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-Chris311- wrote:

I never said that you said the word literal, but your post did imply that. Your example of the word Yokai further implies that as well. My post was trying to explain that your criticism is misplaced, as Crunchyroll is not trying to write subtitles for people who speak Japanese, but for those who do not speak Japanese and know very little about Japanese culture or customs.

Demon is the most appropriate (not to be confused with saying it is the closest meaning) translation for most Yokai that show up in Japanese culture because in the English language, the only words that can adequately reflect the meaning of Yokai are not widely known or are only known for their other meaning, and thus would not make sense to most viewers.

I understand what you are saying though. I speak some Japanese as well, although probably not as much as you, and I often times can understand the spoken meaning, even when it is different than the localized subtitles. Because of this, I understand why subtitles have to be localized. There are several times where I get tongue tied trying to explain to someone a Japanese sentence or joke because I can't think of an equivalent English meaning, so I have to come up with an association.

I'm sorry my initial post was not clear on the matter. Also, I was not clear that Crunchyroll is not the sole target of my criticism but subtitles in general. Subbed is always superior to dubbed and raw is superior to both.
Spirit, ghost, monster, apparition, one these would be more appropriate than demon for most creatures that are in anime. In western culture "Demon" has ties to religion and more specifically hell or Jigoku. We in the west have specific ideas abut what makes a demon a demon. Akuma or perhaps Mara would be better translated as demon although Mara is a specific demon. There are many Youkai in anime that would not fit the bill. For most creatures seen in anime kappa, nekomata, nure onna, nopperabo to name a few seem to fit better with monster as a translation. The namahage and the oni I'd translate as ogre although the Namahage are harbingers of good fortune so ogre still does not fit well with them. Many of the Youkai are even farther from demons the zashiki warashi, and the tanuki, are as far from demons as you are likely to get. The ones I'd have no problem translating as demon would be Wanyudo, onibaba, maybe o-dokoro and the hashi hime come immediately to mind. One must take into account the nature of the creature when attempting a translation. One I would not mind meeting would be the Seto Taisho just for the entertainment value. I have the same issue as you though attempting to translate a joke for friends that are not speakers. It's true it is difficult to do localized translations well, and the ones on CR are better than most. But, I guess I'm a little OCD when it comes to language. I'll leave off for now with this. アルミ缶の上にあるミカン.
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