{GAME} Name That Group / Singer
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Posted 2/6/13 , edited 2/7/13
The game is simple. The first person puts up a picture of a group, idol, or singer. The next person guess who or what it is. If they get it right, they're smart. If not, they're stupid. xD No, if they're wrong they can't answer the next picture until the other person get's it wrong.


Person One: Who is this *puts up a picture of a idol*
Person Two: Dawa from S/mileage?
Person One: No, stupid!
Person Three: IU the Korean Singer?
Person One: Yes! Your turn~
Person Three: *puts up a picture of a band*
Person Four: SHINee?
Person Three: No, stupid! That's a girl band! Not a boy one.
Person Two: S/mileage?
Person Three: You finally got one!

See how that is? I'll start it off.

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