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In Akuro High School, gangs are apart of life. It is very important to understand everything and do I mean everything about the gangs here, it will be the main reason that you will be either dead or alive so pay attention when reading this!

Basic info:

The only reason why the school is still open is because they need a place to keep them or else they will be running amuck in other schools or in the city, it doesn't help much, but it does something. The school is ran by thugs, gangs, and other scum bags from the pits of the Earth, but there really is no code of law at the school except just watch out of the gang territory and don't show disrespect to them.

Its said that this school has many students who fight, a majority of them are from gangs. They are apart of life of Akuro High School, just like breathing though just more bloody and you get set to the hospital. It should also be noted that some students here have an abnormally high physical ability, as in smashing bodies through walls, tearing doors out from their hinges and using them as weapons, etc.

The 4 kings:

Now there are many gangs, but there are four gangs that really run things around Akuro. All gangs below them answer to them and the leaders who are the strongest and most feared students in the entire student body. These are the following leaders who are currently in power and some information on them.

Enmu Getsuga: A freshman who on his first day took out the old leader of the Chikousa gang, one of the four kings and soon became its leader. Not much is known about him, but it is known he is a masterful swordsman and has abnormal strength. It should also be noted that when he fights he becomes a complete sadistic fuck who relishes getting wounded and wounding his opponents and will cut down who gets in his way. Outside of battle he is a nice guy who loves animals.

Suki Tosan: Leader of the Blood Ravens. was born in a loveing and rich family, I was always a good boy till I was 18, than I burned my entire house down and my family, I took the money and disappeared only to reappear at a school that had my interest caught. Even since I was little I enjoyed killing tiny thing and watching them suffer. Chaos was and is my everything.

Kenji Steele: His subordinates call him "The Joker", he is the shadow leader of the Major Arcana gang. Yet, this is far from common knowledge for the people in the school. In the surface, Major Arcana's leader if an underling the Joker has picked, to represent him, while he observes and watches from the shadows. Most of the times, Kenji watches as a bystander, without wearing his mask, and the few times he had to interfere with his gang's doing, he did so wearing a mask, and acted in the shadows, where no others were looking. Thus, the existence of a "Joker" is but an unconfirmed myth in the school.

Helena Dark song Not much known is about her she lived in a orphange since she was little until she was adopted by head of a mafia family which he treated her like his own daughter and trained her also in martial arts

A four king just lose their position by having a title fight with his opponent. If the challenger wins then he gets the title, if not then the gang leader will do what he or she see fits, except kill. If the leader steps down and some people want it, they have to duke it out. All of these fights will be seen over by a mod to see if it was done fairly so we all have a fair fight.

That's it.
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Kenji runs his gang, Major Arcana, quite differently than others. Major Arcana's gang members don't start obvious fights or trouble, and they keep a low profile most of the times. They speciallize in spying, having set a vast network of spies nearly everywhere in Tokyo and the school and the dealing of information, and even more, if someone or some opposing gang members need to be taught a lesson and get mangled, this only happens in the shadows, leaving behind only the heavily injured person and Major Arcana's symbol, to enhance the myth even further. As such, other gangs are rather reluctant to oppose Major Arcana, since it's both useful for information and dangeous to cross, and it doesn't seem to cause obvious trouble.

Leader: The Joker ( The Fool )
Second in Command: Rika Airito ( The Empress )
Hizashi Shira ( Justice )
Himitsu Meishi ( The World )
Liara Alexei ( Death )
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Nine Dragons

A gang that has recently been formed with only few members, but slowly aims to grow. Unlike most gangs that aim for control of territory and to show power the 9 dragons was made for the sole purpose of protecting those too weak or scared to fight. With the current state of the gang the members are to try and keep a low profile, but to also help those who need it. Their aim to change the views of the gangs and to not abuse their skills and power for their own gains and to one day have everyone work together.

Leader: 1st dragon Sota Izunin
members of the 9 dragons

2nd Dragon: Kenji Steele

3rd Dragon: Chi Himicharo

4th Dragon: Chan

5th Dragon: Akira Shizoku

6th Dragon:

7th Dragon:

8th Dragon:

9th Dragon:

At this time there are no second in command
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In your Dreams
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Ritsudo (Rhythm)
A small gang of unusual members all enjoying music. Their main idea is to distribute music to the world, either through negotiating or brutally. If music is detested in front of a member, it will cause if not death, then great injuries. There isn't much of a way to tell whether a person is in Ritsudo or not. Mostly Ritsudo members will have a music symbol somewhere according to their dressing but if it is a tattoo, it may be harder to distinguish. The amount of music they listen to per day is extraordinary. While they look weak, they are incredibly talented in music or battling. They call music life and fighting an art.

Leader: Menou Kuran AKA Rhythm Master (derived from rhythm and ringmaster)
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The red gang is just a group of kids, and adults. The objective of the red gang isn't exactly clear. But we do know that they strive to become the best, and most powerful gang out there. We also know they like to protect people and kids, especially if they have powers. The leader of the gang is: Ryu(Ryūanji) also known as the peaceful dragon is the leader of the gang who seems hell bent on obtaining more power. There a few select members of the gang that play key points in the operation of things, and they are as follows;

Leader: Ryūanji

"Cho": The owner of the gangs bar, his specialty is in bartending, and if he had to fight his specialty would be the baton. However, fighting is not his style. He appreciates the simple things in life and therefore he is the main person to go to for information on anything you need to know about in tokyo.

"Senshin": He's a loud mouthed, big hearted guy who loves to gamble and when it comes to protecting the ones he loves, he is as dedicated to the gang as if they were his family. He is like the bouncer of the gang. He has a loud mouth and a big punch but is as loving as a kitty.

"Kaida Takanashi": She's a hot headed, stubborn, kid who likes to act tough. But she isn't all that bad she has a lovely sense of humor and knows when to protect the ones shes close to. Although not a whole lot is known about her at this time because shes a new member, Ryu has come to the conclusion that she hasnt had the best life growing up.

Position 4: Unfilled

Position 5: Unfilled

Position 6: Unfilled

***Each colored member is someone who is an actual roleplay, a real person. Anyone who is not colored or any position not filled, can be filled or roleplayed as.
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Kurushimi Kage (Suffering Shadow)

Leader: Izima Narukami

Izima runs the Suffering Shadows from on top of the school building. He likes to be in high places. He runs his group with an iron fist and is secretly waiting to take out one of the four Kings and take their place. He loves to fight and will only fight if the challenge is good enough for him. He hates when those that are stronger than others attack the weaker ones. He will accept just about anyone into his group. He has five positions that only those that have proven worthy to him can fill. If a dispute arises between the knights, Izima makes them fight it out. If the loser is of higher rank, then the winner takes that position. The loser goes back to the bottom and must prove him or herself once again. All the others move up in rank and the bottom rank remains open till someone proves themself again.

Arcknight: (the highest position and hardest to obtain)

Starknight:(Second highest and also hard to obtain)

Flarknight:(Must pass a test of Izima's choosing.)

Darkknight:(Must pass a test of Tara's choosing.)

Skyknight: (Must pass a test from Izima.)
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Chikousa (Blood Cross)

It is one of the top gangs in the school. Anyone is welcome to join as long they like fighting and are good at fighting and if the new recruit doesn't fight dirty because even these guys have honor, but other than that they will accept new members with open arms. Their main goal is to take the other top gangs in school out so they can unite the school, but the leader has the best intentions of doing that. They will also look for partner ships with other gangs so they can accomplish their goal.

Leader: Enmu Getsuga
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