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The World of the game

The Game takes place in a medieval time, in the Kingdom of Valen. The Kingdom has a tradition, that for the next King or Queen to be crowned, children who have been gathered years back, for this specific purpose and raised to be excellent warriors, strategists and politicians will fight with each other, and the survivor will gain the throne. These are the Royals.

The Kingdom of Valen neighbors with the Kingdom of Zaun at the east. Many wars have been waged between the two Kingdoms, and while Valen had won in the past, Zaun has plans for revenge.

Years back, the northern areas of the Kingdom of Valen were independent, and run by Vikings and Jarls. After a bloody war, those northern parts have been conquered and added to the Kingdom of Valen. Or, that's what is shown in the surface at least...

The structure of the game

The game revolves around the struggle of the Royals for power, YET, every player plays an absolutely crucial role in this. At the beginning, the three Royals will be picked from the players, and they will be known to the rest of the players.

From then on, the players will decide on their role and the Royal they want to serve. Each role is very important, coming with unique advantages and disadvantages, and if a Royal manages to have one person of each role serve them, they have many chances to achieve victory. As such, players are encouraged to pm the Royal they want to serve, and ask if they need a specific role, before making their character. Of course, that's not obligatory.

A VERY important feature of the game, is that only the Royals are known to the public, and the rest of the players' roles ( Knight, General, Monk etc etc) are secret to everyone apart from the Royal they serve. The Royal each player serves is also secret.

There are ways for players to determine each other's role and Royal. Which player interacts with each Royal can show who serves whom, and if a battle breaks out, what weapons each player uses can, perhaps, show their role.

How to achieve victory

Royals: For Royals to win, they need to be the last Royal alive, and to have all the Zaun Agents killed. If this happens, the game ends, and all their subjects also win.

Subjects: Notice that each Subject has an enemy class/role. If a person manages to kill two people from their enemy class, they also gain victory, regardless of if they survive in the end, or if their Royal dies.

Enemy system

Notice how every class has an "Enemy". If a person fights their Enemy on a 1vs1 fight, the person's (Not the enemy's) stats change to go +10 from their Enemy's stats, for an advantage (IF the person's stats are not naturally higher already). Thus, people are encouraged not to be alone, in case they are met by the person who they are Enemy to. Note, that the +10 sat bonus is applied to the role's basic stats, not stats after positive/negative effects from skills.


Alchemists have Monks as their Enemy. If an Alchemist fights a Monk 1 vs 1, the Alchemist's stats will change, and instead of


they will instead become equal to the Monk's stats +10:


Important: The Monk's stats don't change, because the Monk's Enemy is not the Alchemist but the Commander.

Each time a person kills an Enemy of them, they will gain a stat boost and perhaps a magical Item. Thus, people are encouraged to seek out and kill their enemies. When every person of the Enemy class is dead, the person achieves a "small victory"


Death happens in this game. A lot. One does not need the other person's permission to kill their character, but trolling is not allowed either, and this is why the combat system is so simple.

I will be the fair judge, to decide if a person died fairly, or if they were trolled. After the battle, the person who has lost will be moved to the hospital, "heavily wounded", even if a sword pierced his heart or something. They won't be dead. Then, I will read back the entire fight, and if the fight was fair, I will declare that the person died. If the fight was not fair for some reason, I will declare that the person survived after medical treatment.

If your character dies, you may choose to make a Soldier role character, with these stats:


Starting weapon: Lance/Sword/Axe

The Soldier has inferior stats, but in this war, where the number of each Royal's Subjects is important, Soldiers are just as importandt and valuable as any other role. Under certain conditions, a Soldier might be promoted to a Knight/War Hero/Commander/Monk.

Hidden Classes/Roles content

It's VERY important to understand, that many classes have special skills/goals/victory conditions, that are not shown in the Royals and their Subjects thread, and are secret. These special features will be pmed to them when they choose their class, and only they will know about them.

Zaun Agents

From the Subjects, a certain number will be picked at random, to receive a second, hidden role, that of a Zaun Agent. For example someone might be a War Hero, but also a Zaun Agent at the same time.

Zaun Agents have only one victory condition. To kill all the Royals.

Zaun Agents have extra skills/features.

Zaun Agents will know other Zaun Agents, and are above the power struggle, as their only goal is to work together and kill all the Royals.

Royals and Subjects should do their best, to find and kill Zaun Agents, because if all the Royals are killed, everyone apart from the Zaun Agents will lose.

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