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Posted 2/4/13 , edited 2/28/13
My fav spell is invisibility with the quiet casting perk (silent and invisible, vampiric) I'm comming for you

added new shout fav
Fav shout soul tear (Dawnguard) instant kill to most creatures with 2 legs and gives me their souls

Cyclone (dragonborn) is also a pretty awesome shout,I mean your shooting a tornado out of you mouth. that's cool.

Fav weapon either legendary dragon bone dagger (multiple times) [also what I give my kids] or mehrune's razor (flawless

is as high as it goes without smithing enhancement potions ) although I recently did the quest to learn starlit smithing and I

found a 30-piece deposit and made some legendary daggers and they almost match the dragon bone but it matches the deathbrand armor

better or auriel's bow (dawnguard) [legendary] with sunhallowed and blood cursed arrows with it (as u c I like smithing a lot)

updated I changed cause I found it in dragonborn
Fav armor is (legendary) deathbrand armor with the complete set you get the following stats:

Name Enchantment
Deathbrand Armor
xx020401B 39 7 2433 Increases your stamina by 15 for each Deathbrand item you wear.
Deathbrand Boots
xx02401A 11.5 2 2416 Increases carrying capacity by 10 for every Deathbrand armor you wear.
Deathbrand Gauntlets
xx020401C 11.5 2 3987 While dual-wielding, your one-handed attacks do 10% more damage for each Deathbrand item you wear.
Deathbrand Helm
xx02401D 16.5 2 2433 Waterbreathing. 100+ Armor while wearing a complete set of Deathbrand armor.
Total 78.5 13 11269 -
or the boots with the waterwalking enchantment (dragonborn) with amulet of articulation, and the vamp ring that gives u +100 magicka

and there is this glitch that allows u to wear both the hood u get from glover in solstheim and a circlet/helm (that I've enchanted to give me

125% better illuision magic) at the same time ,mwahahahahaha... At least I think it's a glitch but it might not be, someone try it out it should

work with a hood plus a circlet and get benefits from both

(although I typilvly use the hood u get from glover and the deathbrand armor, including the helm)

Fav perk tree is either smithing, enchanting, sneak, speech, illuision, or the vamp lord one
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Posted 2/27/13 , edited 2/27/13
Fav Spell is Clairvoyance, as it marks me to my marker, glowing path.

Fav Shout Is the Fire Yol one.

Fav Weapon is a mod. Schrewlitte Long sword

Fav Armor is a mod too. Schrewlitte Armor set.

Fav Perk Tree is smithing as it's essential for anything, sneak, Destruction, and Marksman.

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Posted 6/12/13 , edited 6/13/13
Ok I started PC gaming with mods so here's new list

Weapon: GET OVER HERE! It's funny as hell (mod)

Spell: Knock (it unlocks containers based on alteration lvl (mod)

Or grimm reaper (pretty obvious what it does) (mod)

Shout: don't use them

Power: [cant think of name but its from "Better Vampires" and allows me to turn people into vampires]. (Minion army Bitches hahahahahah)

Armor: Don't really have run that I use consistently (have ridiculous smithing level because of enchantments) I have this mod that lets me wear unlimited rings and neklaces so I have riduiculous speech, smithing, enchanting, alchemy. Like at lvl 10000 so my armor and weapons are awesome although I play on legendary with a bunch of mods designed to make the game harder, better enemy tactics, weapons, armor, etc. so it's not overpowered.

Fac perk tree: smithing, enchanting, alteration, alchemy, sneak, speech, vampire lord
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