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BLEACH: 13 Reasons to watch 13 Seasons ~ !! We're GIVING AWAY MEMBERSHIPS!

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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 2/11/13



We will now announce the winners of the 13 REASONS TO WATCH 13 SEASONS Bleach contest ~ !

In first place, ShawnHacaga View his entry here.

His post was FILLED WITH PASSION ~ He not only has SEEN the show, but he went in depth using reasons that were unlike any other user. He got into detail about how BLEACH is distributed to fans, including streaming sites like Crunchyroll, and DVD sales through VIZMedia ~ ! As his gateway, I'm sure it would have been easy to give 100 reasons. Also, he colored the series as an "emotional investment" which is what all anime should be for the user ~

The three runner-ups ~ !

-Namine entry viewed here

YuukiKaora entry viewed here

Picklesthecat entry viewed here

Thank you to everyone who participated ! So many great entries ~ !

Winner's accounts have been updated to included membership.


As of yesterday, Crunchyroll has completed it's BLEACH catalog ~ !
That means, all episodes of Bleach are now available for viewing, marathoning, fan-girling and "boying" over on our site!

Premium members can watch ALL OF IT ~ ! While free viewers can only see the latest two seasons.



I'm asking you all to give me 13 REASONS why you love Bleach.
Or why ANYONE should love Bleach.

Come up with a list of the 13 BEST REASONS to watch Bleach, or why you love Bleach -
And post them in this thread.

And we will make your wish come true by ...

Giving ONE LUCKY USER a 6-month Crunchyroll Premium Membership. That's long enough to watch all of Bleach, right?

Remember, we like screenshots. So if you can back up your reasons with (crunchyroll) SCREENSHOTS
illustrating your reason, that's even better!

We will have THREE RUNNER-UPS who will receive 90-Day Premium Trials that they can use to marathon Bleach like a maniac.


We want you all to enjoy Bleach as much as we do! And that Zanpakutō Rebellion ~ ! Homigah.

You will have until 11:59 PST on FEB 8th, 2013 to post your 13 REASONS in the thread below.

And remember to watch Bleach ~ !

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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
Reasons why I love Bleach:
1) Ichigo is awesome

2) Awesome Battles
3) Beautiful ladies
4) Good animation
5) Funny scenes
6) Strong characters
7) Friendship
8) Some romance
9) Awesome weapons
10) Talking stuffed animals

11) A lot of action
12) Good Opening and Ending songs
13) Good Guys vs. Bad Guys
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
1- Bankai
2- Kon
3- Hollow Ichigo
4- Ulquiorra
5- kuchiki
6-Op battles
8- Funny Fillers
9- The divers super powers the characters have
10- Ichigo's Dad
11- Ichigo's Friends
12- Aizen
13- Arancars
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Posted 1/29/13
I have more than 13, but I'll make it work.
1) The hilary fillers
2) The shinigami book, the quincy guide, etc... at the end of each episode
3) The ridiculous amount of ecchi and build-up of perverted characters *ahem* kon.
4) The build-up leading to suspense/action
5) The character build for almost EACH character (which is rare, especially in SAO). Each person is really unique.
6) The amazing scenes of action; Really enhances the way I view this anime.
7) The mother-effin zanpakuto- I mean, who doesn't want a mother fucking sword that can transform and kick ass?
8) The many different races: Human, Hollow, Whole, Blank, Shinigami, Arrancar, Fullbringer, Vizard, Quincies.
9) The movies have so many different scenes they balance each other SOOO well. I especially liked Memories of Nobody.
10) The sudden twists like how Ichigo's dad Isshin turns out to be a shinigami. I think that the manga continues and tells that his mom could've also been a quincy.
11) They betrayals and the morals behind it.
12) The will of Ichigo Kurosaki. That guy really stands up, he's an anime role model.
13) AND LAST BUT NOT LEASTTT; The transformations! Ichigo literally could be anything and everything- Hollow, shinigami, human, quincy, fullbringer, vizard. It amazes me how one person, started as a substitute shinigami to protect his family, became this total badass that kicks butt.
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
yesterday? I thought it was added like 16-17 hours ago so technically it was still added today.
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
here are my 13 reasons for someone to watch Bleach:

1.AMAZING story
2.Talks about ghosts,souls,demons,hell
3.Sexy ladies
4.Really long and good attention capturing 13 seasons
5.Swordsmen and Swordswomen
6.Different Races and Universes
7.Has 4 movies and 2 OVAs
8.Has 9 Video games
9.Original Manga written by Tite Kubo who also made Zombie Powder
10.ALWAYS has action and not much boring parts
11.Superb animation as the anime goes on (from 1-366)
12.Each character is unique in its own way along with the designs
13.WIll be emotional at times
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
I guess it depends on the time zone, lol whether it was uploaded 'today' or 'yesterday'.

I've never actually WATCHED Bleach (aside from trailers and brief glimpses of people watching it) and has been ages since I've read it so forgive me if my information is incorrect.

