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Ni No Kuni
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Posted 4/29/13 , edited 4/29/13
I love ni no kuni, but if I hear neato or jeepers any more I'll feel like crying.
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Posted 5/19/13 , edited 5/19/13

Plazabroski wrote:

Hardest familiar to level up is a toko....

Actually they're quite easy. I leveled my Toko to 5, then Evolved it and have Re-Leveled the Tokotoko to Lv4.

After you get the Vail spell that hides your presence, you can Farm Tokotoko's on the path near Perdida, you just need a fast acting heavy hitter like the Dinoceros (it has a move called Earspitter that hits all the opponets), and you'll need it because on a very rare occasion you can get an encounter with 2 Tokotoko's.

But yeah to Max a Toko's level you need to earn like 100,000exp.


I had the game on pre-order, but didnt get the guide immediately, later on I found out how limited it was and was kicking myself for not getting it, then when visiting GameStop, they had one, but I didnt have the money for it.. so the store Manager bought it for me, since I every so often when they have a Midnight launch, I bring free drinks.

It felt really good.
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Posted 5/19/13 , edited 5/20/13
Absolutely gorgeous and adorable. I actually kept the english voice acting on for Mr. Drippy's accent.
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Posted 11/20/13 , edited 11/21/13
Closed due to inactivity. Its been over 6 months and no new posts. Locked.
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