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Hi everyone! Loooooong time no see eh? Well after a few months on the mexican chimp wrestling circuit, and touring with my post-hardcore band 'C.B.E'-(Cholostemy bag explosion)- the length and breadth of Mongolia, i figured it was time to return and give you more news and thoughts on games and anime that are coming out, and indeed have come out!
So without further ado.....

Yep, ive mentioned it in a previous post, but this game is coming out very soon...Feb 12th, so i thought id bring it back to your attention again.
This game is pure heaven for Aliens fans, the amount of fan service in this game is immense. The sounds are all pulse rifles,alien screams etc..just like the film, and theres a lot of graphical fidelity too, with the custom made eerie lighting throughout the game and plenty of locations that fans will recognise.

The single player campaign sounds great..and even better, the XP and weapons you earn in the campaign will pass over into multiplayer eh?
Theres a variety of modes like a marines vs aliens and a 'Survival' mode that has four marines trying to reach an evacuation point..pretty hairy!!
One thing worth noting is that there WASNT going to be a playable female charachter in MP at first, but there was such an outcry from fans, that Gearbox/Sega gracefully relented and assured us the female options are back in MP now.
Some of the best loved charachters were female..Ripley, and Vasquez to name two, so hats of to Gearbox for listening to the fans, which a lot of other companies could do...;)

As you can see, the pre orders/limited edition comes with classic film charachters to use in MP, a new weapon and extra MP custom options for your marine.I have read that the customisation might include actually being able to write on your marines armour! I hope this is true as it will be cool, but its not a deal breaker..afterall theres the chance to use a pulse rifle with an underbarrell flamethrower!

Alien fans fear not, as you will have a choice of aliens to use, and youll be able to play in third person view..whilst marines have to play first person. The final alien class is the 'Bull' which is a HUGE tank style alien who crushes all before it! At the end of the day, it will be the MP mode that will make or break this far the gaming press have enjoyed the MP modes theyve been allowed to play.

Im hoping that this game will be really fun, so i have everything crossed..but as always, if you havent got the faith to preorder, play a friends or rent before buying. If you DO enjoy it, buy it and show SEGA they made the right choice in taking a chance on this game. There is talk of a second game already, but only if this one gets the sales i guess..lets hope they did a good job!

Return to Los Santos!

Also coming out this year, and very possibly THE game of the year is Grand Theft Auto 5.Due out in the second quarter of 2013,its looking and sounding amazing-as you would expect from Rockstar, undisputed masters of the sandbox genre.

I might do a GTA5 special nearer the time,with more details. For now, i can tell you that all the lucky people that have played the game so far have been impressed and are saying great things about it.
As a GTA game youd expect nothing less than the usual huge array of things to do, and GTA5 will not let you down.
You will be able to switch between one of the three main charachters at any time, and there is a lot of bank robberies to indulge in-a big feature of the game.

To be honest, there will probably be so many things to do that as in previous GTA games, you will not be bored for a VEEEEEERY long time.
I just KNOW that this game will be a real hand of aces,and another great entry into the GTA pantheon.
More deatils soon!

Im currently watching..
Im watching quite a few animes at the moment,some new, some are reruns of shows i love to death.

Sakura so no pet na kanojo ..(The pet girl of sakura dormitory)
Its about a bunch of misfit students who live in a special dorm away from the 'normal' students.
Thers an genius anime creator, a master painter/manga artist,a slacker teacher, an aspiring video games creator and more besides...theyre all great charachters i think and i love them all.The story follows their lives and loves and is well written to my mind..really enjoyable and immersive.
I wont spoil anything for you, just go and watch it now on CR..its a really great show...9/10.

Zetsuen no tempest ...Blast of tempest.

This was a bit of a gamble on my part..i usually shy away from shows which have magic in them. Im pleased to say that the gamble paid off. The shown is basically about two friends and their search for the murderer of the sister of one of them. Thrown in a plot about a clan of mages and powerfull magic trees that threaten the world and you have quite a heady mix of things going on.
There is an emphasis on the charachters feelings and the secrets they have, and how they relate to each other. I love this sort of thing,so im really enjoying this show at the moment. 8/10

Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai ...'I have few friends'.

Ive been watching this amazing show all over again as i LOVE it to pieces.
Its about a group of different kids at school who all have one thing in common...NO friends. They start a club to sort this situation out..with hilarious results.
Ive written about this show before, so just go and watch it..i promise you wont be disappointed!
Best of all, is that the second season is out and has just started showing in Japan..and it follows on from the last season and is just as great so far... Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai next is the name of the second season.
This is quite possibly my FAV show of recent times..i adore the charachters..the interplay between club president Yozora and 'popular' rich girl Sena..its always funny. 9.5/10 ;)

Thats it for now, but ill be back again soon with more goodness for you!
If you want to have your say on something,or just say hi, or just what games your playing, feel free! :D

Have a great week,and happy gaming!

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