking like he was a bit sick. He got up and ran off up to his room when she called after him.

"You think he ate something he shouldn't have?" MAK said, "I think somebody should check up on him." Of course, he really meant that Angel and/or Akuma should check up on him.

Akuma shook her head, "I.... have a feeling if someone goes to him..... then... he might kill them without realizing it...." she whispered.

"Oh, fuck it, I'll just---" The very slight pain of MAK putting pressure on his ankle meant that he wasn't going to be the one to go after him. "OK, I can't go to him. Obviously."

Akuma shook her head, "No one should.... trust me on this. It happened once before and he killed 5 of his father's men without so much as a sweat."

MAK sighed, "Some days I just don't get most of y'all in here....and I partially almost one of you...Also, Kai, why did you hid a copy of Garzey's Wing under your shirt, knowing I can't stand that anime?"
Kai was shocked and wide-eyed, "WAIT! HOW DID YOU---"
"I sometimes have the ability to see what's underneath a person's clothing. I just don't use it as often as I personally don't care for that power."

Both Akuma and Angel smacked MAK hard as they walked off, blushing as they did, "PERVERT!"

"Hey!! I just said I don't use that power that much. WHY THE HELL DID YOU SMACK ME!!"
Kai then slapped him for that, too. "You know, I don't mind you seeing me naked but you could've told them about it earlier."
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Akuma yawned as she walked down the stairs, getting ready to make breakfast for everyone. It had been a while since they celebrated MAK's birthday and what had happened to Kurai. He was still stuck up in his room and they had been taking turns bringing food to his room as he really hadn't been wanting to come out.
Angel was getting really fed up with how Kurai was acting and Akuma was afraid she would be doing something soon to piss him off since the others didn't understand what was going on.

Then MAK and Kai came out from their room into the living room to watch TV as they snuggle together along with Kai's pet ferret, Cristina, sitting along side them.
Kai was also concerned about Kurai as well. "Hmmmm....Akuma? I have been wondering about Kurai's behavior as of lately. I don't know but I'm starting to feel afraid of him now as he seems to get pissed off very easily."

Akuma sighed, "It's... well... I don't really know how to explain what is going on with him actually. The thing is that it's----"
She was cut off with scream from Kurai's room and a flash of light from MAK as a old spell starting back up again. Akuma looked up at the cieling, knowing just what had happened and sighed, "Angel... why is it that you do this whenever your pissed at someone?" she mumbled to herself, thinking of what her sister was doing at that moment.

"Wait, what do you mean?" Kai said as she witnessed the light coming from MAK and she knew what spell Angel put on Kurai and unfortunately him.
Cristina looked surprised as she never seen MAK like this before. She squeaked in confusion as she finally saw Fem MAK.
Kai gasps and said, "Why, MAK! *begins to chuckle* I didn't know you and me got the same breast size." And then she laughs it up.
He looks at a mirror, sees his current form and said, "Motherfuck!!! What the hell I did to her!?!?"

Akuma frowned a little, "Well, you did deserve it for looking under our clothing..." she sighed, glaring at him, "For all I care, you can stay like that. I'm more worried about Kurai turning into a girl right now then you anyway," she turned from him, walking to the staircase to check on Kurai and to try to get Angel to stop what she was doing.

But then MAK uses his Hybrid power to poof in front of Akuma and said, "Look....why would I look under your clothing? I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND, REMEMBER? Meaning I have no interest in you (or Angel, as a matter of fact) romantically or physically."

"You said, as I quote, 'I sometimes have the ability to see what's underneath a person's clothing...' and so I really don't care what you say, your not getting out of being a girl right now," then she started getting a sickening sweet smile, "Of course, you can probably change back if you become a idol..." she said, her wings flapping a bit as she flew over him, landing gracefully on the other side of him, "And getting in front of me doesn't stop me or Angel. You do remember we can fly, right?"

"Yes....." Then MAK poofed himself in the air and bopped Akuma in the head, "but my powers can adapt new abilities, so either way, I'm learning something every other day."
"Guys?" Kai said, "Maybe you two can put your arguing on a hold and figure out how to get these guys back to normal.....but not before I take that picture."
Then Cristina hands Kai her camera phone to take a picture of MAK's form as a woman.
MAK sighs, "And could things---Actually, no, I'm not gonna say it. I know what's bound to happen."

