Post Reply Kotomi: most compelling or most disgusting character?
Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/31/13
I've seen DNA2. I've come to somewhat like the characters in DNA2.....So why is it that the most memorable thing in DNA2 is Kotomi? Y'know, the girl with the pigtails who has a bit of a fart complex? Why is it that I find her more...interesting than the other characters? Eh, maybe I'LL never know, but maybe you guys might have an idea! Why do you think Kotomi sticks out so much in DNA2? Do you like her because you find her personality likable? Or would you rather scoot away from her because you think she's leaning a bit too far into the fartsy side of things? Hope this topic isn't too weird for ya, just want to hear your opinion!
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