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Spartan IV huh "wakes up then looks at the city over where I am seeing in ruins" where am I starts to walk around the unknown ruins of this broken buildings then hears something chatterting around me and I look to my sides" whos there come out anyone? mmm I must be hearing things
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Alien Hybrids:Intruder capture him *start firing rounds at him while others use a flame thrower from their wrists*
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Spartan IV what the hell what are these creatures aahh dam it..."gets shot on the arm then starts to kill three aliens on the head then helmet cracks abit and takes it off" huh dam it *cough* take this you bastards!!!! "picks up my Rifle and fires at three other aliens"
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Alien Hybrids:Keep on firing now aiming for ur head seeing ur helmet off then continue to fire*

spartan IV kills 6 aliens with a frag grenade then rolls to the rock for cover then uses active camo for invisibility and assassinates you with my knife" there you guys try killing me next time don't mess with a spartan "wipes blood off of my knife"
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Alien Hybrid Commander:Appears walking from behind a rock then notices his men have been defeated* ......... *throws some knock out gas on the ground then covers his face with his mask waiting for SpartanIV to pass out*

Spartan IV what the what the hell is that dam smell crap I'm dead am I "starts to loose focus and sees you from the floor then passes out"
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Alien Hybrid Commander:Calls in his other soldiers and they take him to their camp then lock him in a confinement room where they take away his armor and everything else leaving him with prison clothes*
A few hours later~
Alien Trooper:Kicks SpartanIV to wake him up*GHAZ UTA SFHA

spartan IV aah dam it what the [email protected]#& you creep what the hell am I?? "wakes up wounded looking up at him then stands up with plasma chains around my wrist"
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Alien Trooper:Hits SpartanIV In the gut then knocks him back on the ground*
Alien Trooper 2:Walks in a places a translator around SpartanIV's neck then punches him in the face* ...Get up u scum bag
Alien Trooper:Look at him he's pathetic we should just kill him and do his squad and our own a favor *smirks*

Spartan IV 'coughs off blood then gets up with a swift then "kicks the elite on the wall then gets on the elite then strangles him with my hand coughs making him cough out blood" die you piece of @#&$ "gets hit from the back" why don't you tell me why am I here!
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Alien Trooper 3:Knocks SpartanIV with the back of his energy blaster then sends Alien Trooper to the infirmary* Hmm this guys tough we'll send him to our commander

spartan IV "gets up staring at the elite commander and tells him this" only the strongest well survive you have weak troopers @#$%.....*coughs out blood* if they came to hear me beg.
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Alien Commander: My troopers may be weak then again they may not be but ur in no position to be spouting insults anyway u took out my troopers who were just patrolling the area so for that Im gonna make ur death as painful as possible *snaps his fingers*
Alien Trooper 145 & 146: Punch him in the gut rel hard then step on his face*

Spartan IV "gets hurt badly then feels my head hurt then sees the outside of the base and listens the the elites talk"

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Spartan IV "looks out the window then sees them discussing about some artifact they uncover and telling them the human is here to use him to open this artifact that needs to be more like a human type. I wonder if they are going to use me as an attempt huh well its time to get the hell out of here. "takes out lock pin from my neckless and breaks free from the hand cuffs and splices through the door silently to get my gear on"
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Elite assassin: looks at the floor through the smoke seeing his dead brothers then starts to yell loud that alarm spartan IV and glass man"
Spartan IV kills two elites slilently then suits his armor up then uses the elites storm rifle then goes to the goes to a chamber and plants explosives on the life support system" alright got to get the hell out of here! doctor lets go we need to move before you get capture by them and go back home!
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Glass men: Hey please stop.....*coughs abit then its on a rock* I'm not a spartan.....I need to rest huh How far are we from home?

Spartan IV: 30 clicks from home we should be there by tomorrow if we move.

Glass man: doesn't you armor have com channels to send off a signal for evac?

Spartan IV: we use to but that was ld gear now we have new tech so I think we do but mine stop working."sees something moving invisble then pushes glass men away and block the elites energy sword and starts to punch him fist to fist"

Elite assassin: lak ken muken suk nah cun mak ken stupid spartan "rawr!!!! "he kicks him on the belly then punches him on the chest then gets sweep kick on the floor"

spartan IV: aaah die you piece of crap " gets a rock then tries to crush the elites skull but fails then gets hurt by a counter and the rock hits him makes him weak"

Elite assassin: now die you spartan trash!!! "starts to laugh in madness this is for my brothers you have killed!!! "when he was about to slice the spartan he gets sniped on the head by a group of spartans"

spartan I: we have been looking everywhere for you know that!
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spartan IV and spartan III starts to loot on the elite's dead body

Spartan III: take a look at this baby its an energy sword! Swish swoosh wham! "starts to swing it around playfully" nice!

Spartan IV: hey look check this out its active camo 'turns on the camo then walks invisible turns around to spartan II" boo! lol

Spartan II: you guys are getting all the cool stuff "giggles a bit then walks up to corp then loots something odd" hey check this out "press the button and out come a map" oh great I got a map how boring,

Spartan IV: hey wait it must be valuable shall we check it out?

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spartan IV: alright we are here a perfect place to call in an evac bird glass man you ok?

Glass man: Yes I am thank goodness you arrive and saved me.

Spartan VI: sir step right in we'll take you back home to Infinity and take this I think you can show this map we found it might be useful for us ok.

"takes him to the pelican and takes off to another extraction point"
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