Allright, I Need some Anime Advice
Posted 2/13/13 , edited 2/14/13
Soooo I just finished a certain anime named Glass Mask and the ending really just disappointed me to no end. Like, it had Skip Beat unfinished mess written all over it. The reason it hit me so hard is because I though: "hey, 51 episodes?! No way it could disappoint me!" i said this reading somewhere before watching the series that the ending was disappointing. I didn't believe it though because while Skip Beat was a major pimp slap in the face it only consisted of 20 something episodes i think? Well, Glass Mask had 51 so I was completely pissed. It probably left the viewer off even worse then Skip Beat....

anyways I'm done with my rage. Now I need advice on how to cure this because I feel like I don't want to watch anime for a while after this universal let down (I seriously considered Glass Mask my fav anime before the atrocious episode 51). So what's the better medicine for this letdown? Take a break from anime or push through the pain and watch another anime to cancel out the other one?
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Posted 2/14/13 , edited 2/14/13
Try here:

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