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Posted 2/6/13 , edited 2/6/13
First off tell us about yourself. Just be yourself and all that shiz. Explain who's your favorite band, who got you into it, and blah blah... I'll go first.
For starters, I'm Keith. I'm a teenager who is freaking awesome and for some reason, people hate me. No wait, I know the reason! My personality is very, and I mean, bitchy and rude. Yeah, yeah. I don't give one, two, red, or blue fuck. Anyways, I love half of the Kpop bands and almost all of Hello Projects groups. I created this group and I'm hoping to meet more fans like myself! Updates will come slowly, but we'll get rolling after a while.
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Posted 2/7/13 , edited 2/7/13

Hiya its nice to meet you im Shannon most people call me Shana♥Im a Gothic and Punk Lolita who is a new bloger (failing at it though) for my favourite k-pop / j-pop bands it would have to be ; Big bang (Good looking korean guys who can sing ~yep gotta love them) , I'm also a fan of Baby metal ( a band who mixed j-pop with heavy metal)Its a funny story of how i became a V.I.P .For a while i have known about them but never tried them.On Friday (Yep Friday 1st feb 2013) someone on the way home from school asked me what k-pop bands i liked so i panicked (Im more of a socially awkward person ) basicly I tried them as i said that i was "obsest with all Korean boy bands" i heard 'fantastic baby' and now its my favourite song
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