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BLEACH: 13 Reasons to watch 13 Seasons ~ !! We're GIVING AWAY MEMBERSHIPS!

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23 / M / Shinjuku, Tokyo
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
13 Reasons why Bleach is beastin'
1) The main character has orange hair, who doesn't like that?
2) The girls are about as fine as you can get. More than enough fan service.
3) The Openings have such good music that I attempt to sing along xD but I read the subtitles if I can xD!
4) Only 4-eyed people are good with bows. Legit.
5) Always interesting to see how short of time it will take Ichigo to go Bankai form in a fight
6) The fight music always gets to me, even when I'm down, the fight music brings me to my feet
7) That moment in Heuco Mundo when Kurotsuchi Mayuri brings his assistant "back to life"
8) The fact that no matter how many times Byakuya gets stabbed, and no matter how much blood he loses, he won't die.
9) CHADO is a black man with a Huge ass arm that can shoot lasers, now thats the shit, i mean cmon ichigo. Laser out of sword < laser out of arm- Its like Teen Titans, the Cyborg guy except Chad is Mexinese.
10) Fillers suck, but aside from the Bount arc, most of the filler arcs are not half bad, one in particular is the Mod-Soul arc. Once again, Legit.
11) The fight scenes aren't as bad as DBZ with the screaming and charging of power, but its not like instantaneous
fighting either, a nice mix.
12) Bleach is amazing in HD and is the perfect place to watch it in 1080p Baby.
Thanks for reading my thirteen reasons why Bleach is the best, I hope I win and best luck to all.
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36 / M / Northern Virginia...
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
13. Great Battles
12. Horrible battle dialogue, but hilarious
11. Watching a character develop and mature
10. This show is one of the reasons that anime is popular in the US
9. Great main arcs
8. Decent filler story lines
7. Hilarious Inuendos
6. Mixture of different cultural mythology
5. Storyline that changes but the core integrity remains the same
4. Actual Storyline that you feel invested into
3. Intentional side character development
2. Detailed artwork
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25 / M / Ethereal Horizon
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
13 reasons?
1. The name Bleach perfectly describes it. Sharp. Strong. Stain removing. Awesome.
2. The mascots.

3. Epic opening and ending songs.
4. Aizen's glasses

5. Yoruichi can turn into a cat.

6. A main character who adapts to anything that's thrown at him
7. Despite how serious it can get, Bleach never forgets to be funny

8. The universe is extremely in depth and references all sorts of world culture, especially spanish language
9. Soul Society is a pretty cool place

10. Kenpachi is indestructable

11. The awesome character design
12. Bankais

13. Don Kanonji. Everything about him

Yep, Bleach is some good stuff.

And here's another crunchyroll screenshot
It's relevant
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22 / F / Kalos
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
13 reasons why I love bleach:

1. The awesome humor
2. The interesting art style
3. Hollow ichigo
4. The hilarious combination of Zaraki Kenpachi and Yachiru
5. Good balance of action, drama, and humor
6. Good character development, and diversity in the characters
7. Plot twists
8. Lots of interesting and lovable enemies
9. Urahara Kisuke
10. Good soundtracks
11. The lucky dance of ikkaku
12. Epic fights
13. The "shinigami picture book" scenes at the end of the episodes
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24 / F / Keller Texas
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
1-Animation Is amazing :D
2-Characters almost seem real.
4-Fight scenes will get your adrenaline pumping :D
5-Comic relief :)
6-How the story continues to build.
7-The fillers may interrupt the story, and make you want to throw things at the monitor, but they are very good fillers :)
8-The soundtrack
9-The universe is so well built.
10-Keeps you yearning for more.
11-It's not going anywhere anytime soon
12-The morals are wonderful
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/31/13

Reasons why I love Bleach~♥
一) Because the author is Tite Kubo.
二) I started reading it since it's first chapters on manga.
三) It's an easy to read manga.
四) I started watching it since it's first eps on anime.
五) It was one of my first anime, specially from SJ.
六) I love the OPs from SCANDAL ♥,♥

七) It has an awesome story.
八) It has lots of hilarious moments.
九) It's always packed with awesome action and great battles.
十) You watch Ichigo always evolving, getting stonger and better.
十一)It has strong badass enemies.
十二)It has Yoruichi and Yachiru on it ♥.
十三) It's an anime that began using spanish terminology.

