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27 / M / why? you stalking...
Posted 2/7/13 , edited 2/8/13
This forum is for single characters not part of a gang or a judge. Can be a single criminal to wastelanders, to citizens like doctors, mailmen, and other people.

In this forum, if you make a criminal you can choose its rank from minor, major, critical, to the most dangerous class of criminal, Demonic.
Same form as a Judge because even single characters can have abilities.
Image details:










Abilities: (Abilities can be like, very observant, sharpshooter, hand to hand combat, gurilla warfare and etc.)


Weaknesses: (All Judges are mortal but they have either a mental or physical weakness that can get in the way, like something happened in the past or they have a bad elbow because of a drug bust)



Good Qualities:

Bad Qualities:




Character's Theme Song (Optional):
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27 / M / why? you stalking...
Posted 2/7/13 , edited 2/24/13
Image details:

Creator: hakumen-

Name: Mina

Sex: female

Height: 5'7"

Age: 23

Weight: 120

Eyes: light blue

Hair: red

Skin: tannish white

Abilities: Has great strength, very fast and agile

Weapons: can use anything big and blunt as a weapon

Weaknesses: very sensitive to pain, but her speed helps her dodge attacks

Likes: her cat rango, having fun, bounty hunting

Dislikes: when judges steal her bounties

Good Qualities: she is very fun to be around and outgoing

Bad Qualities: she dresses a little to flashy

Family: Rango her cat

Goals: to collect enough money to buy herself a building

BIO : Mina has grown up in the wastelands, she was mutated with very sensitive nerves but strangely she can lift boulders and take down buildings in old ruins, the only time her nerves bother her is if somebody penetrates skin, once she gets cut the pain is so much she will fall to her knees. Mina moved to the city with her pet cat Rango and both have alot of fun and signed up to be bounty hunters. This gives them the ability to do what Judges do without the authority to kill unless the criminal has killed before.

Character's Theme Song (Optional): The script- hall of fame


Image details:

Name: Jericho Death

Sex: male

Height: 8'6


Weight: 180

Eyes: red

Hair: none

Skin: greyish tan

Abilities: Strength and scyth mastery, but can create fears by projecting them into peoples mind

Weapons: double bladed diamond scythe

Weaknesses: when one brings up his parents

Likes: death, destruction, fear

Dislikes: sane people.

Good Qualities: he has none

Bad Qualities: incarnation of a demon

Family: Judge Death, younger brother

Goals: to eradicate and make the whole city go insane with fear, one megablock at a time.

BIO : Jericho Death, age; 40, oldest of the Death family and.....error....error...errooooorororr....."Is this thing on....oh my, how fun this be, as god may have told people in this city, The reaper is someone all meet and it would seem that my little bro has gotten that as one of his persona' more.....I'm baaaack....say hello to the first sibling of Death, the main man who knows how to kill and make it more gruesome than my little bro........." *Silence* "In the name of my lord, the almighty god of death, I hereby Judge all in this city...I hereby find you all guilty of being alive....I shall show the rightful path to the darkness.....your holyness...Jericho Gondamo Death" *Cuts off into static*
Death is a demonic criminal, the worst of the worst, strength can destroy tanks, his mind can destroy other minds. he is truly a reaper who does not discriminate.

Character's Theme Song (Optional):


Image details:

Name: Psycho

Sex: male

Height: can change height from 6 feet to 14 feet

Age: unknown

Weight: unknown

Eyes: ember red

Hair: flames

Skin: volcanic magma stone

Abilities: Controls all types of heat and flames, he can control the heat made from any mortal body and from any machine either using it to give him more power or to destroy the item in question. When the sun is out is when he is his strongest, he can amplify the suns rays to create a UV field around him and concentrate it into a laser. Even the heat from the ground he can use and even amplify it to catch things on fire. His most devastating and most known ability is his Psycho touch, when he touches an item he can send a delayed heat pulse that grows and grows like if he touches an objects and slides his fingers on it, the line he made starts to heat up, boil the skin, starts blistering and soon catches fire and infects the rest of the body even if one dips they're hand in water or even flash freezing they're arm does not work for the plague of fire stays.

Weapons: his own body and anything hot

Weaknesses: the only way to stop him is to put him into a cryogenic state, put his holding cell into a freezer and stick the freezer in the freezing cold waters of antarctica.

Likes: Burning everything

Dislikes: When his flames are put out.

Good Qualities: he is oddly....reasonable

Bad Qualities: even though he is reasonable, he does not give a shit.

Family: all burned

Goals: to turn megablock one into ash, starting with those who think they are on top.

BIO : "RUNNNNN!....GET OUT OF THER........" Transmission terminated.
*Long Silence* *1 hour after distress call* "Oh my...I am so sorry....I just woke up and I think I burned them all....but then again...I think they were all dead to begin with.....what is this place anyway and why are all these gentlemen and ladies dead...hmmm? Well, does not matter, this compound seemed to have been abandoned by its superiors by the looks of it and it would seem that some old friends were here as well by what the videos show.....this may be fun, the silence is on the move huh? Well, I guess the Analomies should be too...." *Sound of device being dropped, voice farther away now* "Now where is that cold friend of mine"

Character's Theme Song (Optional):
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28 / M / In the Unknown
Posted 2/12/13 , edited 2/25/13
Image details:
Megablock Punk


Creator: wolfsujiyama1



Image details:

Name: Chaos

Sex: female

Height: ???(she has so many forms and heights its unknown)

Age: Real: ??? / Appearance: many, but unknown

Weight: ???

Eyes: ???

Hair: ???

Skin: ???

Abilities: controls elemental

Weapons: her elements

Weaknesses: put her into a elemental supressor room that supresses elements, and then put her in a Facility stationed on the moon...

Likes: girls, Psycho, flirting, and destruction

Dislikes: those who can manipulate her powers

Good Qualities: she likes to make deals

Bad Qualities: half the time she breaks those deals she makes

Family: no bodies of her family were found

Goals: to make everyone in Megablock vanish just like her parents

BIO: (i'll hold off on it till i think of something)

Character's Theme Song (Optional): ???
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27 / M / why? you stalking...
Posted 2/13/13 , edited 2/13/13

Approved, he is only a critical class citizen which means he is trouble so dont be surprised if judges go after him.
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