Akuma chuckled, "Oh? As I said, become a Idol. I'm sure you seen that manga, right?" she smiled, "I reviewed it so I'm sure you know of it."

"Oh, you mean Idol Pretender?" MAK said, "Or better yet a slightly altered version of Kashimashi?"
Kai then began to walk out of the room but MAK stopped her and said, "You remember that, don't you, Kai?"
She then said, "Look, I admit I fucked up on Kashimashi but I actually did read that manga Akuma was talking about and it does felt like that." And then she grabbed MAK and said with a sinister smile, "Oh, and.....never surprise poof in front of me again."
Then turns to Akuma, "So about that review you did?"

Akuma nodded and started talking about it.

" MAK said, it's basically an altered version of Kashimashi." Kai said, "Wow, although that anime was bad, this manga is not as horrible but still annoying."
"OK." MAK said, "So should we see about Kurai and his condition?"
Cristina squeaks to Kai and then Kai said, "I don't know. Akuma?"

Akuma nodded but at that point, they could hear a scream from upstairs that sounded like Angel. It was pretty much almost like she was being strangled.

"Holy shit!! We need to get up there quick!!" MAK said as he injected more Blue Leaf in his system and then he teleported Kai, Akuma, and Cristina into Angel's room.

Angel was under a female Kurai but he looked odd, her eyes glowed a bit and she was shaking with her hands around Angel's neck. Angel looked up at him, kicking and wiggling with her own hands on her wrists, trying to force her off.

"Kurai!! What are you doing! GET THE FUCK OFF ANGEL!!" Kai screamed at him.
"Kai, I don't think that's gonna help." MAK said, "I think whatever he got along with him turning into a female might made it worse.....for Angel, that is."
"Do somebody got a dart or tranquilizer or something?!?"

Akuma ran over and hit Kurai on the neck, forcing him to pass out as Angel struggled to get out from under her. She looked down sadly at Kurai, and shook her head, "It wasn't my spell that did it, I know that for a fact...."
Akuma nodded, "It was... something else... you guys know that Kurai wasn't born normally, right?" she asked, looking over at MAK and Kai sadly in almost a defeated way.

"Well, he did said something like that to me way back." MAK said, "But I didn't get the full story about that." He then looks at Kai, "Yeah, I think we need to share you some info about Kurai since you're the newest one here....and Cristina, too."

"Kurai is a clone of his Mother's lover... well, he wasn't the first clone made..." she mumbled, "The others went crazy because that jerk of a step father kept messing with the cloneing to make a monster... and... Kurai had to take pills to not turn himself. He doesn't have anymore so he is somewhat... well... he is..." she couldn't say it.

MAK then said, "Wait, he need some pills? And I take it he doesn't have any on his person? So is there an alternative to that?"
Then Kai made a suggestion. "MAK!! Your blue leaf!! That might help him calm down."
"This? I don't know. This is some potent shit right here but I'll give him enough to calm him down."

Akuma bit her lip, "He might only need very little. We can try it though we have to find a way he can take it on his own later..."

"All right." MAK got his pre-filled needle of Blue Leaf and carefully tries to find Kurai's vein to stick it in. "OK, here it goes." And he injected the Blue Leaf into Kurai.

Kurai didn't wake and Akuma sighed, "He's not going to wake till tomorrow... I did hit him kind of hard..."
Angel got up, not looking at anyone as she started bringing Kurai back to his room, not letting anyone help her as she put him to bed.
Akuma smiled just a little, putting a finger to her lips to shush the others as she walked back downstairs, thinking it was best to leave the two alone.
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It was snowing hard all around Kakurega this coming winter and it was really cold as hell as both Kai and Cristina was all wrapped in big comforters.
"Oi!! I didn't think it would get this cold!! Where's the damn heating unit in this house?" Cristina squeaked the same but shivering as well.