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26 / M / No
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
1) Animation/Art; I just love it, especially the battle animations. It just blows my mind. Not only does the animation blow my mind, the art is beautiful as well. Watching Bleach from episode one through three-hundred sixty-six, the animation has greatly improved and the art has continued to blow my mind.

2) The action is just amazing. The fights weren't too long nor too short; perfect. I still go back and watch old fights since they're just so well played-out.

3) The comedy: It had some good, light relief comedy scenes throughout the whole series. I would sometimes just go back and repeat the same part over and over again; I even find myself looking back at an episode just to see it! some good light relief comedy scenes

4) Zanpakuto. I love how each Zanpakuto had its own form, power, it how they were actually alive(referring to Zanpakuto Unknown Tales arc).

5) The music; it had me going since episode one. Everytime they started playing 'Number One', I got so excited I even found myself singing it!

6) The name. Tite Kubo named it Bleach for two reasons. One, he named it after his favorite album by Nirvana(yes, Kurt Kobain Nirvana) 'Bleach' which I just find awesome. Two, he named it 'Bleach' because as the soul reapers cleanse souls, it's like they are "bleaching" their souls. Like how bleaching in a clothes sense means to remove stains and blemishes, the shinigami remove sin and corruption from the souls.

7) The voice acting. The voices were unique and well-picked. My personal favorite voice actor from the series, Masakazu Morita(voice of Ichigo), had a great voice as the protagonist of the series. Most of the voice actors were great, but I honestly couldn't stand Yuki Matsuoka crying out "Ichigo!" every two seconds.

8) Merchandise; I have my own Hollow Mask and Ichigo figure(bankai form) which just make me smile everytime I look at them; they're just so cool looking.

9) The games produced. Not only do I love watching Bleach, I love playing it and experiencing the action for myself as the character! Playing solo or playing with friends, both are enjoyable and hope to see another Bleach game come out soon!

10) The opening and ending songs. Bleach is one of the anime that has opened me up to a new genre of music. The songs are just so catchy and exciting. I even have some downloaded on my iPad and phone to listen on the road!

11) The story. Back when I started to watch anime, Bleach was one of the first anime I started to watch. I didn't read any background information about it before hand, I was just recommended to watch it by a few of my friends so I did. First episode, I got hooked. The story got me into the anime so much, I just ran a Bleach marathon all night the day I started watching it, haha. From episode one to episode three-hundred sixty-six, it has provided me with an awesome story and beautiful action!

12) The characters: I never got tired of the characters. Each time a new character was introduced, I always guessed what type of character he/she would play out throughout the series, be it short or long-term. Not to mention, each arc had new characters introduced most of the time which created more action and expanded the story or the series.

13) Reason to watch Bleach: I started to read the manga back in 2008. I dropped it after the first few chapters though and didn't bother to go back to it. A couple years later, my friend recommended this anime called Bleach. During my summer vacation, I watched the 1st season (well, nearly all of it), and then it kind of started from there. I had no idea what it was until I saw the first episode and I couldn't recall why I dumped it because the first episode was amazing. The fillers are annoying, but the storyline just makes you go.."I want more!" I've heard people say it drags on, but that's never bothered me. I'd state more reason but I think I've already stated those in my above "reasons" why I personally love Bleach which can also said as reasons why you should watch it as well. I'd recommend this to anyone who is into anime or just starting their adventure into the anime world.

Kudos to Tite Kubo for making a great anime!
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24 / M / http://myanimelis...
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
1. Bleach is long, so it gives you a lot of time to get attached to the characters.
2. Ichigo is an awesome main character.
3. The battles are epic.
4. The filler arcs are extremely enjoyable.
5. The characters have a lot of amazing abilities, such as Bankai and the Fullbringer abilities.
6. There are a many funny scenes throughout the anime.
7. The characters are always looking out for their friends.
8. The enemies are very memorable.
9. The characters are constantly pushing passed their limits.
10. There are a lot of emotional scenes.
11. Swords are heavily involved.
12. The openings, endings, and BGMs are amazing.
13. Rukia is beautiful.
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
1.Kenpachi is so boss that he doesn't need a bankai to show whose boss.
2.Ichigo's hollow forms are truly the best forms i've seen in the show.
3.Mr.Hat and Clogs is a funny nickname
4.Bankai FTW
5.Gin is actually a good guy
6.Aizen is a wannabe hollow
7.There are good hollows.
8.Battles in Bleach are amazing
9.Three people are able to wield 2 swords
10.Kon is funny and a pervert
11.Little kids can use weapons.
12.Rukia sucks at explaining stuff to ichigo with her rabbit looking drawings
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27 / F
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
13 Reasons I love Bleach/ to watch Bleach

