Jdaimond is a stupid loser who don't know when to STFU!
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Posted 2/11/13 , edited 2/12/13
When I get specific, you brush it off. You don't know when to quit do you? Even when you're embarrassing yourself.
Now you just don't know WTF you're talking about anymore. That's a giggle right there boy. Let me hear your White Trash laugh. >Now your saying the reason your grammar was poor is so I could successfully grasp your meaning?< You got it wrong you dumb fuck. Didn't you get the message that I don't want to f*cking see your stupid comments and your gay display picture????????????????????? F*cking troll. The shit I said to you doesn't sound like a 12 year old. You're talking back like a 5 year old whining at mommy and daddy. You're probably too blind to see that.

Back to the "doctor thing". Oh throw in your cousins who have nothing to do with our conversation. My sister is a nurse and you don't see me bragging about her like I'm trying to compensate for something like what you're doing. I would love beat your stupid head in. Talking about their work hours and achievements is irrelevant!!!!!!!!!! YOU STUPID MORON, JUST STFU AND GO FAP OFF TO YOUR COWS AND HORSES.

To you it's just a throat thing. You dare talk a big game on the internet, so play it. Your parents are not doctors, they're nurses! and yapping about your cousins won't save you. Awww poor hillbilly. Running out of shit to say? I threw in relevant stuff at you and all you can come up with is this load of manure from your bloated faggish ass.

I got humiliated? Wow, when did that happen? Look at your poor grammar here. Giggle, giggle. Something you would do, right? Your? jepoerdize? HAHA!

Empty threats? They come with motivation. Now you're talking like someone with integrity. Protect your family? This has nothing to do with your family. Do you see why you're pissing me off?!?!?! Idiot. You dare say you will do this and that. All I'm saying to you is, put your money where your mouth is, because you don't know when to STFU. I threw plenty at you with my brain, and you brushed it aside like it was nothing. This is what caused me to typo, over your stupidity. I bet you frustrate everyone you talk to. Stay in your barn and die that way. If it don't matter what I say or what others say to you then shut the F up faggot. If it's no more than words to you, and they hold no weight... You spell wieght wrong smart ass. =.= Smart ass? Or more like dumb ass? Such a simple word and you can't even spell it? T.T Anyway, if anything we say to you don't mean shit, then everything you've been telling everyone here don't mean shit either. You really are a troll. Stop wasting everyone's time!!!!!!!! Do you think we care about hearing your life and your family? What's worse is that it has nothing to do with a certain topic, and you still throw it in like you think there is a significant meaning behind their tale.

On my side note to you loner... You need more fags around you in person. If they get tire of your mouth, they can just smack you around. Oh, you have never been around someone bigger than you. Someone who can kick your ass. There you go again, talking a big game. Do that around a variety of people in general. See, if you can scare them off.

Here I go using your gay quotes against you. Giggle. Report me? So childish. Aren't you a macho man? I thought the shit I said was just words to you and that it holds no weight. T.T Like I said before, you're a disaster.

Stay dumb, stay on your farm, and stay illiterate. Jack off to your hentai.

If you don't become a doctor, think back to this forum. You fail and it's your throat. You make it sound so easy to become a doctor. That's because it's so easy to dream and say anything you want. When I asked this: name all the 10 organs in the human body. Name all the human respiratory system. No answer from you. That's what I was expecting. Good for a laugh you hypocrite, and you talk about winning this with your brain.


Lock this one up too. Ban that troll from this site.

This is just sad at this point.
To get grammar off the shelf, I told you that Im terrible with grammar. Thing thats different between us is that you tried to use my bad grammar against me when infact, you were using bad grammar yourself. Now your saying the reason your grammar was poor is so I could successfully grasp your meaning? THAT IS SO STUPID. Oh wait, now your saying that you can use highly difficult words but you just choose not to. You sound like a 12 year old.

To get the doctor thing out of the way, I have 2 cousins who lived with us for 4 to 5 years until they successfully achieved their RN degrees. They literally slept 20 hours out of a week becuase they were studying, working 80 hours a pay period, ang they even got honors. I know exactlly what im going into and im prepared to be a lifeless zombie for the next 12 years (not the typical 8 because im looking to start a family runned business). My mother and my father is both RNs as well. I keep a ranch in tip top shape, I raise horses (cows soon), I have a million times as much tolerance to work as you do buddy.

You really out did yourself with the throat thing though. I dont think you know what your doing here city kid. Your saying you will Kill a person and jepoerdize your entire future just because you got humiliated over something as dumb as grammar. Those are empty threats and your damn right im not giving you my location. Unlike you, id throw my pride in the dirt to protect my family. You need to cool down big. Now I can honestly say that you are a lower individual than me because you resorted to death threats. I apologize for getting you riled up to the point were you would do that. If you want to resort to death threats instead of acting like an adult and try to win this with your brain, your welcome to because they are empty to me. they are words, they hold no wieght.

Side note though, I seriously avise you to stop saying stuff like '' you need to get bullied'' ''someone should crack you up side the head'' Its just dumb an if you realized how dumb that is if you knew me, you would stop.

ohhh yeah and ummm im reporting you.
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Posted 2/11/13 , edited 2/12/13
Please stop embarrassing your own self
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