Outside, Angel, Akuma, and Kurai were all having a snowball fight without a coat on, Kurai feeling much better after a few days of the blue leaf. His hair had become slightly longer and his eyes had little blue flecks in the yellow, but it was the only side affect it seemed.
All three of them had thicker fur on their tails and ears, just as normal animals would during the winter months making them look a bit more wild.
After quite a while, they came in, all covered in snow and as they walked passed Kai, they shook sending a shower of white flecks at her from all directions, the flecks melting as they hit her skin.

"Well, you guys seemed to really have fun outside." Kai said as she dried herself, "I would've, too, but I think I'm starting to feel a bit under the weather and that was from work this week." Then Cristina went to bring her some tissue.
"Thank you!" She said.
"Oh, yeah, have any of you heard from MAK the last couple of days?"
Not too long ago, MAK had to leave to do a special review mission and it took him a long while to get back.

"Not yet...." Angel said as she shook the snow out of her pure white tail, "I'm sure he will be back for the solstice though. And even if he isn't, it just means more food for the rest of us I guess....." she shrugged, shivering slightly as she went to the small fireplace and started trying to light it.
Kurai blushed a little as he watched Angel, he had been watching her a bit like that ever since her fur had started getting bushy and it was a little interesting to see his expression.

"I hope he gets back soon," Kai said, "Me and MAK always celebrate the solstice when we were kids and Christmas back at his house. I can see it now."
Then not a moment soon, MAK suddenly appeared as a frozen block of ice, sliding into the room and slamming Kurai to the wall.

Kurai yelled out as he tried to kick at MAK, glaring at him intencely as he used his claws in his wrist, "STUPID FUCKEN PRICK! LET ME THE FUCK GO!" he cried out, trying to get from him.

Then MAK punched Kurai in the jaw, "Hey, ASSHOLE!!! Keep hitting me like that and I'll break more than your glass jaw!!!" He then sneezes a block of ice.
"Damn those sniper elves!! I just got back from being chased because of this review I did."

"THAT'S NOT MY FUCKEN FAULT!" Kurai yelled, and screamed as he was punched in the jaw. Angel jumped up and both her and Akuma attacked, Angel with magic that seemed to be even more powerful then she normally was. Her magic tied ropes around MAK and then had him hanging from the ceiling as Akuma started trying to heal Kurai's wounds.

"OK, first of all, I didn't say it was your fault. Second of all, that magic shit of yours doesn't take that much effect on me anymore." MAK said as he got himself out of the rope and back in the ground. "And thirdly, just because you've been a prick recently doesn't mean you get to do shit to me that much." And then slapped Kurai again.
Kai then needed to break up the fight, "WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!! Now, this fighting between all of us needs to stop. It's the holidays. You know, that time."

Kurai glared at him, "I haven't done shit to you because I wasn't even feeling well till you left.... and don't go bitch slapping me you bitch....." he growled getting up and walking off to start the fire in the fireplace.
Angel was pissed. She walked up to MAK and smacked him hard, making him fall, "He is right, your the one being a prick now. He actually had been nice lately and you just come here and act like a total bastard. This maybe the holidays but that doesn't mean be a scrooge."

MAK then got up to Angel's face and said, "I'm acting a scrooge!??!? Coming from you? The same person who acts like a petty little brat who hits on people and everything, even when you acted like a bitch!!? I didn't even wanted to do the stupid review in the first place but I needed the extra money to get something from all of you but I guess I'm such a bastard."

Angel backed up, starting to tear up and she ran up to her room, shaking. Akuma glared at MAK as she started following Angel and said back at him, "She wasn't the one who started attacking someone the moment she came into the house.... She was finally feeling alright about this year, and it would of been the first time she would of been with someone who was actually family for the holidays. You just had to ruin the whole thing...." she said and walked up the stairs.

"MAK........" Kai said, "I know I haven't been when in here much, but I didn't think that needed to be said. I was just talking about we celebrate the Holidays like a family and for the past year or less, we have became a family and families often argue and fight and say things we regret but we still love each other no matter what."
MAK sighed and looked back at Kai, "So......I overreacted....again? Only this time I'm not drunk. I'm just more stupid."
"Yes." Kai said, "You need to go apologize to the girls and Kurai....right now."

