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What was your first crush, first puppy love and first true love like? Then first heartbreak ?
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M / Dublin, Ireland (...
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/29/13
Because I don't know how to reply, I shall use Skavian's little template

First crush: Pre-school girl, I can't remember her name, think it was Rachel xD
First girlfriend: Damn it.
First love: Damn it.
First cheat: Damn it.
First cheated on by: Damn it.
First broken heart: Every girl I ever liked... Well, they aren't interested in me, I suppose nobody likes the quiet type around here.

Just a little addition, I did fall in love with two girls online, and two guys too. I'm prone to that. One of the girls I don't talk to at all any more (We last spoke in like 2009, maybe early 2010, I'm not sure. Her name was Charlotte and she was a very good football player.) The other I still stay in touch with (Grace, we met on Omegle through the common interest MLP, and have spoken regularly ever since... She may be the reason I got into anime. Doesn't seem likely to evolve into anything in the future.)

I'm not going to go into details about the others though - I'd rather keep that a secret.
Posted 2/5/13 , edited 2/6/13
Meh, I'm pretty apathetic when it comes to relationships.

First crush: Never. One does not simply have a crush.
First Boyfriend: 10th grade. Dumped him a year later out of lack of interest in him as more than a friend.
First Kiss: Nope. The ex tried, but I denied him xD
First Love: Not happened.
First all else: Nope.
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24 / M / Delaware
Posted 2/5/13 , edited 2/6/13
First crush: Ooo, can't remember.
First Girlfriend: Hmmm, maybe Kirsten? Or Alyssa? Can't remember the details, but yeah one of those two.
First Kiss: Haha, Erica in first grade. She reminds me of this still.
First Love: Only myself, never felt true love for another.
First Cheat: Kirsten with Alyssa or Alyssa with Kirsten, can't remember details.
First Cheated on by: Sarah is the first one I know of to have cheated on me.
First Broken Heart: Never. I don't get too emotionally invested, tends to get messy. But I do keep it fun.
First Time Dumped: Kirsten or Alyssa again, and every girl after that.
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26 / M
Posted 2/5/13 , edited 2/6/13
I have had the misfortune of feeling none of these emotions. Either I'm really dense, or I'm a Dalek.
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25 / M / Kaguya's Panties
Posted 2/5/13 , edited 2/6/13
First crush: Emily Tyler
First girlfriend: Tania Mclaren
First love: Jessica Behrens
First cheat: cheating is for assholes and they should die.
First cheated on by: Same as above.
First broken heart: Gemma, after this I decided to kill all romance related emotions and never be in a relationship again.
Posted 2/10/13 , edited 2/11/13
First crush: 7/8th grade on a friend named Christian. I was too why, man. Still have a soft spot 'cause he was a really nice kid.
First Boyfriend: Derek. He turned out to be a total douche. -____-
First love: Hm... Jonathan. Yeah.
First cheat: Can't say I ever cheated on someone, but there was a guy who kept tryi got use me to cheat on his girlfriend. (I wasn't having it)
First cheated on by: Derek McDouchefucker.
First broken heart: Ah... Hm... I guess Derek? But I was more pissed than anything.
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24 / F / LV.
Posted 2/11/13 , edited 2/11/13
First crush: The Pink Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. (That Kim was beautiful.)
First REAL crush: My reading buddy when I was in 2nd grade.
First love: J.K.
First cheat: Never.
First cheated on:
First broken heart: J.K.
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38 / M / The Void.
Posted 2/11/13 , edited 2/11/13

Ihateyou1234 wrote:

-Vega- wrote:

darkangel09rose wrote:

-Vega- wrote:

The very fist woman of all time.

Do that make you adam and my thousands of times grate grandpa lmao

I older than those two. I am the first archetypical man. I am 20 trillion years old.

So you were here before the universe formed?


Posted 2/11/13 , edited 2/11/13
Never had a crush on anyone... I would admit to finding people/anime >.< attractive but it ends there...

One True Love: 'L' he's been in my life for 7 years (and counting). I gave him my everything...
First Heartbreak: When we decided it'd be better for us to just be friends. I still love him though, and that will never change. Because unlike most people, when I say 'I love you' I mean it...
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28 / M / Maryland
Posted 2/12/13 , edited 2/12/13

Crushes: Well I've had many crushes.
My first love: Didn't end well.
Hearbreak: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Cheating: No interest in this. I'm mentally wired to be monogomous. I'd probably want to off myself of guilt if I ever did this. My expierience is that most cheat out of boredom, lonlelyness, or drunkeness and since I don't drink much I'd rather dump a girl if felt the first two too much.
Been cheated on: Nope at least not that I know of. A female friend with a boyfriend once tried to kiss me when her guy was off on a semester abroad. She was lonely I guess, we never talked about it....
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29 / M / Norway
Posted 2/12/13 , edited 2/12/13
I kissed a girl when I was about 4 years old. Way back. Now where did that luck go?
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21 / F
Posted 2/12/13 , edited 2/12/13
still just 16 so...........
first puppy crush: kid in kindergarten (he liked my best friend so first heart broken )
first crush: kid named zachary in first grade (i think he liked me too)
never been kissed
never had a bf
so never cheated or been cheated on
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F / Earth
Posted 2/17/13 , edited 2/18/13
Crush- Well.. my first crush was probably back in kindergarten on some boy who probably played tag with me or something, so no idea.
Puppy love- With my first and only boyfriend. It was cute, but I was unaware of the real him.
First love- Nothing too big, and I'm happy I didn't fall too in love.
First heartbreak- Terrible. So many things were left unknown and I had to stress myself out to figure them out.
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23 / M / Somewhere very cold
Posted 3/18/13 , edited 3/19/13
Hmm let me see....
First puppy crush: Freshman year of high school (Grace)
First Heart broken: Freshman-Sophomore year of High School (same girl got rejected a lot of times)
First Girlfriend: Does she even exist?
Posted 3/18/13 , edited 3/19/13
First crush, 8th grade... A guy named Christian. Typical baseball jock. I think his best friend had a thing for me.
First puppy love, 9th grade... A guy named Brandon. Drum major in the high school band I was in. I think he ended up being gay.
My first love was 10th grade... Brian Culver. I don't really want to talk about it... Lets just say he was my first everything. We lasted 5 years 2 months and we were engaged.
First heartbreak was when I found out my first lied to me about being a virgin 3 years into our relationship.
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