☼ The Golden Dragon ☼

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Posted 2/2/13 , edited 2/2/13

The noble captain of the ship:
Ace Dragonheart (aka Dān Lóng Xīn)

歡迎光臨 金龍~

Step aboard The Golden Dragon
Adventures be waiting out there for this ship,
Sailing across sea after sea it be with us richly,
Setting the water a blaze it be,

Drinks a plenty here in this lair of a ship be,
Riches, power, and more than one needs,
Living a golden life on the seas

Dignified, wise,very kindred we can be
But beware the dragon's fierce temper, it does not forgive,
Suffer a fate worse than Davy Jone's Locker

We be more than just freebooters you see,
We, yes we be, my bastardly mates,
The Golden Dragons.
The powerful godly ruler of the water we b


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