Kurai stood up from the fire now that he had it going and started walking to the stairs, "He can't take back what he said to Angel now.... because what he said took her down from the one time she was actually really happy with no worry in the world....." he went up the stairs and went to his own room.
A couple moments later, Kai and MAK could hear a crash coming from Kurai's room as something smashed into his window and then the thud and a girls yell that wasn't like anyones they knew.

"What's going on?" Kai said. "What's happening upstairs?" Then she began to rapidly went upstairs to see the commotion.

Kurai was on his back and a really cute girl in blond hair and a Santa outfit was sitting on top of him, looking around. His window was broken showing that she had come in through the window.

Kai also noticed the blond haired girl coming in the window. "OK, I think you're at the wrong house, miss, unless you think this is the right one. But anyway......WHO ARE YOU?"

"I um....." she started crying a little, "I fell from my slay and landed here! I was suposed to go back to the North..... North Pole....." she said covering her face with her hands.
Kurai sighed, "Can you please get off before crying?" he asked her.

"Kurai, don't be so rude to the girl." Kai said, "OK, sweetie, are you in need of any help? Or is there something we can do to assist you? After all, it's the holidays." Her and Cristina smiled at the girl.

She looked up at her, shivering, "I..... I need someone to..... to kiss me..... to put their heart into it...." she said.
Kurai mumbled, "But she is actualy rather heavy....."

Kai then slapped Kurai at that heavy snipe, "Oh, you too good for her, then? Wow, MAK was right. You are an asshole." Then Kai asked her, "Does it have to be a kiss from a guy or girl or someone?"

"She is.... sitting on top of..... me...." He frowned, then pushed her off so he could stand up, "And besides, this reminds me of a stupid anime and manga Angel and Akuma had to review...."

"Itsudatte My Santa, right?" Kai said. "Oh....I know because that was the same title MAK had to review for the...job....and the....oh, I'm just gonna shut up now and get the review from both of them."

Manga -
Anime -

MAK then came into the room, feeling less enraged than the last time, "Hey, what's going on here and why is there a blond girl with teary eyes next to the window?"
Kai said, "She needs someone to kiss her to get to the North Pole and yet Kurai doesn't want to do it because she's 'heavy'." Kai was still miffed about that.

"No.... I don't want to do it because she said she needs someone to put their heart into it....." he growled a little, "There is a difference. I wanted her to get off me because she was heavy."

"OK, fair enough." she said, "So the question is that, who's gonna kiss her?"

She looked from each one of them and then started crying again, "I want to go home!" she yelled, her crying becoming like rivers from her eyes as she seemed to be turning really Chibi.

"Well, I guess I can do it....." Kai said and then she looked at MAK, ".....but then again, MAK, if you do it, things should be square with the rest of us in here."
"But what if I----" she interrupted him and said, "Just put your heart into it. It could work."

Kurai smiled a little, "Well, you kissing her and doing the manga review will probably work...." he said, chuckling.

And so MAK went up to the girl, got up close to her and began to pucker his lips as he went in for the kiss.

She smacked him and got up, running out of the house screaming, "ANYONE BUT YOU!" she yelled, leaving the forest and leaving the group stairing at the door she left from.

MAK lays on the floor with much regret, "Ow! I probably should've let Kai kiss her." But then Kai and Cristina came to his aid (well, not much to his aid) and then laughed at him. "Well, I don't know if things are square here but that was pretty funny." Then her and Cristina chuckled as MAK being trolled.

Kurai threw him the manga, "Now review that....." he said as he walked off, "And apolozise to Angel and Akuma...."
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It's been 2 months since the whole Christmas / Holiday thing happened and it was still snowing very hard around Kakurega. MAK and Kai was watching some strange anime in the living room that caught their attention.
"OK, you have any idea what's going on in this show?" MAK asked.
"No, first time watching this." Kai asked. "Why are we watching this again?"
MAK explained, "Because I got a request from somebody I know to review this anime and hey, it's not awful yet."

