Looking for a gritty Anime like..
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Posted 2/5/13 , edited 2/5/13
Example, my favourite anime so far is Code Geass because the main character controls everything that goes on, in most shounen anime it seems like the main character REACTS to plot devices, I am looking for an anime where the main character is the plot device, or creates the plot devices, where the world reacts to him.

The only animes I have seen like this are...

Darker Than Black
Code Geass
Death Note
Kaze No Stigma
Gundam 00 (This Gundam had the most controlling cast of characters so far imo)
Hellsing (not always, but the main character had a pretty good handle on things)

Animes I was told were good but I didn't like.

Black Lagoon
Hitman Reborn (Watched the first 2 eps.. does this ever get better I mean come on how annoying!!)
Chrome Shelled Regios (people say the main character in this controls the story but that is a lie because right off the bat he is told to hide his power and he actually does, and then when he shows it again he ends up being their slaves pretty much idk I might try it again)

and yeh.. idk

I also like anime like Say, I Love You and My Little Monster but I think those are the only 2 romance animes I even like.

thanks guys, I love you for reading all of this if you did.

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Posted 2/5/13 , edited 2/5/13
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Revolver Dogelot
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Hmm this is what we call a personal thread here on the CR Forums. I appreciate you taking the effort to make the post, but sadly threads like this one asking for anime recommendations are against the rules. Why you ask? Because we have a sticky for this exact thing!

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