1. Because Zaraki Kenpachi.

2. Swords have souls.

3. Bleach is the perfect combination of comedy, action, and drama.

4. Madarame Ikkaku's Lucky Dance

5. I love Bleach because if you want to cosplay down to the last detail, there are characters of all nationalities to choose from.

6. I love Bleach because Kuchiki Byakuya, Kusajishi Yachiru, and buns.

7. There is something for everyone. There's romance, violence, and eye candy (both male and female).

8. Every time Kurosaki Ichigo triumphs, I literally get chills.

9. The characters all have back stories, even the bad guys, which makes them relatable.

10. Every season is more awesome than the last. The writers just out do themselves with every season and the artists are on top of their game every chapter and every episode.

11. Love Bleach because if you don't, Unohana Yachiru will find you...

12. Bleach is written so very well that I'm entirely emotionally invested in what happens. I've cried like a baby some times and laughed myself silly others.

13. If nothing else, I love Bleach for the EPIC battle scenes.
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23 / F / Vancouver,British...
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
1. The idea of the anime(Shinigami's(death gods) and their swords).
2. First episode. It's not like in other anime's where there is no action in it.
3. Character designs and their different tempers.
4. Bishounens!(Beautiful boys :P)
5. Fighting, which surpasses other anime's fighting!
6: Action scenes are very well animated
7: the fights are some of the best ive seen in anime
8: we get a good sense of character development
9: Good overall plot/storyline
10: some good light relief comedy scenes
11. Cool heroes AND cool villians.
12. Unique Katana
13. Those moments when your watching it and either think or say out loud excitedly, "This is sooo cool!!"
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23 / M
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
im very unlucky so i wont win....... but i do love bleach..........

1) Zangetsu
2) awesome music score (learning several on piano)
3) great author
3) Yoruichi can turn into a cat
4) Kon is a plushy perv
5) Byakuya wont die (although might be draw back to..... he is kinda mean at times)
6) fillers aren't terrible
7) Ichigo's orange hair (ITS ORANGE)
8) fights on a grand scale
9) Yachiru is a devil in disguise
10) Gin's smile
11) Chad and Noba
12) Grimmjow
13) Senbonzakura

ecchi is just bonus, but not a part of 13

EDIT: almost forgot Rukias amazing drawing skills
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19 / F
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
thirteen reasons to watch bleach, the BEST anime ever.
1. it is better than naruto
2 the characters are funny.
3. each character is unique in its own way
4. the arrancar encyclopedia, the shinigami illustrated book, and others always make me smile when im having a bad day.
5. this show teaches people courage and inspires me to think for myself.
6. the graphics are very well done.
7. the story line of bleach has ben very well thought out.
8. the character design are drawn very well.
9. the personality of each character has been very well acted out.
10. it has great sound effects.
11. tear-jerking scenes.
12. bleach is a very intresting, action-packed show to watch.
13. the music greatly portrays and emphasaises the scenes, to make it intense, sad, funny, or happy.
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44 / M
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
1. Great story!
2. Enjoyed the fights!
3. the story evolved over time, the manga also rocked.
4. its a really long show! well worth watching!
5. I liked the whole wardrobe for the show.
6. The name of the show rocks! Bleach!
7. The original voice actors rock!
8. very happy to that viz is releasing this show on DVD.
10. This show filler was well thought out.
11. Thanks to Crunchyroll for getting this great show!
12. all right running out of idea's! I mean its Bleach!
13. Longest running anime I have even watched and enjoyed the whole time.

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38 / M / charlotte, NC
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
!. Kurosaki Ichigo

2. Kuchiki Byakuya

3. Toshiro Hitsugaya

4. Uryu Ishida

5. Abarai Renji

6. Chad

7. Ikkaku Madarame

8. Zaraki Kenpachi

9. Jushiro Ukitake

10. Kisuke Urahara

11. Kuchiki Rukia

12. Rangiku Matsumoto

and last but not least

13. Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto
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