Jacksonville, Florida events/conventions/fun.
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Opening this up to look for more events and fun stuff in and around the North-East Florida region.

Please feel free to post your events, anime clubs, etc and more in here!

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Excited to attend all Florida anime conventions!
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Anyone going to Megacon in Orlando this weekend?

I'll be there all weekend along with Rogue from The Cruxshadows! Look for us at Indy Press #22!
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Rogue from Crux Shadows? shoot man you're making me all nostalgic for the Kitchen Club days.
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Heh, anyone planning on going to Mizucon/Supercon? -Chibi-pa in November- ?

Well, I'll see you there during the summer with my Gintama group 8D
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Anyone going to Bellecon, AncientCitycon or Anime Day Orlando? I think I might have press passes to all three, but I am unsure if I want to actually go..
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