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Do you think Sasuke deserves a second chance?

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24 / M / Plano, TX
Posted 2/10/14 , edited 2/10/14
Despite his wreaking havoc in the ninja world with Orochimaru, killing hundreds for the sake of becoming stronger, I think If Sasuke shows his resolve to the ninja alliance, they will forgive him. I know a win-win would be for Sasuke to be forgiven and he go back to Konoha, living a merry life with the original Team7, but I just don't think it'll play out that way. I know the show has been on for years, but a happily ever after ending isn't what Kishi is going to go for. I see three, all appropriate, endings.
1.) Naruto dies despite the fact that the entire show is about him becoming Hokage (I'm sure he'll be regarded as a ninja of high caliber even if he dies), and Sasuke becomes Hokage.
2.) Sasuke dies and Naruto becomes Hokage, living his life for both himself and for the friend he ultimately couldn't save.
3.) Both Naruto and Sasuke die and either Kakashi or Sakura becomes the Hokage,
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18 / M
Posted 2/13/14 , edited 2/14/14
Yes, sasuke's ight cuz i think his brother talked some sense into him before he disappeared.
Posted 2/14/14 , edited 2/14/14
mayb :|
Posted 3/26/14 , edited 3/26/14
Yes! Of course!
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23 / F / iowa
Posted 3/27/14 , edited 3/27/14
I think he should. But in the manga he claims he wants to be hokage. I would think that would be where I draw the line because if someone pisses him off he might turn again, so I would let him back into the leaf but keep a short leash on him.
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F / Kansas City
Posted 4/1/14 , edited 4/2/14
at first i thought no...but after reading the manga..i feel like he finally got a clue thanks to his brother..i think he should be under supervision or some kind of probation but I feel like he realizes his mistakes and what it was his brother died for..sooo i say yes to second chance
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28 / GGO/SAO/ Ichiraku...
Posted 8/5/14 , edited 8/5/14
yes i tihnk sasuke desever a second chance
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23 / M / Albert, Canada
Posted 8/8/14 , edited 8/8/14
Umm.. NO! After all that happened with him, and I know all that happened to him, his clan and his family, but somethings cannot be forgiven and looked over because you've had a tough life.
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