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Ever have a bad incident with a cat? If so, post it here. But it doesnt have to be bad^^ It can be good, sad, cute and funny!

I've had tons of incidents with cats.

1) I was over at my cousin's house, and her cat decided to follow us around. Since he was following us, I decided to cuddle with him. He didn't like it, and when I was about to pet him, he raised his paw, and smacked my hand away! I was like "Did you see that?!" to my cousin and she just laughed.

2) I was sat my other cousin's house and was following his cat, and the cat got annoyed and when I was about to pet him, he scratched me. So as I was wiping the blood away, we had a nice staring contest.

What about youuuu guys?
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1) I decided to play with my siamese/tabby mix breed cat, and so i started petting her, then she rolled over on her back, grasped my arm with her arms, and started kicking my with her feet and nails sticking out and biting my arm. it hurt like heck, and i gold a pretty good scar from the scratching.

2)When I was little, my cat Andre was going nuts in our garage, running in circkes, and we took her to the hospital(for pets), and they put her down.( my grandma said she was in heaven with all the other kitties.)

3)The nicest cat in the entire world I ever had was my spotted white and black and beige cat named Mrs. Kitty. She died from a bad heart, and I creid in agony every day after that until I was a year older then I was when she died. It was a complete shock for me. I mean, she was like the nicest, outdoor cat ever. she even let complete stranger pet her. I was more shocked about her dieing then my great grandfather dieing. My great grandmother is in her 90's now btw.
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Woha congrats to the grandparents <3 and aw ): poor Mrs.Kitty :'(
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When I was 4 years old or so my parents had a young cat. About 2-3 years old. We could only have it for a period. Before I knew it the cat where moving somewhere else. I got really sad and cried for hours.
Just by writing this down I start remembering more and more. I have never been able to cry like that ever since. That is about 20 years ago. I hope that time comes someday when I can cry without caring about people who would judge you for that and pick on you. I see now why I tried to be so though all these years but it is not worth it. It just closed everything inside. The more I got picked on the more I protected my kind side by being tough. That turned out to be a severe outcome until last year. I had to do something. Now I stand up again knowing my resolve. What I want may not be what other people want. I know people today can only give me tips and recommendations. It is up to me where I want to go. My heart won this fight. I am sick of my ego and selfishness anyway. Even still a guy I don't need to be that manly. Sorry if I put too much inot this post. Just felt like doing it. Since I start to remember how much I like cats. My dad that died last year also liked cats. We had another cat. A white cat. She was really cute.
Cats are really adorable and cute beings. Only cats here ^_^. Miku Miku is cute like that too
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