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Who is your favorite Anti-hero?
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Posted 5/28/13 , edited 5/29/13

Insomnist wrote:

botogamer wrote:

Just out of curiosity, why do you think griffith is a antihero and not the antagonist?

Because even though he's done horrific things to achieve it, Griffith has successfully allied his army of apostles with humans and is basically creating a Heaven on Earth. And he's willing to shoulder any sin to do it.

Guts has even acknowledged it, and backed off from attacking him when he had the chance. He's waiting to see what Griffith's true intentions are (as are we all; this manga is taking its sweet time with plot development).

This raises questions about whether Griffith and Femto are separate entities, and what the rest of the Godhand are doing while Griffith is playing God on Earth, which I don't think have been covered as of yet in any of the arcs.

Griffith is essentially a driving force that won't turn aside no matter what the cost to himself or anyone else, but out of his atrocities a foundation for a kingdom that will end all atrocities might've been laid. If it can last, anyway.

I hope Kentaro Miura at least wraps some of this up sometime in the next two decades or so.

In any case, saying Griffith isn't the antagonist is definitely debatable, so I put him in a different list to reflect it.

It's basically taking the step of saying the antagonist of Berserk is something metaphysical, like the human condition, and both Guts and Griffith are protagonists battling against it in different ways, while also clashing with each other.

But that's a bit of a stretch, admittedly.

Oh my god your right, this manga is taking forever to develop! Darn it Kentaro I both love and hate you! haha

Thank you for your answer. Its an interesting interpretation to make of these berserk characters. I may disagree with it to a degree (sorry I can't help but hate griffith with a burning fire haha) but the next time I watch or read berserk I am definitely going to apply what you said. It may give me a "Ahhhh i see" moment haha. I did like your thoughts on what the main antagonist was. I noticed that as well but kentaro buddy, you could tone it down a little. Sometimes you go way off the deep end, even for human nature haha.
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Posted 5/29/13 , edited 5/29/13
Kazuma from Kaze No Stigma
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Posted 5/29/13 , edited 5/29/13
Yagami Light


Makoto Ito
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Posted 5/29/13 , edited 5/29/13
Dark Schneider in Bastard!

And yet I cannot help but root for him.
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Posted 11/29/13 , edited 11/29/13
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