Angel walked passed them as she was doing her and Akuma's laundry and blinked seeing the show, "Oh... you guys watching that one?" she asked as she placed the clothing into a basket for a moment to join them, "So, you guys like this stuff?"

Kai said, "Well, I'm not sure. I'm mostly open-minded about whatever anime I watch. Looks interesting enough, sort of."
Then MAK faced Angel and said, "Ditto, I heard it was from the same guy that directed Madoka Magica later on and I thought I give this show a watch to see if the guy's any good."

"It's pretty dark and I didn't really like how the story worked out myself..." she shrugged, "Just wasn't full. The manga was no different in my eyes."

"So, I guess you have watched and reviewed this before, Angel?" Kai asked her.
"She probably did." MAK said, "I'm not sure but if you did, do you mind telling us your thoughts about the OVA---" He grabbed the title and read the name "Le Portrait de Petite Crosette".

"Sure.... by the way, the title is french...." she said as she sat down right next to him and grabbed the laptop and opened to her page.


After the review, a scene popped up where the guy was pretty much being tortured.
Then we heard some strange noises coming from somewhere as there were strange noises coming from around the area. No one knows where its coming from.
"I don't know who that is but I'm pretty terrified now." Kai said.
He went into his Hybrid Phase (in a mild setting) and Kai went along with him.

Angel sighed as she followed, rolling her eyes as the group walked outside and found a small black cub sitting in the snow with dark wings. It was a strange little lynx cub and Angel cooed when she saw it, "So cute!" she said as she walked over to the little lynx.

"Oh.....A lynx." Kai said, "All right, nothing bad about that and the little guy looks cute, too."
"But the question is that where did it come from?" MAK said.

Angel held the little lynx close to her, feeling his forehead, "He's freezing... lets get him inside so he warms up..." she said walking to the door. Kurai was just coming ourside with his snowboard, about to go hit some of the mountains close by. As soon as the lynx saw him, it wiggled out of Angel's arms and started rubbing on Kurai's leg. Kurai frowned as he looked down at it, then looked at the others, "What's with this thing?" he asked, pointing to the lynx.

Kai then explained all the details to Kurai, "Well, he just came into our doorstep as he was making some strange noises. Angel thought it was cute and there you go and I'm mostly up for keeping him. Plus, he might be a good playmate to Christina since she was been rather lonely for a while."

Kurai frowned as he looked down at the lynx, "Not another little annoying pet... your ferret hates me a lot anyway. I don't need another one..." as he said this, the little Lynx saw Christina and bolted after it like she was a little toy.

"Aww, come on, Kurai," Kai said as she went to pick up Christina and held her in her arms, "Now how can someone as sweet as Christina be hateful to anyone here?" Then she proceeded to baby talk her.
"Come on, man. Don't tell me you're actually scared of our pet ferret now." MAK said.

"No, I'm not scared of that thing...." he said watching as the lynx tried to get at her again, "I'm afraid of what Kai would do to me once I get my hands on that stupid ferret..."

"OH.........yeah." MAK wondered, "She'll definitely kill you if you tried to do something with her. Hell, I remember one time when this one girl was slapping around this little Corgi we know and when that happen, Kai just went fucking hostile on her...make the Punisher looks like Pippi Longstocking....and that was when she was 13."

Kurai nodded, "Well, if that little lynx will keep that ferret away from me, I guess we will keep it..." he started walking off and the lynx followed, hopping in his footsteps cutely.
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As morning arrives in Kakurega, mostly everyone in the house are either starting to wake up or fall asleep (depending on what either of them did last night) and it's been awhile since they now have two pets living in the house, Cristina the white ferret and their new pet lynx.

And here comes Cristina looking around in the kitchen, waiting for either Kai or someone else to fix some food.

In the shadows, the little lynx kept eyeing her, waiting to pounce. His bright golden eyes fixed on the little white ferret. In one swift bound, he jumped and landed on her, nipping at her tail and taking a bit of her fur off.

Cristina squeaked and screamed as the lynx bit her fur off and she ran as fast as she can as soon as she saw Kai coming from the bathroom.
"Huh? Cristina?"
Cristina was chittering scared and fearing for her life.
"Baby, what's the matter? Why is some of your fur missing?"

