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Anime Playing Cards
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Posted 4/1/08 , edited 4/1/08
ROFL this coming from people that watches anime
u hypocrites make me sick
i bet 90% of u have come in contact with those cards
and magic is mostly teenagers - adults

i'm not sayin coz i play.. coz i cant afford buying it all the time
but i'm defending it b/c i like how it uses ur brain to make chains + combos

but i did play yugioh on rom.. i used the first generation combo .. with the frankenstein guy + 3head blue eyes + that growth card.. well i forgot all the names already but if u played it u should know what i'm talking about

in the end.. i would say dont buy any.. b/c its a waste of money
and u will not play it in 1-2 years
if ur friends dont make fun of u then print out images of cards and put it in the sleeve and use it..
thats what a couple of my brother's friend did when they were young
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