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Monarchy, should we have a king?
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Posted 7/23/13 , edited 7/24/13
If the king is a superior leader and his lineage are superior compared to being elected into office Yes ... but history shows that any monarchy is just a bunch of corrupt bs... surprisingly people still put up with the system and many monarchs are praised from birth to death when they have done little to support the people and show insufficient significance in the superiority between them and elected officials who usually run sht much better than the monarchs... recently some princess or w/e in england had some baby and he along with the rest of his family are all over the news just for being born into so called royal blood... they have done nothing significant that made the world realisticly better Hell even if the politicians dont do the best job at trying to run a country they do it far better than the even more twisted and theiving monarchs.... the social qou, wars, lack of education, lazyness, human nature in general, and human belief stuff are major things that hold back our civilization from developing and lag us... all this sometimes give birth to atrocities like monarch's and the latter u know.. but seriously a king and a monarchy are real barbarian ways to run a country in most realistic situations...
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