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_Marii_ wrote:

Alright, now just pick where you want to rp and post your introduction actions~ I'll quote you there as well.
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Michelle Liz
(Meaning= Pure but evil)

Date of birth&Age:
May 8th

Second year, Honor class.


Club of interest:
Mythology and Photography club

Ranking In Previous School:

Music and revenge

Being teased because she is a taurus and jerks.

Her parents have always wanted her name a princess in their family thus, Michelle was born. Her parents wanted to name her Sabrina Liz but, years past and they seen the pure side go dark. So, they called her Michelle. Since their background was far different than other backgrounds having a mix of almost every race, they had codes, Michelle means Evil, and Liz means Pure as in Good.

She loved having a sun sign Taurus and the moon sign Leo.

Having the moon sign as a Leo darken her, she became self-centered and selfish. She wanted all the attention.
Having the sun sign Taurus made her pure, but not for long. She gave up being a taurus and moved on as a Leo.

But, one fateful day. The taurus side of her and the leo side combined. So, now day: she is a taurus but, watch out at night, where her dark demon side comes out

500 cr points
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