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Drivers Ed Road Test
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Posted 2/7/13 , edited 2/8/13
Man you just had to bring up driver's ed huh? Well I had a learners permit (15, 16) when I took driver's ed so I could only drive with an adult in the vehicle. Imagine being the only person in class with a learner's permit driving your parents around. Yep, it was tough but I endured and passed the class with flying colors. The test to me was the easy part because I memorized the signs and did well on the physical part (driving from a remote location and heading to or pass your house, then back to dmv). I guess sitting behind my parents on the driver side has its advantages. I heard that I drove like an elderly person (under the speed limit I suppose) but I passed so meh.

Can't end there because I went to Japan as well and because I was old enough (18, 19), I decided to get my driver's license. This one was murder on the brain. Imagine learning everything in one country and then have to throw some of it out the window because if you kept it, you'd be driving into on coming traffic and possibly kill yourself and the passengers in the vehicle. Yeah, these lessons were no joke. Took near 2 weeks for me to remember all the rules (luckily my sister studied Japanese with me so most of the signs I could read and understand). After those 2 weeks, I took the test. First was the written. I passed. Next was the driving. The good part was that we were allowed to use our own vehicle so I got the pleasure of driving my parent's vehicle that I was familiar with. After 15 mins of wrecking my brain driving around a neighborhood, added with the silent stares and grunts from the driving instructor, he told me to stop and back into a parking spot. He showed me the paper and I found out that I passed. The next day, I stayed in bed with an ice block on my forehead lol
Well to tell the truth, I appreciated the driving experience in Japan because it got rid of my slow driving, though I still have some times that I have to remember not to go down the left side of the road

So don't give in and even if you fail, try, try again. Driving is a privileged that most people can't even attain so buckle down, study up, be relaxed, and hope for the best. I mean it. In Japan, most people take the train or ride a bike for that very reason. Money or convenience isn't always the excuse.
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Posted 10/1/13 , edited 10/1/13
It's literally been over a half a year, plus 2 months since this was last posted in. Feel free to recreate if you so desire. Closed due to inactivity.
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