[2013~KDrama] I Can Hear Your Voice
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Posted 2/6/13 , edited 4/30/13

Lee Jong-seok and Yoon Sang-hyun reunite in new drama

And no, sadly it’s not for Secret Garden: Oska’s Coming Out Party, though don’t we all wish it were. The pair of actors who shared a one-sided loveline in Secret Garden are headed for a reunion in the new drama I Can Hear Your Voice, headed to SBS this summer. Lee Bo-young has signed on to headline the drama about public defenders, and Lee Jong-seok will be her leading man-boy (he’s literally described as skirting the line between boy-and-man-hood), who get this: reads people’s minds. OH. So the title is literal? That changes everything.

This drama went through a number of casting rounds without ever once getting that supernatural premise out there, so that changes my expectations rather drastically. It was up until now just described as a drama about lawyers, which is as far from Guy Who Hears Voices as you can get. It initially courted Gong Hyo-jin way back when it was trying to get on the spring schedule, but that fizzled out. And then it wooed Kim Jae-won along with Lee Bo-young, and she signed on while he opted out. Perhaps there were too many Can You Hear My Heart jokes for his taste. And then Yoon Sang-hyun was originally attached to the Yeo Jin-gu drama that lost its timeslot to this show, which means Yoon just basically hopped productions but remained on the SBS schedule.

Anyway, the series from the writer of Dream High and Nonstop 5 is described as a fresh fantasy romance about a public defender heroine and a man-boy who has the supernatural ability to hear people’s thoughts. The couple will take on a Holmes-and-Watson sort of partnership, where they investigate cases together. I’m sure hearing people’s thoughts comes in handy for that sort of thing. Her character is so rude and prickly that she has no friends, and lives by her tenacity alone. She’s described as a comical character, who’s bold and shameless, with a biting tongue.

Lee Jong-seok’s character will ride that fine line between well, jailbait and not, and he’s described as a guy with mysterious charm who is at times manly and other times innocent and cute. He has sparkling chemistry with anyone he comes into contact with… which you have to figure is because he can read their thoughts. Naughty, naughty. He has a painful past (of course), but if he’s using his powers to get the ladies, I doubt he’s that tortured.

Yoon Sang-hyun plays a cop-turned-public-defender, whose character is described as a macho man. While I think it’s weird that Yoon Sang-hyun and Lee Jong-seok will be competing for the same girl, it’s decidedly less squicky than the Yeo Jin-gu noona romance he was originally going to co-star in, which was way too far into actual jailbait territory for my liking. I don’t think being rivals will top Oska and Oska-loving Lee Jong-seok, but I suppose superpowers will help soften the blow.

I Can Hear Your Voice follows All About My Romance in June.
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Posted 5/11/13 , edited 5/12/13
Haha seems like a comedy might give this one a try XD
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Posted 6/13/13 , edited 6/13/13
I have heard that this one has been pretty good so far. Thoughts?
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Posted 7/1/13 , edited 7/1/13
The Best Drama Ever ahah well so far :D
The only Drama better than A Gentleman's Dignity
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Posted 7/16/13 , edited 9/16/13
Am I a pervert if I say that Lee Jong Suk is soooooo damn cute? *_*
What can I say Im really surprised to watch such a refreshing Drama. Park Soo Ha and Jang Hye Sung are really cute together and I like especially the slowly developing affection of Jang Hye Sung. I hope this will and like Last Cinderella :D
Jang Hye Sungs Chara is the only one I cant stand. He is the typical suffering and secreficeing Chara. Soooo f.... boring.
So Im gonna cheer for Par Soo Ha and Jang Hye Sung. :D

PS: Is it just me or are did the no. of noona and kid lovestorys really increased? I wonder why?
Is the filmindustry trying to satisfy the wishfull thinking of women in Asia or housewives?
Strange^^ I did not watch the opposite version of it maybe it would look pervert?

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Posted 7/26/13 , edited 7/26/13
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Posted 7/28/13 , edited 7/28/13
When I read the synopsis before the drama aired I thought it was going to be a bit of a horror which had me intrigued
But even though it's not, I'm glad I decided to watch it^^
I mean, I can't pass up LJS and YSH together again hehe
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Posted 11/25/14 , edited 11/26/14
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