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The defeat of the Covenant in the first Halo game was only a temporary victory, as the alien attackers have renewed their mission to wipe out all of humanity. Despite the human military force's and the Master Chief's efforts, the Covenant have breached the Earth's defenses and have left its inhabitants in a dismal situation. In the midst of desperation, players assume the role of Master Chief and lead the resistance against the Covenant to save the people of Earth from a gruesome demise. Halo 2 features an immense and epic single player mode, as the story picks up where it ended in the first game.The story delves deeper into the society of the Covenant, their goals, beliefs, and alliances, as well as continuing Master Chief's story to put an end to the Covenant threat on Earth as well as another Halo ring. Halo 2 also introduces the Brutes, they are shown in-campaign as large, hairy, ape-like beasts; although they do not sport Energy Shields like the Elites, their immense bulk and strength still yield them as formidable foes.
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Master chief: Alright cortana splice through the main data frame and tell us what the Covenant are after?

Cortana: Copy that Chief just a sec "starts looking through the data and takes a map that shows them the location and what the covenant so interested of" it seems they are here what they want an artifact from this Forerunner in our planet. wait Chief unknown heat signatures detected. Chief! "master Chief reloads his rifle and takes the chip out to put you in

Master chief 'looks back and sees a squad of troopers appear out of no where.

Master chief: Cortana set a way point out of here...... Cortana now "cortana opens the door so the marines could g in and chief helps them in and asks them questions. Why aren't you guys with the UNSC Forces"

Marine:we got separated from the convoy during a small firefight we did took them out and our Sargent is wounded and out cold we just made the rest made it out but only us few made it.

Master chief: alright stay here I am going to see if our channel is secure.
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Alright men the enemies are going to attack us from the top and from the front lines we must do as we can to protect this base and dont worry I have found a great soldier who is with us its the Master Chief. Now lets go show the dam covenant not to mess with us Humans alright now lets go!!! get those turrets and the our guns lock and loaded!!! "Marines starts to lock and load their rockets and assault rifles to sticky detonator and saw rifle and spartan Laser" alright men when that door opens.....Let them have it and kill any single dam son of bitch alien and let none of them standing!

Marines: Copy that! lets do this!

ODST: we got the them from the roof top so we'll snipe them and draw their fire.
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sargent Johnson: alright chief get yourself ready here they come ok you go in first we'll cover you with the 50-mountain machine gun!"

Master chief: alright stay behind me and ready aim fire! "door breaks open that starts to make a huge explosion then the elites comes in fires at two marines
Marine 1: help we got a man down aah dam it they are using needles...Owww that hurts take cover men!

Marine 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 starts taking out three elites with sniper rifle and rocket launcher" boom take it baby.... hey be careful chief brutes move to cover dam it not these guys!!!

Master chief: "dodges the gravity hammer then kicks the brutes head then snaps the brutes neck and head shots 3 brutes skull open" don't worry these guys may be tough but nothing to me! shoulder blades and marines starts to fire at them"
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Covenant cruisers pop out from the skies shooting down rays of explosions causing the building first floor to crack apart then wraiths comes in shooting down the 4 marines and banshees sworms around the city"

Marines: Holy shit dam it we need those heavy weapons here now show them we aren't weak fire at will men! Fire! "marines starts to aim at the enemies tanks then fires rounds of rockets at them destroys a squad of brutes jackals and grunts"

Marine: alright that take cares of those guys but we still have more coming

Sargent: this way loot the enemies weapons we can use those as an advantage.

Marines yes sir!! we'll do "marines take the covenant weapons then takes a look at three pilecans drop ships lands down the platform and door opens seeing 6 spartans armed with bad ass armor and cool weapons"

Marine: no way more spartans hey you guys look spartans have came to save the day we are going to be alright!

Spartan I: what seems to be the trouble here sir?

Sargent: we tried our best to hold this area and we did but we lost some marines here and low on ammunition but no worries we picked up the enemies weapons to restock.

Spartan IV and Spartan III: don't worry we'll take care of them just rest now ok and get those wounded to safety ok.

Marines and ODST: yes sir and ok lets get these wounded in doors and rebute the security turrets.
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Inside the UNSC base in a hidden underground caverns
Marine: In coming tangos in the base they have breach in take them out! full fire burst control! kill them all!!

security troopers: alright take out those brutes we can't let them pass this entrance. "troopers drop in then fires at the brutes then throws a frag grenade at a group of grunts and blows them up"

Marine Lt.: there more on the right sir what should we do we are out gun!

Commander Palmar: don't even think about ok see those oil tanks shoot those tanks and that shall blow them up and well give us more cover on this side of our base camp!

Marines; yes sir you heard the man send out rockets on those tanks and blow the bastards to bits back to hell! "marines fire on the elites then kills the pack with rockets and by explosion" take cover the have a plasma cannon "three marines get stuck then gets killed"

Marine: man down man down take those heavy grunts out of here! you three snipe them and your four take them with the Battle rifle and shotgun ok!

Lieutenant Lasky: alright you two take Dr. Hasley to safety and we'll take care of the rest of the enemies in this station and don't worry they won't get through ok! men this way on me and lets show the covenant we aren't just a piece of crap and show em who's boss!

Security captains: Yes sir!..... lets move it marines!
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