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F / Tokyo
Posted 2/1/13 , edited 2/2/13
SO... what's some of your favorite songs from one of the vocaloid guys :3 ?

Mine would have to be:

Len: The Bird That Crosses The Stars (it's so romantic and sad...)

annnd Len: Cantarella
Posted 2/1/13 , edited 2/2/13
Well I dunno if guyxgirl duos count but...

Romeo & Cinderella (Rin and Len)

Judgement of Corruption (Kaito) ((I LOVE m.o.t.h.y))

and Madness of Duke Venomania (Gakupo) ((ANOTHER m.o.t.h.y song))
Posted 2/3/13 , edited 2/3/13
Posted 2/3/13 , edited 2/3/13
Posted 2/3/13 , edited 2/3/13
And we all know Len has that SPICE! <3
Posted 2/7/13 , edited 2/7/13 My gosh this made me LOVEEEEEEEEE Gakupo!!!!!!!!! So Beautiful :3
Posted 2/7/13 , edited 2/8/13
Mikuo and Gumiya- Matryoshka

Gumiya- Ten-faced

And finally: Luki and Gumiya - Happy Synthesizer
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F / ★ On the Stars ★
Posted 2/17/13 , edited 2/18/13
Kaito, Gakupo, and Len: Imitation Black

Kaito, Gakupo, and Len: The Lost Memory
Posted 2/18/13 , edited 2/18/13

OKAY, OKAY. Before yall get up in my face and say it's not by any Vocaloid guys, just watch it if you like being a Baka :DDD
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