The little Lynx came bounding out of the kitchen, holding the small bit of fur in his mouth and looking as proud as ever. He dropped the fur on the ground and started swating at it like he was a cat playing with a ball of yarn.

Kai saw the fur in his mouth, putting the pieces together and figure out that the lynx was bullying Cristina around.
"That mean lynx is picking on you, is that it?"
Cristina shook her head.

The little lynx looked up at Kai when he heard the word lynx, his head tilting to the side as though he was listening like a dog. He looked really cute like that, his little wings folded on his back, his bright eyes eyeing her and then slowly moving down to look at Cristina, watching her tail as it swayed back and forward. He crouched down like he was about to jump for it.

However, Kai picked up Cristina and looked down at the little lynx and said, "Now, the both of you, like it or not, you two are family members in this household now and you can't always try to munch on Cristina's tail.....or rip her fur out."

The lynx didn't listen and jumped, nipping onto Cristina's tail and not letting go. He was handing on it, just dangling there and growling a little.

Then MAK came into the room and saw the lynx gnawing at Cristina's tail.
"Oh great, this shit again?"
Then he use his Hybrid powers to levitate the lynx away from Cristina and brought the lynx to his attention.
"So, you like chewing on ferret tails, huh?"

The lynx screamed out when he was levitated, his wings flapping as he tried to get away. When he was brought close to MAK, his claws scratched at MAK's face drawing blood. His yells also woke Kurai who walked down the stairs in a small daze being still sleepy, "Whats going on?" he asked with a yawn.

Kai then said, "Well, the lynx was biting Cristina's tail....again and MAK tried to stop it but he started to yell and scream."

Kurai frowned a little, "Loki is a wild animal..... a baby at that. He's not going to understand you...." he said as he grabbed the little lynx from MAK, "I say just let him do what he wants...." he said shrugging as he yawned and started heading to the kitchen with the little lynx curled up in his arms cutely. It seemed he was only tame around Kurai and sometimes Angel.

"Yeah, that seems to be your motto on life." MAK thought inside his own head.
"Are you sure a wild animal should be inside the house though?" Kai asked, "Don't they usually want to roam free around the world instead of being couped up inside this house all day long?"

"Aren't you girls the ones who wanted him to be inside saying he was to little to be on his own?" Kurai said, rubbing it in Kai's face that she had agreed full well with Angel about keeping Loki, "And I guess I agree with Angel on that one. He is way to small to be on his own and we haven't seen his mother anywhere near our house."

"You think the mother is out looking for her child now?" Kai asked, "She could be worried about him....or maybe we can try to look for her."

"Something tells me that he is all on his own...." Kurai said, not really looking back at Kai, "I mean, have you ever actually seen a black lynx with wings before? He might of been left for being a freak...." he said, sounding a little like he was talking from experiance a bit.

"Well, he is an unique creature and all...." Kai said, "and all of us have felt that way before in one part of our lives."

Kurai shrugged a bit as he made up some food and put a bit in front of Loki who ate on the table with him. Loki looked down at the egg and started to eat, "Besides... he probably doesn't even know how to get food for himself."

"Well, maybe somebody could try and teach him how." Kai suggested to Kurai and then out of nowhere, a DVD was thrown at MAK.
"OW!! Whatever happened to just handing people shit and not throwing it like I'm supposed to catch it?"

Angel walked down the stairs, glaring at the two, "You should know better then to start stuff that will wake me up in the morning...." she growled, herself sounding like a wild animal, "Shut up for god sake..." she pointed to the cieling, "Your right under my room you know."

"WOW, and once again, you blame something on someone that they didn't have any control over and good morning to you, too.", MAK snapped back at Angel.
Kai then looked at Angel, "I think someone is throwing stuff in here again."

"And looks like someone is babying her farret again....." Angel snapped back as she went to the table and grabbed a small loaf of bread, bitting into it as she somewhat smiled at Loki looking cute.

MAK then looked at the DVD and see what was thrown at him. "The Croods" it says. "Oh wait, I think I saw this movie before."

