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BLEACH: 13 Reasons to watch 13 Seasons ~ !! We're GIVING AWAY MEMBERSHIPS!

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Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
to learn the true meaning of filler
Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13

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29 / M / Singapore
Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
Cut the region restriction bullshit. I can't watch a single episode of Bleach on CR even if I pay.
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25 / F / Rotterdam
Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
Well damn, I would love to get a free membership, but I don't quit like Bleach :(
Instead, here have this Llama I drew;

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Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
Who Needs Reasons to watch "BLEACH IS BLEACH" (it also can Bankia difficult stains )
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Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
1: Everybody loves Yachiru, because the rest answer to Kenpachi. Nobody wants to answer to Kenpachi.
2: Rukia has some awesome artistic ability.
3: Byakuya Kuchiki's Bankai is the most beautifully seen one in the real world.
4: Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto's is too hot to handle.
5: Kisuke Urahara's hat is too popular.
6: Sajin Komamura has too ruff of a life to not pay attention to him.
7: Tōshirō Hitsugaya is the coolest there is.
8: It is literally impossible for anyone to be creepier than Mayuri Kurotsuchi.
9: Ganju Shiba proves that you can be awesome by just having the most unusual ride.
10: Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck will confuse people forever.
11: Old man Zangetsu has proven he will protect what he wants to protect most.
12: Wabisuke can't remove his head from the books on this serries.
13: Yasutora Sado proves that you can accomplish anything with just your fists.
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Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/31/13
Bleach the only show with death gods, samurai, demons,action,style of fighting, and good story and character development.
This is the show that raised todays modern generation of anime lovers. I know i was only supposed to write 13 but goddamn it i wrote a hundred!


