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Posted 2/11/13 , edited 2/17/13
Okay, another unique system of this rp, is how each role's skill works. Apart from the Royals and Zaun Agents, each role has one unique skill, that produces an effect. This is the list of non-Royal and non-Zaun Agents skills, but I'm not showing which role has which skill. You will know what skill you have, once you pm me which role you chose, and your decision will be final.

-1/2 chance to protect a target from opponent skills (it has priority over other skills).
-1/3 chance to learn a person’s role (including possible skills and special goals) and loyalty.
-1/3 chance to stun and prevent one target from using skills.
-1/3 chance to reduce target’s stats by 10
-1/3 chance to increase target’s stats by 10
-1/6 chance to stun and prevent one target from using skills
How skills work:

Every skill starts working from 6 in the afternoon GMT -5 ( US East timezone ) and lasts until 6 in the afternoon GMT -5 of the next day.

During each said period, each one will PM me ONCE with the target of their skill. Example "I use Stun on MomNature".

From the moment you pm me, the skill will work in the next day. Meaning, if you pm me on 3 at noon on February 12th, your skill will start working on 5 in the afternoon on February 12th and until 5 in the afternoon of February 13th.

You will see the results of all the skills pmed to me here, where I'll make a list with all the names, and next to the names, I'll say if and how they have been affected because of someone's skills. This list will be edited every day on 6 in the afternoon GMT -5


Sonja Maddox (MomNature) - Status: Normal
Sara Ravenwing (Edrosik)- Status: Normal
Chikane Himemiya (YuukiSuzuki)- Status: Boosted
Judes Mathis (Hatake_Kuro)- Status: Normal
Tristan Dastox (samreaper)- Status: Boosted
Angie Q. (Pedobearsrolling)- Status: Boosted
Clementia Augustine (Fallen-Wish)- Status: Normal
Zero (Blankmasks)-Status: Normal
Kir Arnsdauter (NatakeErru)-Status: Normal
Akira Hanage (Vampirekill10)-Status: Normal
Evelyn Boleyn (Muffen)-Status: Boosted
Caitlyn Evergreene (Kawaiinoodle)-Status: Boosted
Rilanne Sinclair (Lrie)-Status: Normal
Leonidas Cordelius (PolarWarrior)-Status: Normal

Hours until the Boost wears off, and time you have to pm me your PM skills for the next day.

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