"Really? I just reviewed it last night....." she said through a mouth of bread, shrugging.

"And I think I already got this on Blu-ray in my room." MAK said. "Well, I reviewed it before and you did, too. So you want to compare/read our reviews then?"

"Sure...." she shrugged, pulling a piece of paper from her shirt pocket and slipping it over to him, "Not even up on the website yet...." she said as she pat Loki gently.

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It has been a few months since The Croods review and most of the time, everyone in the house has been either busy with their other projects and there has been a long period of peace time with no constant break-ins or interruptions. MAK was on his computer, making reviews and other things for this site that he is now working at and he's just got through editing and he became so tired, he was starting to feel a bit sleepy.

From a couple rooms over, Kurai yelled out, "FINALLY! I FREAKEN REVIEWED IT!" loud enough for the whole house to hear. MAK could hear running from the hall as Angel and Akuma were running to his room, probably to scream at him about being so loud.

"OOWWWWW!!!" MAK said as he was covering his ears and rubbing his head. Then Kai just came in from work and said to him, "Hmmm, I heard Kurai shout something when I was coming back. Anything happened?"
He got up from the couch and said to her, "He said something about HE FINALLY REVIEWED SOMETHING or whatever and from Angel and Akuma's looks, they look like they're about to do the usual."
"Scream at him?" She said.
"Yup." MAK replied.

There was a loud bang sound coming from Kurai's room as Angel smacked him upside the head and then both Angel and Akuma walked out, walking passed MAK and Kai. Both of them had a small blush on their faces, Angel's beeing a bit embarressed more then her sister.
As they did, Kurai walked out of his room rubbing his head, "You didn't have to freaken hit me." He was only in his pants, no shirt and it seems that he had been relaxing without a shirt on and the girls had walked in on him like that.

"So......Kurai." Kai asked him, "Anything happened in the past few minutes? I just got back."
"And pardon me if this seems redundant for me to ask, but why they hit you again?" MAK asked him. "And why are you shirtless?"
"And really toned at that? You looking good there." Kai said.

Kurai blushed slightly at Kai's comment and sighed, "The girls walked in on me laying on my bed and then all of a sudden, Angel smacked me hard on the head..." he answered, "Ask her why she smacked me. I don't know. And I finished a Anime and reviewed it that people have been bugging Angel, Akuma, and I to watch. The other two watched it but they thought I was better to make a review about it."

"OK....." MAK said as he went to Angel and Akuma, "So why did you smacked him again?"
"And what anime has people been bugging you to review?" Kai also asked them.

Angel folded her arms, "Why do you think?" She asked, still very red in the face, "And the anime was Akira..... that old movie that pretty much started anime being so popular."

"AKIRA!?!?!" Both MAK and Kai said with starry looks in their eyes.
Kai then said to them, "Oh, you got to tell us what you thought of the movie. It's been me and MAK's favorite anime movie ever since."

Angel and Akuma both exchanged looks, then sighed, "I don't think you want to know....." Kurai shrugged, "It wasn't really anything special. It was pretty standard as far as anime goes. I think the girls thought the same," he handed them his review.

They waited for the two to be done reading the review, sighing slightly and hoping the others would understand. Angel glared at Kurai and whispered, "Will you put a god damn shirt on for crying out loud," but Kurai didn't listen.

"Well.....yeah....." MAK said with an unsure look on his face. "I can see why you don't like it as much but I wouldn't say that this is standard. I've seen more titles that are more standard than this."
Kai then added her words, "I mean, we do see why some people don't have much love for it and some disdain but I think at the time where anime wasn't as profilic as today, people look at this and see something appealing and inspiring to them."

"Ya, but I really don't think it lives up to standards now. I think they should redo it if they want to consider it amazing again," Kurai said.

MAK and Kai looked at him like he just said the weirdest thing in the world but they felt like they rather not say anything to make it awkward than it already is. "OK then, Kai, you feeling a bit hungry?"
"Yeah, I can eat."
"Alright then. We about to run......somewhere." Then MAK uses his Hybrid power to transport him and Kai out of the house.
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