1. Grimmjow ceros b****es when needed.
2. Kenpachi is god
3. ogihci is INSANE
4. Uryu Ishida's mere existence. nuff said.
5. Because little girls tote around huge rotating barrel guns.
6. sexy ladies
7. mayuri kurotsuchi!!
8. The Zanpaktous
9. Orange hair!!!
10. It has women with four holes!
11. Ulquiorra Cifer - enough said..:smileyhappy:
12. All the hawt girls
13. Its not anything related to the Dragonball series (Dragonball. DBZ, DBGT,DBK)
14. Bewbies!!!
15. The comedy/humor
16.Ikkaku's head
17. lil wayne's not in it
18. Arrancars
20:badass fights (did I mention Nel already?)
21. Kanye West has stayed away and not interrupted.
22. Any character beyond the age of 14 could be a supermodel!
23. Vizard Shinji vs. Grimmjow fight.
24. Grimmjow kicking Ichigo's butt Round One
25. Vizard Ichigo vs. Grimmjow Las Noches Battle
26. Tosen cutting off Grimmjow's arm
27. The Espada meeting with Aizen's special brand of tea.
28. Kenpachi Zaraki
29. Kenpachi Zaraki
30. Kenpachi Zaraki...
31. Rangiku Matsumoto <3
32. Byakuya Kuchiki <3
33. Ikkaku's Bankai bankai's
35. girls with huge boobs
36. tia
37. kon..
38. Ichigo's Hollowfication
39. Tatsuki <3
40. It has... SENNA!
41. those Shinigami Cups!
42. It made Spanish seem cool.
43. Fan service for the ladies--Grimmjows clothes, Szayels clothes being ripped off, o just plain going to the beach how often do we see that in a shonen series
44 Romance in a shonen series that is very subtel, not over the head like Inuyashua but not non existant like Dragon Ball series
45. A living perverted stuffed animal named Kon! (But also deep down he cares.)
46. Orihime slapping the **meep** out of Ulquiorra
47. Ulquiorra's green cero
48. Ban...kai! RAT MORNING-STAR!
49 It's better than Moribito...
50 Renji's bankai
51. Aizen is badass
52 Nanao is even ore badass
53 Orihime's tight shirts
54 Kisuke Urahara makes pimp canes, ugly hats and clogs look cool.
55. Its not Inuyasha.
56. action, action, action!
57. Rangeiku, Orihime, Capt. Unohana & Lt. Kotetsu in bikinis
58. Soul Reapers (shinigami) remind me of samurai and how bada** they were
59. Head Captain Yamamoto is as tough as the coffin nail
60 Bleach... kicks ass...
62. That awesome Sonido sound effect!
63. That awesome Cero sound effect!
64. The hollow howls.
65. the hollow rulez
66. Captain Ukitake (his hair, his soothing demeanor, his smile, his zanpakuto....)
67. Grimmjow's maniacal, unbridled laughter
68. How HI-larious it is when Menos Grande get knocked over, fall or trip!
69. At the end of Soul Society Arc, when Rangiku complains to her captain about her "boob difficulties" if she is passed out.
70. Boob buckets.
71. Killing enemies is more fun when you have a SWORD and not a DEATH NOTE. Its especially more fun when the enemy is MOVING rather than SQUATTING on a chair eating cake and tea making it look like he has to take a pi$$.
72. There's more GRATUITOUS FAN SCENES in Bleach than some other animes. ie Rangiku's boobs, Orihime's boobs, Kenpachi's chest, All of Yoruichi, Renji's chest, and Hollow Ichigo.
73. Ulquiorra Schiffer
74. Grimmjow Jagger Jack.
75. Subterranean training rooms!
76. Ichigo means strawberry
77. Toshiro Hetsugya
78. Nova's power
79. Ikkaku's hilarious shirts from his admirer.
80. Bells in hair
81. Hueco mundo
82. Isshin kurosaki
83. Tensa Zangetsu (ichigos bankai)
84. Zangetsu (the zanpaktu manifest)
85. 'Cause it's the show that never ends, yes it goes on and on, my friend...
86. Loli raepface (SPOILER)
87. Ukitake and Koryoku's magnificent dual Zanpakuto!
88. ghosts
90. hells
91. Yoruichi Shihoin
Oh, I would gladly make you purr
92. Ichigo's Visor Mask
93. Harribel
94. Keigo, 'cause he's friggen hilarious!
95.) Kensei Muguruma
96. The music
97 the only animethat sound good dubbed
98 huge ass swords
99 long ass battles
100 my top 5 animes

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Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
1. Character Development, the creator does an excellent job of this, even throughout the fillers

2. Impressive Storyline. Although it may stray from the manga from time to time, but it keeps you hooked

3. Plot Twists. Even though you've read the manga before hand the plot twists throughout the entire series keeps you GLUED

4. Action/Fight Scenes. Each action filled episode has a purpose for sake of character development and they get straight to the point. No Dragon Ball Z-esque 6 months for one punch, or Naruto-esque epic flashback after every blow. Bleach delivers!

5. Comedic factor. Bleach may come across as a serious show, (it has its moments) but you will find yourself chuckling like a rascal while watching.

6. Soundtracks. Are Spot On. No more explanation needed. Must watch to understand. Just kidding. The music selection from the Opening to Endings and all the background music in between were all perfectly selected to go with the theme of the season and play with your emotions as you watch the great story unfold.

7. Arch Enemies. Ichigo comes across a few rivals in the series. With each rival and each triumph we all grow a little bit alongside Ichigo. When he wins, you win. You feel his righteous accomplishment alongside him.

8. Love Triangles. There a subtle (and I mean Subtle) love triangles that are implied as the story progresses. Depending on your personality you'll find you self rooting for a particular couple as they have a moment, even if it isn't implicitly implied.

9. Ichigo's backstory. Is so indepth and carefully thought out, that factor alone is enough to make a person marathon this beautiful work of art just to figure out Ichigo.

10. Villians. Each villian isn't your typical "I want to destroy everything just because" guy. They each have their own perfectly rational reasoning that can even sway you to the dark side for a few moments. Which goes back to #1, the Character development is just superb.