1. Because everyone else is watching it and you'll have a common topic to talk about.
2. Because Shinigami are adorable and would be fun to take home, wakku wakku.
3. Orihime and her flower (name-wise) spirits are cute. You gotta check them out.
4.Uryu is somewhat hot and he shoots arrows. What more do you want? Isn't he the perfect guy for any girl? You gotta watch bleach to see him in action though!
5. The Vizard Shinigami are definitely hot. I mean, look at the masks on their faces!
6. Hiyori Sarugaki: Those eyes are rare! You have to see them! And she just outright looks awesome in action!
7. Nel is cute and easy on the eyes. And everyone knows that humans love to watch children. It is proven by math and science!
8. Going beyond the characters, you have an action filled plot which means it is interesting to watch.
9. You have a society of people that often act morally ambiguous yet who try to purify their enemies and a group that seem like they fight for justice yet who try to destroy their enemies.
10. A desert of endless night is a great resting place for lost souls, everyone wants to see a beautiful landscape and what can beat a beautiful nighttime desert?.
11. It is part of a balanced breakfast. An episode of Bleach in the morning with some miso, rice, fish and eggs? Perfect.
12. Because everyone knows that deep in your heart, you want to watch Bleach but just can't admit how much you really want to see it.
13. As soon as I started watching Bleach, I got accepted into the college of my choice, won the lottery, grew taller, and even my skin looks better now! I've had nothing but good luck. I can't believe how troubled I was before!
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
1. The name of the show is Epic
2. Kon
3. Appeals to every man out there if they have a type of girl they're into
4. Swordz
5. Almost everyone and their momz has a power
6. Zaraki
7. Espada
8. Vaizado or Vizards
9. Ichigo fights almost everyone at least once in the show
10. Spirits are always with you, bwahhahahahaa! *crosses arms*
11. Love circles, triangles, and squares?
12. Berserk Vizard Ichigo
13 And finally the only reason why to watch is cause you saw the first couple of eps cause you gave it a shot and hours later you completed all 13 seasons content and satisfied. *high 5's*
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
My 13 reasons to watch 13 seasons of Bleach!

1. I think I am Ichigo since the series was first introduced.
2. I am a big fan of animé since the Voltes 5 days.
3. I want Ichigo's mask so bad. Watching him adds both inspiration and frustration which I think is good.
4. I've been watching the series and movies like crazy. This is the best chance to backtrack on missed past episodes.
5. I love funny moments in the series! It gives me ideas. (evil grin)
6. Kenpachi Zaraki. I want more fights involving Kenpachi Zaraki. Kinda reminds me of Joker in a sense though.
7. Waiting for the next episode to be available drives me nuts since I end up speculating what's gonna happen next.
8. Drawing. I'm a frustrated artist and get my inspiration from Bleach and some other animés related to this genre.
9. I've been always wondering what my bankai would be. :D
10. After checking on the deadline period, I'm betting that you'd probably draw out the winner on or close to my birthday so it's gonna be one perfect gift in case. :p
11. For some reason, whenever I watch Bleach in front of the PC, my 2-year old son always joins in and sits on my lap to watch it as well even if he doesn't understand anything they say. He won't budge until it's finished and cries when I pause it. Makes me very happy since it's like our father-son bonding moment that can be done anytime.
12. Crunchyroll rocks! The best source of high quality free and premium animé like Bleach. You can bet on it!
13. And finally, I don't want to miss every episode (on time) as much as possible and this is only happen if I have premium service.
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Posted 1/29/13
1. fillers
2. fillers
3. fillers
6. nobody dies
7.orihime's awesome lines.... kurosaki-kun! kurosaki-kun!
9. lurichiyo soccer episode
12.explains everything what each of their ability do so enemies can find a way to beat them
13. fillers
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
1- zompocto
2- ichigo
3- Hollow Ichigo
4- renji
5- the music
6-the crazy battles
8- Fluffy Fillers
9- wakomondo
10- chad
11- Tōshirō Hitsugaya
12- insane property destruction
13- Sajin Komamura
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
I only have one reason and the reason I love Bleach is:
I want to have a bankai....more or less im a chuuni!
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
Here it goes, my 13 reasons you'll love Bleach!

01 The character design is overall awesome. You'll watch so many fearsome foes.

02 OST is great, specially the heavy j-rock stuff

03 They often do subtle jokes about death

04 You'll be always wondering if it's something up between the main characters Ichigo and Rukia

05 They redesign most titles of the episodes, if not every single one of them

06 Ichigo transformations are epic

07 The little helper girl of the shop owner (Urahara) always gets bullied, even while she's very strong, which is very funny

08 One will wonder how creative swords can transform

09 Your internal alter-ego makes you stronger at the end

10 The shorclips at the end of every chapter put characters in hilarious situations

11 Rukia explains everything by making childish but funny bunny sketches

12 Ichigo's little sisters are so cute you'll wanna hug them... and you'll worry when they are in danger

13 When you think the next transformation can't get any cooler than that final stage, well, you'll be surprised.

So many good reasons Bleach rocks.
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
My 13 reasons to watch 13 seasons:

1) Bleach is amazing
2) Bleach is the best action anime ever
3) Bleach has hot girls
4) Ichigo is badass
5) Bleach has awesome battles
6) Amazing Story
7) Bankai changes
8) Has tear-jerker moments
9) Has hilarious moments
10) Has awesome swordsmanship
11) Awesome opening themes
12) Very good friendships
13) Bleach is never boring
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 2/6/13
1-IT IS AWESOME!!!! (need i say more...actually i do because i need 13)
2-AMAZING story
3-ghosts, demons ,hell, etc
4-hot girls
7-one of the first animes i watched in japanese
8-ecchi scenes
9-perverted characters
10-one of the shows on toonami
11-the first show of the night on toonami (that ones a bit cheaty so, the first anime my friends also watched so i could discuss it with them)
12-not many boring parts
13-Last but certainly not least, (its actually the best reason why you should watch it) EVERY EPISODE IS RIGHT HERE ON CRUNCHYROLL (also known as the best website of all time, and im not just saying that, ive converted 3 of my friends at school into crunchyroll followers because i go around saying stuff like this)...well the magic of money is being bestowed upon me so i can pay for a subscription so in the next few minutes of me typeing this i'll be giving CR money, so i dont care if i win or lose, i just REALLY wanted to continue my premium membership, but i would still gladly accept the prize if you give it to me, lol
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