11. Voice Acting. (Japanese) The actors used to play each character were perfect. A great job was done when each character was cast

12. Culture. There's a heap of different cultural mixtures in this story to get almost anyone Googling the different meanings of things. Hell, one of the characters is Mexican.

13. There really isn't any reason to NOT watch bleach. Bleach is a beautifully crafted story. It is so indepth that the creator could have made it a novel instead of a manga and still have the fan base it has. It would blow Twilight out of the skies. Come on, imagine the american masses clamoring over bleach. Then everyone could enjoy this story. But that's not the case. It's an Anime on Crunchyroll, and it should be marathoned repeatedly.
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Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
1. Ichigo is a soul reaper
2. Ichigo is Aizens pawn his whole life
3. Aizen one of the most bad-ass characters in anime trained Ichigo indirectly
4. Kon
5. Chad's powers are really creative.
6. Bankais are as unique as their masters.
7. A few of the battles.
8. The confusion I feel from the fact that how the hell did ichigo's mom not kill the fisher?
9. Ichigo's dads love for him and his family.
10. Ulquoirra's ultimate form is amazing.
11. The story
12. The vandenreich
13. Zaraki Kenpachi duh.
I don't know if all my list has happened in the anime yet so I apologize for any spoilers or anything.
Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
1. Music by SCANDAL
2. Music by SCANDAL
3. Music by SCANDAL
4. Music by SCANDAL
5. Music by SCANDAL
6. Music by SCANDAL
7. Music by SCANDAL
8. Music by SCANDAL
9. Music by SCANDAL
10. Music by SCANDAL
11. Music by SCANDAL
12. Music by SCANDAL
13. Music by SCANDAL
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Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
1.The swords man, the swords
2.Its a pretty cool show
3.better than naruto by a long shot

.... I'm so not winning this contest I can't think of any other reasons ... I tried ;.;
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Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
1. Ichigo is number one!

2. Bleach has over 200 dubbed episodes.

3. Ichigo's soul contains three entities (himself, his hollow self, and Zangetsu).

4. Bleach has release four theater-released movies: Memories of Nobody, The DiamondDust Rebellion, Fade to Black, and the Hell Verse.

5. The Bleach manga has over 500 chapters.

6. Bleach has 366 episodes.

7. New chapters of Bleach are available every seven days in Shounen Jump.

8. Bleach anime has ran for 8 years.

9. Bleach has over 99 reviews on Crunchyroll.

10. Ichigo has had over ten different looks over the course of the series.

11. In 2011, the last season of Bleach began airing.

12. The Bleach anime ended in 2012.

13. Bleach has 13 squads of soul reapers.

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Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
1. Ichigo has kick-butt awesome fighting abilities.
2. Kon is a stupid pervert who always gets kicked around in some hilarious way.
3. There are cute guys. (lol, Ichigo is definitely the cutest)
4. There are pretty girls for the guys to look at.
5. Almost every episode will leave you laughing, crying, or spitting blood (haha).
6. Rukia loves bunnies and other cute things.
7. Rukia's drawings suck so much it's hilarious.
8. Orihime is an airhead.
9. Uryu is a guy obsessed with sewing.
10. The fight scenes are AWESOME!
11. Renji adds an enormous amount of sugar cubes to his coffee.
12. There are 366 episodes of awesomeness.
13. Ichigo has orange hair.
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46 / M / orlando, fl
Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
There is only one reason, and one reason only to watch bleach..........

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Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
1.) Iconic use of Shinigami
2.) Ichigo's hair
3.) The secret about Ichigo's father.
4.) Hollow Ichigo
5.) Chad's Stoicism
6.) The unexplored love between Ichigo and Rukia
7.) Bankai
8.) Cat to Woman
9.) Intensity
10.) Seriously the best Arcs ever
11.) Character Development
12.) Serious ass kicking
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